You’ve just welcomed a new baby to the world – congratulations! Now, your baby’s health and wellbeing are your top priority. Clothing plays a huge role in keeping your baby safe and comfortable. So if you’re looking for the perfect baby clothing for your little one in warmer weather, you’re in the right place. This article gives practical tips on how to dress a newborn for the hot season.

Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics

Selecting the right fabric is essential for your newborn’s comfort in hot weather. Choose fabrics that are natural, lightweight and breathable. Cotton, jersey and linen are perfect choices. Synthetic fabrics have their benefits, but they can trap unnecessary heat and sweat. Natural is best for your newborn!

Use clever layering

When it comes to dressing a newborn for hot weather, layers are your friend. Using layering, you can keep your baby at the right temperature during varying conditions. In the middle of the day and in the afternoon – when it’s hottest, dress your newborn baby in a light onesie or romper. When it’s cooler, add a lightweight jacket or swaddle to keep them comfortable without overheating.

Don’t overdress

It’s natural for parents to want to keep their newborn snug, but don’t overdress your baby.

Look out for signs of overheating such as flushing, sweating and fussiness. A tried and tested rule of thumb is to dress your newborn in one more layer than you’re wearing yourself.

Protect baby skin from the sun

Newborns shouldn’t use sunscreen, but you can ensure your baby is covered from direct sunlight. Use a car shade, pram umbrella, and adequate clothing to cover all areas of your newborn’s skin, including her precious head and delicate feet.

Once your baby is over six months, use a gentle and natural mineral sunscreen especially for children to protect her skin.

A breathable hat that provides shade, along with lightweight cotton socks, are a must for your newborn’s wardrobe.

Choose light colours

Light colours are a better choice for newborns during hotter months. Light-coloured clothing reflects sunlight, while dark colours absorb heat. Go for cute pastel shades or whites to help keep your baby looking adorable and feeling cool.

Pay attention to temperature

Pay attention to the temperature in your baby’s bedroom and the room where you spend most of your time together. Make sure the temperature is comfortable for you both. Most baby monitors have a thermometer installed, but place extra thermometers around the house if you need to. Heat rises, so if you have multiple storeys, try moving to the ground floor.

Use lightweight curtains, blinds and panels to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as it pours through the windows during the day. A cleverly placed fan or air conditioning unit can help to regulate your indoor climate.

Keep your newborn hydrated

It goes without saying that hydration is super important to us all, but especially newborns. Offer breast milk or a bottle feed as often as you can. Adequate nourishment and hydration will help your baby to stay happy and healthy. Remember, for the first six months, babies don’t need additional water on top of their feeds. Breast milk or baby formula milk is enough.

Final thoughts on how to dress your newborn during the hot season

We hope this article has given you some great tips on how to dress your newborn for the hot season. By choosing breathable light-coloured fabrics and layering them, keeping your newborn hydrated and listening to her cues, protecting her from the sun, and being mindful of temperatures, you can keep your newborn comfortable and cool during warmer weather.

How do you keep your baby cool? Let us know in the comments!


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