Maison Sybarite – first water-based fine fragrances: Bed of Roses review

Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses

Welcome back, natural beauty lovers! Today, I have a very special share for you. At first glance, Maison Sybarite could be any fine fragrance range. Glossy editorial style photography on a beautiful website, striking and elegant bottles, inviting and sumptuous fragrance names like Bed of Roses and Opulent Wood. Yet, delve a little deeper and […]

New Beauty Cleanse Skincare facial oils + why Gua Sha is your lockdown skin saviour

Beauty Cleanse Skincare facial oils

Back in September last year, I tried and reviewed the glorious Whackit Beauty Mean Green Superfood Drops. And I’m still enjoying my bottle of the multi-tasking green facial oil that’s 100% natural and vegan! I’ve stayed in touch with this small indie brand and their lovely founder Saman over the months, and today I’m delighted […]

The Starting School Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith – review

Jonah and The Starting School Book

Welcome back, my dear friend! Today I’m setting skincare aside to talk about the latest release from one of my favourite parenting authors. Introducing The Starting School Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith! As new and clueless parents who gravitated towards natural birth, breastfeeding, bed sharing, and attachment parenting, Sarah Ockwell-Smith books and Gentle Parenting (GP) appealed […]

Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser for waterless, heat-free essential oil diffusing

Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser

Welcome back, friends! Let me introduce you to something that’s lifting my social distancing blues. Say hello to my new Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser! Isn’t it beautiful? I was delighted to discover Utama Spice and their gorgeous natural aromatherapy products! Aromatherapy is super interesting to me, and I’ve used essential oils for many years. Why? […]