Welcome back natural beauty lovers! Today I’m sharing an absolutely gorgeous brand and their wonderfully effective natural beauty products. Introducing Tamaar Skincare.

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Do you ever feel like the stronger the result from skincare, the more the risk involved? For instance, wrinkle-busting retinol can irritate delicate skin, while brightening vitamin C can often tingle? So when a product is both effective and gentle I’m impressed! This is how I feel about Tamaar skincare!

Using natural products does not mean you compromise on results. We combine the best natural ingredients, used traditionally across the world, with modern technology to give you the results you want for your skin.

Tamaar is a brand to consider if you have sensitive skin, or simply want the purest of formulations without compromising on skincare results.

Skincare is better when it addresses real skincare problems. It’s easier to understand skincare in terms of “what will this do for my skin?”.

This is exactly how Tamaar products were conceived.

The brand was founded by Nav Kaur, a member of the general pharmaceutical council and society of cosmetic scientists.

Borne out of the need to heal her own acne, Nav began her research on common skin conditions like acne, hyper-pigmentation, ageing, and eczema.

Most interesting to her were the ingredients used in traditional skincare for centuries, along with cutting edge natural ingredients still gaining recognition.

Tamaar skincare

This resulted in the Tamaar brand products – 3 facial moisturisers, each tailored to a specific skin concern, along with a body moisturiser.

Tamaar focus on a key ingredient, the exotic tamarind. It’s a safe and effective skin brightening agent. I was amazed to learn that studies show tamarind outperforms hyaluronic acid for skin moisturisation and wrinkle smoothing.

It’s so interesting to note that all the creams contain a climate responsive emulsifier that transforms natural waxes so that they adapt to the environment.

Could this mean no more switching moisturiser when the weather changes?

Tamaar values ring true in the products. They’re cruelty-free and not tested on animals. Ingredients wise, they’re free from harsh alcohols, artificial fragrance, controversial preservatives, and GMO.

I tried their Rejuvenate facial moisturiser, which Tamaar describe as an “advanced natural anti-ageing cream complex” specifically designed for ageing skin.

Let’s take a look at it now!

Tamaar Rejuvenate Anti-Ageing Cream Complex

Cream-complex is a good description for Rejuvenate, since it’s quite thin in texture – almost like a serum.

Rejuvenate - Advanced Natural Anti-Ageing Cream Complex

It’s bursting with interesting and useful ingredients like date palm extract, tamarind seed extract, turmeric, annatto, green tea, gotu kola, and kefir milk probiotics.

These ingredients promise to boost radiance, increase collagen 1 synthesis, and reduce surface wrinkles and depth of wrinkles.

What amazing claims. But how did I get on? Let’s find out!

First, I adore the packaging – a small, light glass pump bottle. It’s gorgeous, elegant, and hygienic.

The cream has a beautiful consistency. It’s light, unscented, and easy to apply with a lovely silky fingertip feel. It absorbs quickly and completely. There’s no oily residue from Rejuvenate.

I noticed a difference in my skin immediately – it was glowing! The crows feet around my eyes appeared tightened and flattened with the first use. This is my ideal face cream – I love how light it is, yet it works so well!

I use this cream day and night. A week since starting I’m so happy that my skin is brighter, tighter, and my wrinkles lessened. Especially around my eyes.

Rest assured I’ll update you on the long term effects of the moisturiser once I’ve emptied it! It’s currently one of my favourite moisturisers.

Tamaar Rejuvenate – Advanced Natural Anti-Ageing Cream Complex

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Final thoughts on Tamaar Skincare

I’m impressed, Tamaar Skincare! Rejuvenate really does address the needs of my ageing skin, I love the results I see. And I really like the unique ingredients I haven’t seen in other moisturisers.

Visit the Tamaar website and view the full range at tamaarskincare.com.

Will you try Tamaar skincare? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


How to address the needs of ageing skin with anti-ageing face cream. In this post I look at the benefits of and ingredients in Tamaar Rejuvenate and how they can help increase collagen production and fight wrinkles. #skincare #antiageing


  1. This sounds incredible! I am always looking for new skincare to try, especially in the winter when my skin gets super dry.

  2. annaelleliz Reply

    This sounds amazing! Loving the interesting ingredients they use too! I’ve never heard of things like annatto, green tea or gotu kola being used in skincare products!

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