Not many full-size products this month, since I’ve been ploughing through samples. Expect to find items from the August LoveLula Beauty Box, along with Korean sheet masks, lavender baby wash, an effective natural deodorant, and a relaxing pillow spray. As always, I reuse and recycle the majority of my packaging. I hope you enjoy my August 2018 natural beauty empties!

Full-size natural beauty products

Disclosure: CHOBS sheet masks by CHOBS. REN Pillow Spray, Gallinée Hand Cream, and Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser in LoveLula Beauty Boxes sent by LoveLula. Elsa’s Natural Deodorant Stick, and PHB Brightening Body Wash with points from my allowance as a LoveLula Accredited Blogger. Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion by Weleda. Monat samples by Bristol Hair @ Monat. My opinions are honest and my own.

CHOBS sheet masks

I had such fun trying out these 6 CHOBS sheet masks. They make a great skincare treat and are available in different varieties to suit different skin needs.

CHOBS sheet masks

I highly recommend you check them out for a weekly or monthly skincare boost!

CHOBS sheet masks

View the range at Ecco Verde

Elsa’s Natural Deodorant Stick in Love

You’ll see plenty more of these sticks in my empties! I can’t live without them. This one I chose for our holiday in May.

Elsa's Natural Deodorant Stick in Love

It’s the most effective natural deodorant I’ve tried. Love contains gorgeous rose and patchouli for a soft romantic fragrance.

Elsa’s Natural Deodorant Stick in Love

Buy Now – £18 at Elsa’s

Green People Baby Wash and Shampoo in Lavender

This is a lovely body wash that is great for cleaning a grubby toddler.

Green People Baby Wash and Shampoo in Lavender

It has a lovely lavender fragrance, but it’s also available unscented.

Green People Baby Wash and Shampoo in Lavender

Buy Now – £11 at Amazon

Essential Oils Online Lavender 40/42

Lavender 40/42 is a standardised form of lavender essential oil – although it doesn’t seem to be available on Essential Oils Online anymore.

Essential Oils Online Lavender 40/42

40/42 refers to the balance of linalool and linalyl acetate esters in the oil. I believe this is what influences the fragrance of the oil. Lavender essential oil is a staple in my beauty cabinet. I used up this one making my breast milk lotion.

Essential Oils Online Lavender Essential Oil

Buy Now – £4.50 at Essential Oils Online

Travel and trial size products

REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray

I absolutely loved using this soothing pillow spray. It contains frankincense, hops, and lavender to soothe to sleep.

REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray

It came in June’s LoveLula Beauty Box. The price I’ve given here is for the full-size bottle.

REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray

Buy Now – £20 at REN Skincare

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion

A lovely body lotion from the Weleda Three Drawer Gift Set that was kindly sent to me by Weleda.

Weleda Gift Box

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion is a light lotion containing nourishing sea buckthorn. I’ve given the price for the full-size bottle.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion

Buy Now – £22.30 at Amazon

PHB Brightening Body Wash with Ylang Ylang & Neroli

This smells absolutely gorgeous – I chose it with my credits as a LoveLula Accredited Blogger.

PHB Brightening Body Wash with Ylang Ylang & Neroli

It stings a bit on delicate areas though, so I wouldn’t repurchase. I love PHB products but the essential oil blends in them seem to be too strong for my skin.

PHB Body & Hair

Browse Now

Rejuveniqe by Monat

I’ve been trying out Monat haircare range over a few months now, and this is the last of my samples.

It’s an amazing hair oil with a multitude of uses. Rejuveniqe is really good at everything it suggests it will be – a pre-shampoo treatment, intensive hydrating treatment, leave-in finishing treatment, anti-frizz treatment, and facial moisturiser.

Rejuveniqe by Monat

It contains 14 natural oils including Abyssinian oil, meadowfoam oil, carrot seed oil, and camelia oil. The formula claims to prevent oxidative stress and add body to the hair. It aims to help repair the hair while increasing shine and manageability.

