Lavera Basis Sensitiv Sensitive Toothpaste review

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Sensitive Toothpaste

Unfortunately for me, my teeth are weak and feeble. I’ve had sensitivity since before I can remember. Acidic foods and drinks make it worse, and cold things also, although warmth doesn’t affect them. I’ve used conventional sensitive toothpastes like Sensodyne Pronamel since my twenties. At the time most toothpastes contained SLS, so I felt lucky to have found one without SLS but still offering sensitivity protection.

When I fell pregnant, I went like a woman possessed through all my toiletries and cosmetics, scouring each ingredient on the web for any health concerns. Some ingredients in Pronamel made me really uncomfortable, especially artificial sweeteners like saccharin, and PEGs (polyethylene glycols).

Pregnancy made my teeth even more sensitive, which was annoying. My gums also bled a lot throughout pregnancy. So I was really keen to try a natural toothpaste, and found Lavera Basis Sensitiv Toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Why didn’t I look for a natural sensitive toothpaste sooner?

The toothpaste offers everything you’d expect – it foams well enough, and it tastes good, plus it supports healthy oral flora. But the thing is, the toothpaste doesn’t contain potassium nitrite, the magical ingredient that makes sensitive toothpastes work, it simply isn’t as abrasive.

Slowly but surely my teeth became sensitive again. Now I keep them topped up by using Pronamel in the evening, and Lavera Sensitive Toothpaste in the morning.

It’s not a perfect solution, but reducing exposure is better than nothing.

I’m waiting for a brand like Lavera to introduce a toothpaste with potassium nitrite, and without nasties!

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