When you pair your maxi dress with the right shoes, you’re set to create an unforgettable look. So, how do you pair them correctly to ensure your style is chic, suitable, and flattering while feeling great?  

We gathered 12 shoes that are perfect for busy mums on the go and will make the endless pairing game easy. Let’s begin!

1. Boots

A maxi dress paired with boots is a sure way to steal a great amount of attention! Whether they’re chic ankle boots, edgy combat style, or classic knee-highs, boots add a fashion-forward vibe that’s hard to ignore. And that’s not everything, beyond style, boots offer a sense of security with every step. This beautiful combo will work with almost all types of maxi dresses to create outfits that make you feel utterly fabulous.

2. Ballet flats

Ballet flats are a chic companion to the flowing elegance of maxi dresses. These shoes, with their delicate design and soft contours, are perfect for those who want to move through their day with ease and grace. 

Women’s ballet flats and maxi dresses are a super feminine and flattering duo, a combination that brings the most effortless chic look. What a joy!

3. Mules

Mules with a maxi dress? What a perfect pair! 

Mules can instantly elevate your outfit, and when you style them with a maxi dress, you’re almost sure to create a powerful combo that feels fresh and looks stunning.

And the best part? Mules come in a huge variety of styles, so you can achieve almost any look with the right pair.

4. Strappy heels

These beauties are game-changers. The combination of straps and heels is so flattering to our feet and always brings a charming breeze to our style. When pairing strappy heels with a maxi dress we give the dress a boost of chic, no matter what kind of maxi dress it is.

A flowing maxi dress with strappy heels makes a wonderful light boho chic styling, while a fitted maxi dress gets an immediate glamorous touch.

For making this combo more comfy, strappy block heels will be a smart choice! This pairing will enhance your look with a chic, structured touch and will also support you with every step and allow you to feel your best while looking amazing.

5. Slip ons

Slip-ons with a maxi dress can be your shortcut to casual-elegance! They’re the perfect pair to dial down the formality of dressy maxi dresses, all while keeping the chic factor sky-high. A maxi dress paired with women’s slip ons will always deliver a stunning outfit. They’re the go-to for anyone looking to maintain top-notch style with a laid-back vibe.

6. Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals are a popular choice to pair with maxi dresses. These gorgeous boho sandals add an earthy and laid-back vibe to your outfit. They are versatile and fit well with the flowy and relaxed look of wide maxi dresses, and can make your style stand out in a simple yet chic way. Whether you’re aiming for a boho flair or a more rustic style, gladiator sandals are a great option to complete your look.

7. Wedge heels 

Wedge heels add precious height while being comfortable, making them a VERY trendy choice for maxi dress outfits. They enhance your posture and allow you to wear a longer maxi dress, which in turn creates an illusion of being even taller! This combo not only boosts your height but also complements the flowing silhouette of the maxi dress, so it’s a true win-win!

8. Espadrilles

A classic summer footwear choice that beautifully complements maxi dresses! These beauties also deliver a boho-chic vibe that’s both comfortable and feminine, ideal for warm-weather outfits. They offer a relaxed, beachy feel which makes them perfect for vacation days or casual summer outings. 

9. Sneakers

When you look for the most comfortable trendy look for a casual day, pair your maxi dress with sneakers, it’s that easy! This combination will ensure your comfort for all-day wear and will make it really easy for you to complete a cool streetwear outfit. 

The versatility of sneakers allows them to complement a wide array of maxi dress styles, from fitted office dresses to flowing floral summer dresses, and beyond. This makes them a solid choice for both everyday events and more laid-back occasions.

Add a youthful, playful touch to your style, and enjoy a sense of freshness throughout your day. 

10. Mary Janes

Pair your Mary Janes with a maxi dress and you’ll get a classic style, right away! This combo brings a touch of nostalgia and a playful vibe to the outfit. They’re comfy, stylish, classy, and go perfectly well with the flowing silhouette of maxi dresses. This pairing can suit various occasions like casual outings, brunches, work settings (if the dress code is relaxed), small events, or even semi-formal gatherings.

11. Clogs

They’re trending on social media for a good reason!

Clogs have become a solid footwear choice, and they go so well with maxi dresses! And don’t think they’re just for casual wear – you can pair them with different outfits for various occasions and achieve almost any style.

12. Chelsea Boots

They work with everything! Chelsea boots are the epitome of versatility, they pair effortlessly with everything from jeans to maxi dresses. Their elastic side panels allow for easy slipping on and off, which is super comfy. These boots come in various styles, including heeled, platform, and lug-soled options. They’re very durable and super stylish, so it’s no wonder why they became such a staple for many. They cater to all style preferences and budgets and offer a blend of practicality and trendy design for every season.

Final thoughts on what shoes to wear with a maxi dress

To wrap up our fashionable journey, remember that the right pair of shoes can turn every time you wear a maxi dress into a wonderful fashionable moment, where you look and feel at your best.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – finding the perfect shoe match can add an exciting twist to your maxi dress outfit, and allow your style to shine through, even in your busy mum life!

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