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Looking flawless on a road trip is totally possible if you prepare in advance. Beauty comes from taking care of your body, not just wearing makeup. Your task is to balance a good mood, light luggage, and excellent self-care on the road. But how do you follow a vegan and ethical lifestyle while travelling? Read on to learn more, with these vegan beauty products for your road trip!

Cruelty-free sanitisers

Good health is the cornerstone of beauty. When on a road trip, washing your hands is often impossible. Keep hygiene forefront by using a handy plant-based sanitiser. Pay attention to the leaping bunny icon and ingredients when purchasing. Avoid sanitisers with an alcohol content below 62% and those that include allergens.

Vegan moisturiser

Frequent use of sanitisers destroys the skin’s protective barrier and kills beneficial microbiota. Plus, many environmental factors cause the skin to become dull and wrinkled. There is a solution: restore skin elasticity with a vegan moisturiser. A plant-based moisturiser will protect your skin from dryness and cracking while travelling.

Optimise your space by choosing a versatile multi-use vegan moisturiser. Take one product instead of several specialised products. Do a skin test beforehand to avoid allergy problems on the trip.

Support animal welfare in all aspects of your upcoming trip. When travelling in a group, choose a roomy, economical car. Avoid hiring two vehicles when you can reduce the harmful emissions of exhaust fumes. Look for great offers from 9-passenger car rentals USA in advance when travelling to America. Book at reasonable prices on Rental24h.com to enjoy top-rated worldwide car hire services at any destination.

Animal-free dry shampoo

On a road trip, a vegan dry shampoo made with herbal ingredients will save you time and effort! A few minutes will totally refresh your appearance. You will remember this recommendation with gratitude when looking through photos from your holidays!

Besides the wow factor, this method of cleansing the head benefits hair growth. Rubbing your scalp with shampoo and gently combing it with a hairbrush improves blood circulation. It helps maintain healthy hair follicles.

Choose leaping bunny-certified dry shampoos. Products tested on animals pose a potential danger to humans. So, shampoo with the leaping bunny icon often has gentler and safer ingredients. Choose such a shampoo from a range of vegan beauty products in the UK to take care of the environment and your own beauty simultaneously on your trip.

Vegan deodorant

The feeling of cleanliness and freshness on the road is the dream of all travellers. Sweat carries a scent due to bacteria, while many plant ingredients boast antibacterial properties. A vegan deodorant contains only natural ingredients. It will give you a lasting feeling of freshness on a long journey. Feel confident and nurture your skin’s beauty without using dangerous chemicals. Instead of artificial flavours, try essential oils:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Bergamot
  • Eucalyptus

Plant-based sunscreen

UV protection is essential for travellers. Keep your skin youthful by using gentle vegan beauty products. Plant-based sunscreen offers a reflection of rays using mineral filters. It is much safer than the chemical blockers in traditional products.

Besides its protective ability, vegan sunscreen brings additional skin care value thanks to its nutritive content. With the help of moisturising ingredients, your skin will remain safe and well nourished. Antioxidants and simpler formulas minimise environmental damage and help skin regenerate any damage faster.

Remember to reapply the vegan sunscreen every few hours, especially if you decide to swim on a hot day. Use the cream in the car and on cloudy days as well. The sun finds you everywhere, even if it seems like it doesn’t!

Final thoughts on vegan beauty products for your road trip

Beauty is so multi-faceted, and a fresh appearance and a pleasant smell are at its basis. Eco-friendly beauty products are beneficial and gentle on the body. That’s why they are relentlessly replacing traditional products on the market. 

What are vegan beauty products? They represent a meaningful and healthy choice to stay in harmony with the planet. Let’s promote sustainable consumption and ethical behaviour while travelling using plant-based products! Consider vegan lip balms, foundations with SPF, and funky vegan nail polish too. Happy travelling!

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