Eco Cosmetics Conditioner review

Eco Cosmetics Conditioner

I bought Eco Cosmetics Conditioner when I bought the shampoo as I wanted to try them together.

The first impression of them both is that the packaging is a little clinical for a green brand. The bottles in the range look very similar, which could be confusing. The conditioner bottle is smaller than the shampoo bottle, which does help when selecting the bottle in the shower, but makes little sense as shampoo seems to last way longer than conditioner. Maybe it’s more concentrated, there’s probably some reason for it.

The bottle opening on this conditioner is extremely narrow, which means the product squirts out slowly, but it’s possible to control how much comes out much more finely.

The ingredients list is comfortably short and contains ingredients beneficial to postpartum hair. Mummies, you know the hit your hair can take once your baby is born, so any natural ingredients that can help your hair will make you feel good.

Two such ingredients are green tea and jojoba.

I didn’t know that green tea could help hair when applied topically, but there is some evidence to suggest green tea may help with hair regrowth. Sounds interesting. My hair came out in clumps after Jonah and I’ve been willing it to grow back faster since!

Jojoba oil has unique benefits for hair and scalp, since it moisturises and protects hair while respecting the scalp’s natural oil production. Its molecular structure is very close to that of human sebum, setting it apart from other oils you might find in a conditioner.

Jojoba tree and fruits
Jojoba fruits by Kenneth Bosma CC-BY 2.0

Applying the conditioner, it smooths on well but has the feeling of gliding over the hair and not really penetrating. I’m sure this isn’t the case though as my hair is left feeling soft and easy to style. The conditioner has the same green tea like fragrance as the shampoo which may or may not be completely natural as it’s listed in the ingredients as parfum.

This conditioner offers many of the benefits of more expensive conditioners at about half of the cost, and is a great choice for new mummies due to its ingredients. It is more an everyday conditioner, as I will need a deep conditioner to treat my fried ends.

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