“How to look stylish when travelling” is a collaborative post.

Most people travel because they want to have new experiences, let their hair down, and all-around create fun memories. However, they’re not the only priorities when we see off on an adventure. We also, of course, want to look good. In fact, in many instances it’s more important to look stylish when we’re on the road than when we’re at home; we take many more selfies when we’re in a far-flung land than when we’re sitting on the couch, after all!

In this post, we’ll run through some handy tips that’ll ensure you can very much look the part while you’re on holiday. 

Pack for the weather

You can’t predict the weather, but you can have a pretty good sense of what it’ll be like when you’re visiting the destination. It’s best to look beyond the temperature on your phone, and instead look up what locals say on online forums. For example, a destination may be hot during the day, but chilly once the sun goes down. With that information, you’ll know that you need to pack some cute layers. If you don’t have that, then you might end up wearing clothes that were very much not supposed to see the light of day, all because you’re cold!

Plan ahead 

The work towards looking your best when you’re on holiday can sometimes start many months before. For instance, if you’re visiting a sunny destination and you know you’ll be spending long days at the beach, then you might start a rigorous gym regime in the months leading up to the trip. That’ll ensure you’re fully beach-ready and can showcase your swimsuit in style. If you’re getting a nose piercing to liven up your look, then you should be asking when can I change my nose piercing? That’ll give you the information you need to know how long before your trip you should be getting the piercing if you’re planning to wear a different piercing while there. 

Keep your skin looking fresh

Spending long days in the sunshine can be nice, but it can also cause big problems for your skin. Nothing will ruin your look quite like a sunburned face! Plus, sun damage can cause problems that extend far beyond an embarrassing photo or two. So work on looking after your skin while you’re travelling. This means wearing plenty of sun lotion and avoiding sunshine during the hottest part of the day (1 pm – 4 pm). Also, try to moderate your alcohol intake; excessive drinking will make your skin appear grey and lifeless. Not a good look!

Find an easy-to-do hair routine

Finally, look at putting together a straightforward hair routine before you travel. It’s unlikely that you’ll have all of your hair styling products with you on holiday, and there may also be times when you can only give your hair a quick refresh rather than all the TLC it needs. Having dry shampoo and a few useful products in travel-size bottles will help to keep you presentable until you’re reunited with your standard hair routine.

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