To Cara Grace

Oh Cara, how amazing your first year has been! You were born at home in a complete hurry, protesting very loudly. Your birth was one of the best moments of my life. We wished for a girl and I’d convinced myself you were a boy. I checked twice when I held you in my arms for the first time!

You’re confident, gregarious, sweet, loving, and smart. Your first year has flown by and I can’t believe we’re saying goodbye to your babyhood. And you’ll be our last baby too, which makes it all the more poignant.

Cara at 8 weeks

Your little life is so precious. I love that you share songs and games with us. You always look to mummy and daddy for a game of peekaboo or clap hands. You can be quite studious, and you like to examine new things in great detail. Your favourite game at the moment is taking the lids of mummy’s floral waters and challenging yourself to put them back on again.

We couldn’t believe it when you started to crawl at 10 months old. Literally no child in our family has crawled except for you! You have your own unique way of crawling, propelling yourself with one foot still on the floor. You’re so determined to keep up with your big brother.

And your love of meat has become a great source of amusement in our family. You’ll happily devour a couple of sausages or several pieces of chicken breast, while throwing your vegetables and carbs to the floor. You do like oranges, apples, and tomato pasta too, so we know you’re not a total carnivore.

I love how attached we are right now. Although it’s tiring for me sometimes, I know it will change one day soon. When you’re shy you are very quiet in my arms until you’re sure everything is okay. When I return after leaving you for an hour, you’re so pleased to see me. You rest your little head on me over and over to show how much you appreciate our reunion. And it’s always me you need when you’re sleepy or poorly.

Cara in the pumpkin patch

Our days are all about your weekly playgroup, visiting your 2 grandmas, running around the house at high speed, nabbing Jonah’s toys and cheekily trying to get a rise out of him, and playing peekaboo in the “teepee” (a sheet thrown over Jonah’s bed).

There is something about a second child, like you Cara, where everything feels so much more relaxed. I’ve enjoyed you far more than I could’ve imagined. With Jonah, I really didn’t know how fast things would go. It felt like things would last forever. But with you I know they won’t, so I savour every moment. Like being able to hold you so much, cuddling and breastfeeding you to sleep, and breathing in your delicious baby smell.

Your smile lights up all our lives, and you bring us so much happiness every day, little one. Have a wonderful birthday and never stop being so Cara Grace!

Lots of love, from mummy.


  1. Oo such a sweet message! And I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. Happy birthday sweet Cara. Sending so much joy and happiness your way!

  2. This is sooo sweet, sometimes I wish I has a blog when my daughter was younger to document all of these sweet moments, because time does fly!!! Such a sweet letter !!!

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