In this post, I’m sharing my favourite Mádara cleansers.

It goes without saying that cleansing is one of the most important steps of any skincare routine.

Most people have figured out their favourite way to cleanse, whether it be with oil, balm, gel, or a creamy or milky cleanser. Personally, I like thick creamy cleansers, and foaming or gel cleansers.

Although it’s not for everybody, I double cleanse after wearing makeup. I like the way my skin feels perfectly clean afterwards. Double cleansing keeps my hormonal outbreaks to a minimum, and my combination skin happy.

I have tried both the oil and balm cleansing methods, but found it a little harder to remove my makeup – although I know others swear by it.

As part of the LoveLula blogger scheme, I’m always on the lookout for new creamy cleansers to remove my makeup, and foaming or gel cleansers to complete my 2-step routine, and for cleansing in the morning.

About Mádara

Latvian natural beauty brand Mádara has been on my radar for quite some time, definitely before I started blogging about natural beauty. They have a broad range of natural beauty products that are all Ecocert certified organic.

Their approach to beauty is holistic:

Beauty goes beyond external appearances, and is more about the complete package of health and a positive love of life

The brand claims to make effective natural beauty products crafted from organically certified natural extracts from plants growing in Northern Baltic regions.

Their Ecocert certification guarantees only natural and organic ingredients including Baltic seaweed, plantain, calendula, chamomile and rosehip.

I find it amazing that extracts from Baltic plants are especially powerful and effective because in Latvia, the short summers stimulate plants to concentrate all their energy on a brief flowering period, building up unique quantities of active substances.

It all sounds lovely doesn’t it? I have to say the company seems to be very together in its branding and image, and the range of products is excellent.

Let’s have a look at the cleansers.

Disclosure: I chose Mádara Cleansing Milk and Mádara Purifying Foam Cleanser with my credits as a LoveLula Accredited Blogger. My views are honest and my own.

Mádara cleansers

Mádara Cleansing Milk

For the first step of my cleanse, and to remove makeup and SPF, I use this lovely Ecocert certified creamy cleanser. I have combination skin, but it’s suitable for all skin types, and particularly dry skin types.

Mádara Cleansing Milk

It claims to remove makeup whilst maintaining the natural balance of the skin to leave it soft and supple.

I love the key ingredients of this cleanser – oat extract and linden flower. Oat is a classic treatment for dry skin and works so well to cleanse without stripping natural oils from the skin. It’s rich in antioxidants and can help reverse pollution, UV, and chemical damage to the skin. Linden flower also has antioxidant properties. It slows down the aging process and seals moisture into the skin.

The pump dispenser dispenses just the right amount of cleanser. It has a very gentle, soothing, herbal fragrance.

I first use a damp, warm muslin cloth to relax my pores, then I massage the cleanser in. I mix it with a little more water, if needed, to remove my eye makeup with a paper-based cotton bud. Finally, I use the muslin cloth to remove my makeup and the cleanser in a few strokes.

I find Mádara Cleansing Milk removes my makeup really well and leaves my skin smooth and comfortable. It doesn’t sting my eyes and I don’t have to work very hard to get my makeup off.

Mádara Cleansing Milk

Buy Now – £17.95 at Mádara

Mádara Purifying Foam Cleanser

If I’ve been wearing makeup or SPF, then I’ll double cleanse using Mádara Purifying Foam Cleanser as a second cleanse to make sure my skin is super-clean. I also use it during my morning shower to cleanse and refresh my face.

Mádara Purifying Foam Cleanser

This Ecocert certified cleansing foam contains Northern Yarrow extract. Have you spotted the yarrow herb in my photography? Martin, Jonah, and I went foraging for yarrow specifically for this post.

I was very curious to see what yarrow is like and was pleased to find I already know yarrow from taking walks around riverbanks.

Yarrow looks very similar to Queen Anne’s Lace and Poison Hemlock. If you’re interested, this video will help you identify the yarrow herb.

But, back to why yarrow in skincare is such a good thing.

It’s one of nature’s finest astringents, meaning it can help maintain skin’s pH and tighten the skin, controlling excess sebum. It’s also anti-inflammatory, helping to soothe and balance the skin. Finally, it’s an excellent emollient, meaning it will help to moisturise and nourish your skin.

It’s an amazing herb, and a nice alternative to witch hazel used in similar products from other brands.

Mádara Purifying Foam Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, and works perfectly on my combination skin.

Compared with other cleansing foams, this one feels very rich and dense. Like Mádara Cleansing Milk, it has a delicate herbal herbal fragrance. One pump of the dispenser dispenses maybe a little more than I need, but then I can cleanse my neck with it too.

I don’t think I could use this cleanser on its own to remove all my makeup, I need something oilier to do that. But as a second step in a double cleanse, or first thing in the morning, this cleanser is ideal. It’s so refreshing, yet doesn’t strip my skin or leave it feeling tight.

Mádara Purifying Foam Cleanser

Buy Now – £17.95 at Mádara

Final thoughts on Mádara cleansers

If you like to cleanse in the traditional way, or with water, then these cleaners are ideal. They’re definitely amongst the most effective natural cleansers I’ve tried. They don’t strip my skin, and leave it comfortable and fresh.

Have you tried Mádara cleansers before? What are your favourite cleansers? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


My review of 2 certified organic Mádara cleansers, including their Cleansing Milk and Purifying Foam. Remove your makeup and deep cleanse without stripping your skin!


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