Happy 2nd birthday, Cara!

Dear Cara

Just like that, my baby girl is turning 2! I wrote your birth story, your 1st birthday letter, and here I am writing again as you are about to turn 2 years old.

It’s my hope that you will treasure these letters when you are older. I certainly will, since it’s so easy to forget the little day to day things that bring a smile.

It’s strange to think that a quarter of your life has been spent living with the threat of coronavirus looming over us, but we try to keep life as normal as we can and not scare you with talk of germs.

It makes me so sad to keep you away from other children, but it would be worse to see you with coronavirus, or pass it on to your grandma. Your generation will be the best hand washers, users of sanitisers, and will truly understand the value of cleanliness!

Cara at 12 months

It’s sad that there are no playgroups like Jonah had at your age, no soft play – but we do have the occasional play date in the park.

And you have so much outside time, especially while visiting your grandma, who is in our support bubble.

You love to collect sticks and leaves, and muddy puddles are definitely your thing.

In the leaf “bonfire”

You love football, and we’re sure you’ll be a pro footballer one day. Your smile is totally infectious and one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Cara in our "ball pit"
Cara in our “ball pit”

You’re a sassy, confident, want-to-try everything, fun loving, stomping little girl. Everything we could want you to be.

Just like with Jonah, I’m so lucky that we can (just about) afford for me to stay at home to look after you full time. We run around the house pretending to be monsters. We bake. Occasionally, we take long walks in the forest. And we always watch too much TV.

You adore your big brother and try to copy him.

Jonah and Cara at the lake
Following Jonah

We’re so pleased with how your speech and language skills are coming along. You love to chat and can string sentences of 3 words together with ease.

Cara, you love to be in water all the time! Whether it’s wading into the sea with no fear, splashing at the sink when you wash your hands for the 20th time that day, or jumping in huge muddy puddles.

Cara in a puddle

You love Baby Shark videos, and sing and dance along to all the tunes. Your shoes and your coat are a great source of interest. You put your own clothes on, and you even try to change your own nappy!

I love that you’re really into skincare too, and I will try to teach you what I know about caring for skin. You love rollerballs and sleep time products with aromatherapeutic qualities. Creams and balms are also your thing, and often ask for me to apply some to you so you can play with the silky textures. And you have curly hair! Nobody in our family has curly hair but you!

Your favourite foods are savoury, especially – much to our amused horror – processed meat like sausage, hotdogs, and ham. You’re not really into sweet things, but you do like a lollipop. You are very much a carnivore, which is a great source of amusement to the older generation in our family.

You’re still feeding with me, you love your “boo-boos”, and it still has to be me who curls up with you at night to sleep. In the day you come to me and say “boo-boo me do me”, which tickles Jonah no end.

Happy birthday my sweet little girl! I hope you have the best day ever and I know we’re going to love our next year together, whatever it may bring! We love you so much!

Love, from mummy

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  1. What a beautiful letter. Happy birthday little Cara x

  2. Look at those eyes! Happy birthday darling!

  3. I’m missing playdates with my little one this year too but a very happy birthday to your little one!

  4. Patricia @ Grab a Plate says: Reply

    What a sweet little darling! I love all the pix, but the outdoor pix are just lovely! Happy birthday!

  5. Aww I love this so much! Happy Birthday, Cara! We have similar tastes in food.

  6. This is beautiful!! Happy Birthday!! She will absolutely LOVE reading these as she gets older!

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