Do you like sheet masks? I do! Have you tried CHOBS sheet masks before? They’re fast becoming my favourite sheet masks yet.

In case you haven’t heard of CHOBS before, they’re a South Korean organic and natural beauty company. CHOBS = Charm and Health Organic Beauty Store.

K-Beauty is a real big thing right now, but it’s so hard to find natural and certified organic Korean beauty. This is why I love CHOBS so much. Their products are Ecocert and Cosmos certified, vegan, and cruelty-free. You can really trust the ingredients and formulations to be high quality and safe.

The sheets themselves are pure Tencel sheets, made using sustainably sourced wood by environmentally responsible processes.

Disclosure: I received CHOBS sheet masks to try by CHOBS, but my opinions are honest and my own.

When I heard from CHOBS UK I was so honoured to be offered the chance to try their wonderful sheet masks. I tried 6 masks in total, and I’ve been using the masks and the serum from the masks for the last few weeks.

I tried to use the right sheet mask for the right condition, since they all have their own unique benefits.

I’m so excited to share these wonderful masks, so let’s take a look at the different varieties and how the natural ingredients can help different skin needs and conditions.

CHOBS Organic Lemon Whitening Sheet Mask

This was the first mask I tried. I used it during the June heatwave when my skin was feeling very overcooked. The lemon sheet mask claims to make the skin clear and glow with brightening properties, and help to transform dry and fatigued skin by providing the nutrients it needs. The lemon mask contains a generous amount of organic lemon leaf extract.

CHOBS Lemon Sheet Mask

Read about the benefits of lemon leaf extract in skincare. The mask also contains apple fruit water, aloe vera, skullcap root extract, and Chinese tree peony.

Firstly, it doesn’t smell like lemon because it contains lemon leaf extract, not juice. As you would expect, the lemon mask is very refreshing, and I think my skin was brightened by it. My freckles were lessened and it left my skin hydrated and soothed. It left a slightly sticky residue which wasn’t unpleasant.

This is a great mask for overexposed skin since it’s very refreshing and the ingredients are known to brighten the skin, reduce inflammation, and replenish the ravages of the sun.

A great mask for your summer skincare stash!

CHOBS Organic Lemon Whitening Sheet Mask

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CHOBS Organic Rice Bran Sheet Mask

This was the second mask I tried. I used this after a day of working on the computer when I just wanted something soothing. Sitting down with the mask and doing nothing was just the tonic! This mask claims to improve the suppleness of the skin, moisturise, and provide nutrients.

CHOBS Rice Bran Sheet Mask

Rice bran doesn’t sound like a very exciting ingredient, does it? But actually rice bran is deeply hydrating and anti-ageing – you can learn more of the benefits of rice bran.

The mask also contains German chamomile extract, a well-known soothing and calming herb, along with rose extract, skullcap root extract, and Chinese tree peony.

The rice bran mask has a very light fragrance, and smells very similar to the lemon mask. There is no residue after-feel with this one. My skin felt so very soft after using this, and I think the claim it increases suppleness is valid.

This is a lovely mask when your skin needs a boost or a bit of TLC, or you have specific anti-ageing needs.

CHOBS Organic Rice Bran Sheet Mask

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CHOBS Organic Essence Collagen Sheet Mask

My third mask – my skin was feeling quite tired when I tried the collagen mask. I’d had too many late nights and early mornings. Similarly to the rice bran mask, this mask claims to improve the suppleness of the skin, moisturise, and provide nutrients.

CHOBS Collagen Sheet Mask

I’m going to come right out and say it – applying collagen topically does not help with skin’s own collagen production. At best, it simply moisturises for a short time. It doesn’t have long-term benefits. But still, I love this mask!

It contains rosemary leaf water, collagen extract, anti-inflammatory Korean pasque flower extract, healing usnea barbata extract, and antioxidant-rich Japanese pepper fruit extract.

It has a slight herbal smell which perhaps comes from the rosemary leaf water. My skin felt silky soft and smooth after using the mask, and there was no sticky after-feel.

I was really impressed with the results I got from this mask. My skin seemed plumped out, and my skin tone evened. My fine lines were softened – I looked well rested! I’ve always been skeptical about collagen applied topically, but perhaps it’s the other lovely ingredients in this gorgeous mask working their magic!

