“10 must-try spring makeup trends for a fresh look” is a collaborative post.

Spring is a great time of year to make changes in your life. When you think of spring colours, you may be like most others and think of pastels and muted tones. However, it’s a time a new beginning, and your makeup should reflect the change in season. Although you can test pastels, consider testing more than one trend this spring.

1. Pastel eyeshadow

Of course, no spring look would be complete without paste eyeshadow. Choose more dramatic, darker colours for evenings, especially. Consider mixing your pastels, such as pinks and lavenders, with contrasting liners and a bit of soft white that really makes your eyes pop.

2. Shadows that shimmer

This spring, you can also glam up your eyes. Add some bold, contrasting shades to your eyeshadow collection. Choose bright, bold pinks and deep reds. Don’t forget dark smoky eyes. Then, add shadows with a hint of glitter, metallic or gloss.

3. Colourful, contoured cheeks

Spring is a great time to play with your cheeks. You can create a rosy cheek with a vibrant colour that stands out against more muted lips and eyes. For sharper cheeks, use creamy blush or contouring powder.

4. Glowing skin

Don’t forget your skin. Glowing skin looks great and healthy. Use a softer foundation that enhances your natural glow. Consider a highlighter in a liquid or crème texture. Add some bronzer to bring out the warmth in your skin.

5. Dramatic lip

As you search through your Patrick Ta lip gloss, you should have a wide variety of options. Many spring looks have a muted lip, but you can also really show some style with a bright, dramatic lip.

6. Matte finish

A matte look is trending this spring. Your foundation, lip, eye and cheek can all have a matte look. Choose products you can mix and match. Use a Patrick Ta matte eyeshadow pallet to dramatise your eyes while the rest of your makeup shines and vice versa.

7. Neutrals abound

Although you probably think of colour when you think about spring, you can also bring in some glam by going neutral. Choose a nude foundation and lightly coloured neutrals for your lips and cheeks. This neutral look is highly sophisticated, especially if you offset it with the right clothing and hair.

8. Dramatic lashes

While you search through spring trends, you will likely see a number of lash styles. Many include dramatic, long or chunky looks. Other trends involve coloured mascara that offsets or contrasts with your eye colour and overall look.

9. Go monochromatic

Many also choose a monochromatic look during the spring. Choose lip, eye and cheek colours in the same shade. Consider a softer pink cheek, rosy eye and light pink lips for some understated sophistication.

10. New brows

Your brows frame your face, so consider a new look. A feathered brow is on trend for the spring. Fill them heavily with an eyebrow pencil and use a brow gel to give them a feathered look.

Spring is a great time to try new looks, so check out all the new trends and give them a try as you search for your spring look.

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