Welcome back, dear friends! Have you tried Ere Perez beauty before? This Australian natural cosmetics brand creates high quality, healthy, and easy to use beauty. Perhaps best known for its gorgeous makeup pieces, the brand formulates nourishing skincare too.

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Ere Perez, a Mexican-born natural therapist, is the creator of this stunning brand. And, although I’ve admired Ere Perez from a distance for some time, this is my first foray into the cruelty-free brand.

The brand selects natural oils, plant extracts, and minerals with great care. Many of the items have sun protection in mind. In each product, you’ll find health-giving and beneficial ingredients inside.

Being naturally beautiful encompasses everything about our lives. It’s being kind to ourselves and our fellow creatures; being thoughtful and considerate of other people; conscious of conserving the beauty of our planet and making the most our own natural beauty and recognising our inner strength.

Ere Perez

So let’s meet my new Ere Perez beauty finds! I tried a gorgeous green booster serum bursting with natural vitamin C and a bouncing, party-themed lipstick in a gorgeous warm pink shade.

Ere Perez beauty – fresh finds

Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum

This antioxidant-rich blend is like a green smoothie for the face. It aims to boost, support, and nourish with superfood ingredients for glowing skin – reducing the look of lines and calming inflamed skin.

Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum

What’s quandong? I’m so glad you asked because it was new to me! It’s a wild bush peach found in the Australian desert. It’s part of the sandalwood family and contains twice the vitamin C of oranges. It also acts as a completely natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to gently remove dead skin cells.

Quandong Green Booster Serum also contains chlorophyll, spinach leaf, alfalfa, raspberry seed oil, and antioxidant vitamin E to improve skin’s elasticity and banish dryness. Anti-inflammatory reservatrol calms redness in the skin.

Housed in a glass bottle with a dropper, the consistency lies at the mid-point between a water-based serum and an oil-based serum. The texture really is like a green smoothie! It has a mildly green odour and is flecked with small green pieces.

Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum in a spoon

A few drops is all that’s needed for full coverage of face, neck, and décolletage. It sinks in quickly and leaves only a slight after feel on the skin.

My skin feels wonderfully hydrated and plumped after using this serum. My fine lines appear softened and it may even be working on my dark under eye area and broken capillaries.

I’m so excited by the quandong ingredient, but I’ve only been using the serum for a couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to update you when I finish this product and have a really good feel for its results!

Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum

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Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick in High Tea

I’m usually found wearing warm corals and oranges, but this spring I wanted something a little more pink, but still warm enough to contrast my naturally cool skin tone. My lips always have a purple or blue tinge and this colour lipstick really makes a difference!

Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick in High Tea

The Olive Oil range of party-themed lipsticks from Ere Perez are naturally long-lasting. Olive oil in the formulation helps to moisturise lips and deliver the gorgeous heavy pigment.

High Tea swatch

High Tea is described as a dusty pink. In its gorgeous silver bullet tube, it looks brighter than dusty – but once on, it is indeed dusty but bright enough for a fabulous pop of colour. I love how it makes the green in my eyes stand out!

Wearing Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick in High Tea

It’s super easy to apply, creamy and non-drying. There are some tiny grains inside the lipstick, but they don’t affect application or finish.

Close up of Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick in High Tea

I love how build-able this lipstick is! A single slick adds lovely colour but double up the layers for something bolder. The finish is matte but you can add a layer of lipgloss for extra shine.

Close up of Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick in High Tea

I’m so impressed at how long lasting Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick is! I apply in the morning, after lunch, and then I’m good till the afternoon.

Final close up of Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick in High Tea

There are 14 shades of Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick to suit all complexions – you’re sure to find your perfect party colour!

Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick in High Tea

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Final thoughts on my Ere Perez beauty finds

I hope this will be the start of something beautiful with this gorgeous brand! A beauty bloggers favourite, Ere Perez occupies a very happy space in my bathroom cabinet, and my wish list!

Have you tried Ere Perez? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


Ere Perez beauty creates stunning natural and cruelty-free cosmetics. Learn about this Australian natural beauty brand plus its Quandong Serum and Olive Oil lipstick.


  1. Wow, these sound like great products that I would love to try out!

  2. I’m always looking for new makeup and skin care options. I’ve never tried Ere Perez before but I’m definitely curious… and I’m loving the look and packaging. So simple yet lovely.

  3. The Quandong Green Booster Serum definitely looks like something I need in my facial routine! It looks so effective!

  4. nadaliebardo Reply

    Oh la la, I really need to try that Green Booster Serum. The serum I have now really isn’t doing it anymore.

  5. Just finished the same serum! The lipstick looks gorgeous on you, adding it to my wishlist. Although I think it will be a while since l will allow myself to get it, l have quite a few I need to finish up first 🤗

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