“Reduce the cost of your lash maintenance with these tips” is a collaborative post.

All of us are beautiful. Our beauty comes from our uniqueness.

Yet, some of us go through periods when we don’t feel amazing. Or, there are certain things we like to do to boost our confidence. For instance, many people like to have their eyelashes done so they can enhance their eyes and feel beautiful when they wake up.

If you do this, you might understand that lashes can be a big expense. Getting them done and maintaining them can cost quite a lot. However, it doesn’t need to break the bank. Whether you get extensions, tints, LVL, or something else, here are some tips for reducing the cost of your eyelash services and maintenance.

Do your own lashes at home

Doing your own lashes at home might sound scary or daunting; however, when you have the right supplies and skills, you can definitely achieve the same results yourself.

At BELO Lash, you can find professional supplies so you can start doing your own lashes from home. If you are not educated and skilled with lashes, you can join their masterclasses and learn the skills you need to perfect your lashes from home.

This will allow you to spend less on beauty treatments yet still feel beautiful and confident by caring for yourself at home.

Follow the after-care closely

Whether you have eyelash extensions done or get your eyelashes tinted, it is important to follow the after-care as closely as you can.

For instance, if you get eyelash extensions, it is essential not to get them wet for the first 24 to 36 hours. If you get them wet, you can risk them falling out or not lasting as long, which, of course, is going to cost you more money.

Being careful with your lashes when they are done will guarantee that they will last much longer. This will reduce the cost of maintenance.

Reduce the use of makeup and makeup remover

When you have your eyelashes done, you will likely not want to wear makeup on them. If you do wear makeup, it can reduce their longevity. Plus, the reason for getting your eyelashes done is to make them appear natural and effortless without needing to add makeup to them, right?

Therefore, try to reduce the use of makeup and makeup remover. Makeup remover, especially, will hinder the longevity of your lashes, and it may even ruin their appearance after one use. If you do choose to wear mascara on your eyelashes, then avoid wearing waterproof mascara, as this can be very difficult to get off.

It is essential that you try to take the best care of your eyelash extensions so that they can last as long as you want them to. This will help reduce the cost of your lash maintenance. Furthermore, finding a lash technician who can offer discounts as well as free top-ups during a certain time period will guarantee that you can spend less on your eyelashes and their maintenance.

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