Welcome back, friends! Let me introduce you to something that’s lifting my social distancing blues. Say hello to my new Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser! Isn’t it beautiful?

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I was delighted to discover Utama Spice and their gorgeous natural aromatherapy products! Aromatherapy is super interesting to me, and I’ve used essential oils for many years. Why? I love their pure natural scent – just a few drops can be calming, soothing, uplifting, or energising! And although studies are yet to confirm that aromatherapy can make a physical difference, we do know that inhaling essential oils activates the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls emotion, behaviour, and memories (1).

Utama Spice, based in Bali, draws from ancient Balinese herbal knowledge to enhance skin’s natural beauty and boost emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Only 100% pure and natural ingredients are carefully crafted to retain Bali’s traditional herbal knowledge.

The brand follows the Balinese cultural concept of Tri Hita Karana, which commits it to respecting and working in harmony with people, nature and the divine.

As we are still small we are able to give our products the time and care needed for the creation that goes into any well-made hand crafted product.

Utama Spice

There are so many pieces of beautiful skincare on the Utama Spice store. But what really stood out was something new to me.

A waterless, heat- and plastic-free nebulising diffuser

I already own a couple of essential oil diffusers, but they’re gathering dust in my cupboard. Why? I’ve never been particularly happy with their delivery of essential oils. Those that require heat or water come with a host of downsides. The nature of the essential oil is changed before it can reach your body. And those with water add humidity to the home.

Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser

But a nebulising diffuser is different. It absolutely is an amazing way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils! It uses Bernoulli’s principle to transform your oils into a fine mist for easy absorption by the body. It’s better for the environment because it’s plastic free, and it doesn’t need any water or heat. All the the original properties of the essential oil remain, just as it should be.

Now we’ve learned the benefits of using the Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser, let’s look at it in some more detail.

Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser

Safety note: before we continue, please be aware that essential oils can affect members of your household in different ways. I avoid using my diffuser around my children, and if I had pets I’d make sure they were out of the house before using my diffuser. Aromatherapy is not a replacement for medical treatment and if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, do talk to your doctor or midwife before using an essential oil diffuser.

I fell in love with the look of the diffuser from pictures on the Utama Spice website. It’s a beautifully sleek and compact diffuser that’s sturdy, yet lightweight. The natural glass elements and natural wood finish look really appealing.

What’s in the box?

Opening the box, you’ll find the main parts – a handmade wooden base along with custom-made lead free glass reservoir containing micro-tubes, and an adjustable spout to direct the mist at a 360° angle. Also included is the USB power cable, 5v power adaptor, instruction manual, and a pipette for cleaning the reservoir.

Assembling the diffuser

There’s a bit of assembly required to set up the Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser. I found this bit really easy, since clear instructions are included.

Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser box

The power adaptor supplied is for United States use, so if you’re outside of the US, you’ll need the correct power adaptor. We have one in our kitchen “man drawer”, so things were good after I found it under a thousand other things! My favourite way to use the diffuser is to plug it straight into the USB port on my computer.

The diffuser plugged into my mac

One thing to note is that you have to be really gentle with attaching the reservoir to the base. Using a gentle rocking motion rather than twisting will avoid breaking the glass parts.

And that’s it! Simple isn’t it?

Adding oil to the diffuser

This part is fun! Just take off the spout and add 10 – 20 drops of essential oil directly into the reservoir. This will give about 2 hours use.

Adding essential oil to the nebulising diffuser.

Now, the options for essential oils to use are endless. But the choice can be overwhelming and involves some research. Stocking up on several essential oils can be expensive. That’s why I chose 2 pre-mixed blends for specific purposes from Utama Spice – more on this down the page!

And if you’re confident with essential oils, Utama Spice carry many gorgeous single essential oils at a great price.

It’s really important to only use pure essential oils in the nebulising diffuser. This means no carrier oils and no artificially fragranced oils. If you want to use thicker oils like sandalwood, cypress, etc, then make sure to clean the diffuser (more on this soon) afterwards to avoid clogging the diffuser’s micro-tubes.

The fun part! Making the diffuser work!

