You are 5, Cara! Happy birthday

Cara is 5

My dear Cara, It’s your birthday, you are 5, Cara – that’s half a decade! You are no longer the tiny baby that came in a hurry at home. Now, you’re a big brave girl venturing out into the world without me. It is both exhilarating and heartbreaking! And what a year you’ve had! Since […]

It’s your 4th birthday, Cara!

Cara is 4

Dear Cara, Every time I write your birthday letter, I’m never lost for words. You are so full of personality and life. You are unashamedly strong, brave, and bold. It’s your 4th birthday, Cara, and we’re so happy to celebrate with you! This year, I’m remembering how we made the most of every moment in […]

Petite Amélie Kids Teepee & Baby Play Mat review

Petite Amélie Kids Teepee & Baby Play Mat review

Welcome back, dear friend! Today I’m so excited to share my children’s latest love. It’s the Petite Amélie Kids Teepee & Baby Play Mat! Back in June last year, we tried out the Petite Amélie Dolls House. It’s still one of my kids’ favourite toys – and mine, too. So naturally, I was delighted to […]

Family skincare for winter

LoveLula family skincare for winter

Welcome back, my dear! I’m so excited to tell you about the family skincare for winter I picked up a few weeks ago. At 3 months postpartum, and with the delicate skin of 3 little ones to care for, I’m always on the lookout for clean and kind skincare that can be shared between us […]

Cara is 3! Happy birthday!

Cara is 3

Welcome back my friend. Cara is 3, and I hope you enjoy my letter to her on her third birthday. Dear Cara My sweet Little Miss Cara, how has it been only 3 years since you came into our lives? It’s gone by in a flash! You are strong, feisty, determined – you love strongly […]

Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House review

Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House

Hello again, my dear friend! Today I have a very special share for the parents and children amongst us! It’s this beautiful Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House! I was so pleased to hear from the brand when they invited me to try something from their range of nursery, children’s bedroom, and wooden toy items. The […]

Happy 2nd birthday, Cara!

Dear Cara Just like that, my baby girl is turning 2! I wrote your birth story, your 1st birthday letter, and here I am writing again as you are about to turn 2 years old. It’s my hope that you will treasure these letters when you are older. I certainly will, since it’s so easy […]

A letter to Cara on her first birthday

Cara's first birthday

To Cara Grace Oh Cara, how amazing your first year has been! You were born at home in a complete hurry, protesting very loudly. Your birth was one of the best moments of my life. We wished for a girl and I’d convinced myself you were a boy. I checked twice when I held you […]

Cara Grace’s birth story

Cara's birth story

I’m so excited to finally have time to share Cara’s birth story here on my blog. Her birth was a truly amazing experience, I still can’t quite believe it. I’m so proud of her, myself, and my husband for staying calm. It was a normal Wednesday and although I’d previously guessed Cara would arrive on the 14th, […]