Want to know one of my desert island natural beauty products? Green People Gentle Cleanse and Makeup Remover! I’ve never found a better product at removing eye liner and mineral makeup than this. Using it is a self-care ritual that makes daily cleansing a pleasure. I have used it for many years and wouldn’t change it for another cleanser.

It’s creamy, it’s comforting, and it’s expensive. But it’s totally worth it!

If I’ve been wearing makeup, then I’ll double cleanse with this and the equally fantastic Green People Foaming Face Wash. If I’ve not been wearing makeup, then I’ll just use foaming face wash or water, since I only like to use the bare minimum amount of product possible. In the morning, I finish my cleansing routine with Green People Day Solution moisturiser.

The cleanser removes eye makeup without irritation.

It comes in a handy pump dispenser which I love, as I hate to dip my fingers into skincare products.

To use the cleanser, I first warm it in my hands, then smooth it on with my fingers and massage in circular motions. I use a hot cloth to remove the cleanser. One pump (as shown in the picture) is sufficient to cleanse the entire face and neck area.

How Green People Gentle Cleanse and Makeup Remover looks in my hand

Green People Gentle Cleanse and Makeup Remover smells absolutely gorgeous – slightly herbal, citrus, and floral, due to the rose geranium essential oil it contains.

Let’s have a look at the beneficial ingredients.

Soothing aloe vera

Soothing, healing, and moisturising – aloe vera has a long history in skincare products. Green People use certified organic aloe vera filtered to remove irritating compounds.

Aloe vera makes a soothing addition to Green People Gentle Cleanse and Makeup Remover

Anti-inflammatory calendula

Calendula is a beautiful herb that’s anti-inflammatory, healing, and soothing, making it ideal for use in a cleanser. Calendula contains helpful flavonoids and tannins and has great wound healing properties, so can help to clear marks on the face from acne or spots.


Moisturising shea butter

Moisturising, anti-inflammatory, and skin smoothing – it aids in skin’s natural collagen production. It contains lupeol cinnamate which could be helpful for treating acne. It is rich in vitamins A and E, and contains beneficial fatty acids.

I love shea butter in my skincare products as I feel it really helps my skin, especially on my face, to stay soft and well nourished.

Shea butter and shea nuts

Protective squalane from olive

Squalane is a natural component of skin sebum, but its production peaks in our early 20s. Squalane promotes cell growth and is an antioxidant and antibacterial. It helps with sun care by halting UV damage and helps to fade age spots.

Squalane from olive oil promotes cell growth

Occlusive jojoba esters

Jojoba esters act as an emollient and help lock moisture into the skin (a property known as occlusivity). The jojoba esters are very close to the oils found in human skin.

Jojoba fruits – their esters are used in the cleanser and are close in composition to human skin
Jojoba fruits by Kenneth Bosma CC-BY 2.0

Beautifying rose geranium

Rose geranium essential oil is one of the most perfect essential oils you can use to beautify skin. It helps with cell renewal so can help fade scarring, and is used to treat skin complaints such as excessive oiliness, eczema, and dermatitis. It is anti-inflammatory and astringent so can minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

The rose geranium essential oil smells lovely and is a really comforting and pampering essential oil. In fact, it is used to treat depression so a daily cleanse with this product might leave you feeling happier as well as cleaner.

Rose geranium essential oil is a perfect skincare oil

Antioxidant rosemary leaf extract

Rosemary leaf extract is an antioxidant, protecting the skin against environmental stresses. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.

Protective and antioxidant rosemary

Green People Gentle Cleanse and Makeup Remover is certified organic and suitable for sensitive skins. It costs £17.95 for 150ml, or £12.50 for 50ml from BigGreenSmile.

Even though the cleanser seems quite pricey, it’s actually very good value for money as the bottle will last about 6 months depending how frequently you cleanse.

Green People Gentle Cleanse and Makeup Remover

Buy Now – £25 at Naturisimo

Final thoughts

Green People Gentle Cleanse and Makeup Remover is an effective makeup remover and luxurious cleanser. It contains beneficial ingredients that work to deep cleanse whilst moisturising and controlling breakouts.

The cleanser does seem expensive, but it is great value for money given how long the bottle lasts.

Its ingredients are close to the makeup of skin, making it a natural choice. The addition of rose geranium essential oil with its all round beautifying benefits and added bonus of lifting depression make it a truly valuable product and great for mums who need a lift!

Until next time!


Green People Gentle Cleanse and Makeup Remover is an organic beauty must have! Deep cleanses with comfort and smells beautiful.

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