Just twist the metal dial to turn on the diffuser. You’ll see the diffuser’s gentle white LED mood light, and you’ll hear the subtle vibration from the unit. The dial also controls the diffuser’s output from low to high.

Using the Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser

The diffuser will diffuse for 2 minutes, then rest for 1 minute in a 2 hour cycle. After this, the diffuser will automatically shut down.

Enjoy the fragrant and beneficial essential oils filling your room!

What I love so much about the Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser is the pure, clean fragrance that it creates. It really is true to the essential oil I drop into it.

Cleaning the diffuser

Perhaps you won’t need to clean the diffuser very often, this is true if you use thinner essential oils and only use the diffuser infrequently. However, as with all diffusers, the time will come to clean it. So, in the name of thorough testing I made sure to follow the instructions to clean my Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser.

Cleaning the diffuser with alcohol

Full instructions are included, but to clean the diffuser, remove the spout and use the graded pipette to place a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the reservoir. Put the spout back on and let the diffuser run for about 10 minutes. Dispose of the excess alcohol in a safe way e.g. with running water down the sink, or in a container in the bin. Once the reservoir is dry inside, you’re all done.

I find the cleaning process really easy and it’s definitely worth putting the effort in the keep the diffuser in good condition.

Keep reading to learn more about the essential oil blends I tried.

Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser

Buy Now – £52 at Utama Spice

My blends

Utama Spice Deep Calming Blend

The deep calming blend stood out immediately. I chose it to help me stay calm, because sometimes it’s hard to unwind after a day with the little ones! Little did I know it would be so helpful for managing my anxiety during the coronavirus lockdown.

Utama Spice Clearing Blend

It contains essential oils of lavender and rose geranium, used traditionally to calm nerves and dissipate tension. Lavender can promote a peaceful state of mind and reduce stress, while rose geranium can be used to reduce anxiety and depression. I was also excited to discover that rose geranium can be used during labour to reduce anxiety!

I love the calming effects of this oil – the heady floral fragrance takes me to a relaxing place. It’s great in the evening to help me unwind!

Utama Spice Deep Calming Blend

Buy Now – £6.67 at Utama Spice

Utama Spice Clearing Blend

I chose this because my husband really suffers with a stuffy head. This oil is suggested to help you feel better when cold and flu have got you down.

Utama Spice Clearing Blend

What’s in the blend? Clearing contains cubeb oil to soothe respiratory issues and relieve pain, and cajeput oil for its decongestant and expectorant qualities. Ginger and mint oil both relieve nausea and headache.

Thank goodness we have not yet needed to try this oil while actually sick. But it has eased our seasonal sniffles with its incredibly refreshing and decongesting fragrance.

Utama Spice Clearing Blend

Buy Now – £6.67 at Utama Spice

Final thoughts on my Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser

I hope you enjoyed my review of the fabulous Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser. If you’re considering buying a nebulising diffuser, this is a high-quality diffuser that delivers a fine essential oil experience at an affordable price.

Visit utamaspice.com to learn more about their range of diffusers and natural skincare.

Have you tried a nebulising diffuser before? I’d love to hear your favourite ways to use essential oils. Let me know in the comments!

Review of the Utama Spice Nebulising Diffuser. A high quality nebulising diffuser that delivers a fine essential oil experience at an affordable price. It's plastic free, waterless, and there's no heat or flame. Fragrance your home and enjoy the health benefits of essential oil diffusing!


  1. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/what-are-essential-oils


  1. I haven’t tried these before. I need to! With my kids home all the time plus two cats, I want my house smelling nicer.

  2. I have a nebulising diffuser at home but I’m looking for something different. Will check this out.

  3. It’s so different!! I love the look of this diffuser and that it works great!

  4. Interesting and pretty, however, as you said this isn’t for people diffusing oils often and a lot. I have been using ultrasonic diffuser for many years and I’m very happy with its performance and easiness to clean and change oils when I feel like it. I’m a big fan of YL and I have plenty of oils that I love to diffuse often. Feel free to contact me for more information if you like. Best wishes from Sweden.

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