CHOBS Organic Essence Collagen Sheet Mask

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CHOBS Organic Aloe Sheet Mask

I tried this one already since it came in July’s LoveLula Beauty Box. My husband and I both made good use of it after a day at the beach. We’d both had too much sun and wind in our faces. The mask claims to help maintain healthy skin through effective moisturisation.

CHOBS Aloe Sheet Mask

The aloe sheet mask has a light fresh scent. It’s so soothing and refreshing – perfect for summer. It contains aloe leaf extract, and like the lemon and rice bran masks, skullcap root extract, and Chinese tree peony.

There is a slight sticky after-feel, perhaps from the aloe. My husband’s sunburn had really calmed a few hours after using the mask.

Definitely a lovely soothing mask to stash for summer or perhaps for soothing winter ravaged skin too!

CHOBS Organic Aloe Sheet Mask

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CHOBS Organic Rose Wrinkle Sheet Mask

This was the sheet mask I wanted to try the most. It’s not that I’m worried about wrinkles, it’s more that I absolutely love rose waters and rose-scented natural beauty products! The rose mask claims to improve the suppleness of the skin, and revive the skin by balancing moisture.

CHOBS Rose Sheet Mask

I used this on a day where I needed a wellbeing boost. I find natural fragrance so good for improving my wellbeing. And I love the fragrance of this mask, it’s definitely more fragrant than the others.

Its ingredients include apple fruit water, rose extract, aloe leaf extract, skullcap root extract, anti-inflammatory Korean pasque flower extract, healing usnea barbata extract, antioxidant-rich Japanese pepper fruit extract, and Chinese tree peony.

The rose masks feels very cooling and refreshing when on. It has a slightly sticky after-feel. I do feel it softened my fine lines a little, which I put down to anti-ageing rose, along with all the other wonderful ingredients.

It was lovely to use the rest of the serum for a couple of days afterwards as it really boosted my mood. A fantastic mask for improving wellbeing!

CHOBS Organic Rose Wrinkle Sheet Mask

Buy Now – £4.65 at Ecco Verde

CHOBS Organic Green Tea Sheet Mask

I reached for this on the evening after I’d taken Jonah swimming as I felt it might help to deep cleanse the chlorine from my skin. The green tea mask claims to soothe fatigued skin, have antiseptic effects, and help make skin brighter and healthier by balancing moisture.

CHOBS Green Tea Sheet Mask

It’s another cooling and refreshing mask. The serum is slightly tea coloured which makes sense. The scent is very delicate. The after-feel of this mask is ever so slightly oily, which seems unlike the others. It also tastes a little bitter, so that must be the green tea!

The ingredients include anti-ageing and soothing green tea extract, skullcap root extract, Chinese tree peony, and chamomile flower water.

And it’s a wonder for the skin! I really feel like this sheet mask helped my skin a lot, making it softer and smoother. The amount of serum left in the pack is very generous.

Green tea is such a healthy substance inside and out, so if you’re a tea lover definitely give this sheet mask a try.

CHOBS Organic Green Tea Sheet Mask

Buy Now – £4.65 at Ecco Verde

Final thoughts on CHOBS sheet masks

I’ve been using CHOBS sheet masks for a few weeks now, and my skin is so much softer and clearer for using them!

They’re great for catching some “me time” and putting your feet up for 20 minutes. I really love how long each mask lasts given the generous amount of serum left in the pack. A couple of these a week will really make a difference to your skin.

CHOBS are a fantastic natural brand. I can’t wait to make the masks a regular part of my routine, plus try other natural beauty products in the CHOBS range.

My favourites? Well, it’s so hard to choose! I think it has to be rose for its therapeutic benefits, collagen for the difference it made to the look of my skin, and aloe for its soothing qualities.

I hope you enjoyed my review of CHOBS sheet masks! Have you tried sheet masks before? What do you think? I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!


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  1. My face feels SO dehydrated after reading your fab post! I have never heard of CHOBS, but I will be on the lookout for them now.

    • I’ve heard there can be some awful ingredients in some Korean sheet masks but these are perfect and certified natural and organic.

  2. I love that these are natural. I’ve tried a couple of sheet masks before and will check out Chobs, as well.

  3. I used the Aloe mask the day after derma rolling my face. The sheet mask did not sting! It soothed and left a slightly oily feeling on my skin as it slowly soaked in. My skin felt calm and moisturised. I would definitely recommend, and will buy again.

  4. Is the green tea mask good for a 19 years old? You said it’s anti aging..I’m confused.

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