I found my hair was less frizzy, super-shiny, and I didn’t need to wash it for a few days afterwards. Okay, this sounds gross but it’s a sign that sebum production is balanced. Infrequent washing is actually really good for hair!

I tried it as a facial oil too, and was equally impressed.

My hair and skin were left wonderfully soft by the gorgeous smelling oil. I’d buy it right now if it weren’t for the price tag!

Gallinée Hand Cream

A sample from August’s LoveLula box, I really enjoyed using this super-light hand cream. Gallinée is an interesting brand that focuses on pre, pro, and postbiotic skincare.

Gallinée Hand Cream

It contains good-bacteria supporting biotics, sun protection, and nourishing shea butter. Definitely an interesting brand with some lovely products to watch out for!

Gallinée Hand Cream

Buy Now – £12 at Gallinée

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser

Another sample from the August LoveLula box. It’s safe to say I’m in love with this lightweight moisturiser, and will definitely buy some next year. I don’t wear SPF during the winter months and I’m still using up the heavier Kimberly Sayer SPF30 cream that I bought in May for my holiday.

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser Sample

This one is perfect for combination, oily, or acne-prone skin. It contains nourishing shea, soothing aloe, and protective rosemary leaf extract. No white casts from this SPF!

Kimberly Sayer

Browse Kimberly Sayer

Omum Ma Jolie Peau Balancing Face Moisturiser

I chose this free sample with an order from BigGreenSmile.

Omum products are formulated to care for skin during and after pregnancy. They’re certified organic, vegan, and contain no essential oils. Mamas will like to hear that all products are compatible with breastfeeding and guaranteed safe for pregnancy by an independent expert.

Omum Ma Jolie Peau Balancing Face Moisturiser

The fragrances used in the formulations are 100% natural, and the products are made in France with recyclable packaging.

The Balancing Face Moisturiser sample I tried is quite a thin lotion with a light enjoyable fragrance. It moisturised well and I’d like to give it another try because I found the sample size quite small.

I’m also interested to try other items in the range including body cream and oil.

Omum Ma Jolie Peau Balancing Face Moisturiser

Buy Now – £25 at Ecco Verde

RMS Beauty Uncover Up in 11

Last month I bought two samples of this cult concealer from Flourish Beauty, where they cost just £1.50.

RMS Beauty Uncover Up in 11

This has more of a yellow tone than 00. I chose 00, which I think suits me better. My full review is coming soon!

RMS Beauty Uncover Up

Buy Now – £38 at Naturisimo

John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler

A free sample in a LoveLula order, and I’ve had plenty of these samples so won’t say too much about it other than it works very well to smooth and defrizz my hair.

John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler

However I wouldn’t buy full-size because the product contains silicone. March 2021 update: John Masters Organics products have been reformulated without silicone!

John Masters Organics

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Final thoughts on my August 2018 natural beauty empties

Have you enjoyed learning my August 2018 natural beauty empties?

In September I’ll be reviewing Mádara cleansersCopura Coconut and Aloe Vera Natural Toothpaste, and Weleda Gentle Cleansing Foam. I’ll also be revealing my thoughts on natural beauty boutique That Natural Hygge, sharing why I use oil-free night care, plus natural perfume for pregnancy, and my third trimester essentials. There may be more if there’s time!

What natural beauty have you enjoyed in August? Let me know in the comments! And stay in touch by subscribing to my blog.

Until next time!



  1. I’ve never heard of a pillow spray. Definitely going to look into adding this to my nighttime routine. My husband has sensitive skin so we have to use a scent-free laundry detergent. I miss that fresh laundry smell. Love the idea of spraying my pillow with relaxing scents. 🙂

    • Oh I love pillow sprays! They’re such a luxury. We use scent-free laundry products too, but a pillow spray adds a gorgeous fragrance.

  2. Aditi Wardhan Singh Reply

    this is a wonderful way to reviews. I love how you have put them all together. Very detailed

  3. That essential oil sounds amazing! I’ve been wanting to get into using them more often.

  4. Ashley Solberg Reply

    Oh my goodness, so many good finds here! I want one of everything please! Hehe!

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