Lavera purifying scrub review

Lavera purifying scrub

I bought this Lavera purifying scrub as a cheaper alternative to Green People fruit scrub. Like most Lavera beauty products, it is organic. Exfoliation is through jojoba pearls suspended in a pale blue gel base, although rice bran is also listed in the ingredients.

Willow and witch hazel provide astringency which offers some blemish control.

For my skin, this product seems slightly less effective than more expensive alternatives. It also feels less luxurious. Since switching to this from my previous exfoliator, I’ve noticed a few more pimples, but this could be coincidence.

In my opinion, the scent is slightly unnatural, although the fragrance is listed as coming from natural essential oils.

If you’re looking for a everyday face scrub that does the job, then this could be it. I love a pampering scrub so will probably go back to my beloved Green People fruit scrub once this tube is done.

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