I was so pleased to meet Jenny from Koti Lifestyle. Although her Nordic natural skincare store, Koti Lifestyle, is now closed – the introduction opened up the world of Nordic natural skincare to me.

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Nordic skincare is some of the most beautiful and effective skincare available. It’s deeply influenced by the desire to protect the environment, with many products leaning toward plastic-free zero waste options.

Many of us recognise the simplicity of the Nordic lifestyle and its focus on nature to heal and rejuvenate. Nordic children are raised to be thankful to nature.

Nature also provides such powerful ingredients, although we sometimes tend to forget them in our chemical-infused lives.

Jenny Nordic

You’ll find skincare with multiple uses, that’s environmentally conscious, and harnesses all the power of Nordic natural ingredients.

And what power! Nordic skincare is hard working and tough! The plants from which Nordic ingredients are derived endure extreme conditions in Northern climates. These ingredients work harder for you in your skincare! Fascinating, isn’t it?

So, let’s take a look at my top Nordic natural skincare choices.

Nordic natural skincare

Flow Balm to Milk Facial Cleanser

Gorgeous Flow products from Finland stood out to me immediately. Especially this striking balm to milk cleanser – just look at the colour! Using a balm cleanser is one of my favourite ways to remove makeup, deep cleanse, and prepare my skin for the next steps.

Suggested as a balm suitable for all skin types and 100% vegan, Flow Balm to Milk Facial Cleanser promises to clean, refresh, brighten, and moisturise. Organic oils of jojoba, coconut, and castor whisk away makeup, SPF and daily grime.

The active ingredients included? Flow balm cleanser contains lemon to refresh, along with bilberry and blackcurrant seed oils to load the skin with antioxidants and vitamins. I love the glass jar with its recyclable aluminium lid.

Using Flow Balm to Milk Cleanser

So how did we get on? This is a thick, bright, yellow gel swirled with tiny bubbles – it really is a delight to look at. I expected a sherbet-lemon scent, but actually the lemon aroma in the cleanser is very subtle. The mild aroma of pure vegetable oils used in the formula comes through.

As for my experience with the balm, I absolutely love the texture – rich and thick, yet refreshing. Once I’ve finished massaging it in, I use a little water to transform the gel into an easy-to-rinse milk. It cleanses well, leaving soft and comfortable skin with no trace of tautness or dryness. On the downside, I found it took longer to remove every single trace of my eye makeup with this balm than with other balms I’ve tried.

I love how simple yet effective this balm is. Definitely one to try if you love plastic free cleansing balms!

Flow Balm to Milk Facial Cleanser

Buy Now – £33 at Flow Cosmetics

Flow “Solid Roots” Aromatherapy Soap

This cold process soap instantly appealed to me. When this happens, I always go to check the ingredients to learn what was quietly calling my name!

Solid Roots Aromatherapy Soap

Solid Roots aims to balance the root chakra with aromatherapeutic ingredients and Himalayan rock salt. The essential oils including vetiver, patchouli, ylang ylang, and orange help to ground where feelings of security, safety, and self-preservation are needed – perfect for these quarantine times where illness and uncertainty are so close by.

And can you believe that this is my first time trying a multi-purpose soap? I was curious to see if it really could effectively clean my hair, face, and body. Seriously, who wouldn’t want this pink salt-flecked embossed soap in their bathroom? It’s a beauty!

Suitable for all skin types, but especially dry and cracking skin, it will cleanse while nourishing with antioxidant seed oil from wild-grown Finnish lingonberries.

Using Flow “Solid Roots” Aromatherapy Soap

The soap has a delicious earthy scent, which surprisingly comes through stronger when it is dry. I love having a good sniff of it throughout the day, since patchouli and orange essential oils are amongst my favourite grounding, soothing and cheerful EOs right now.

I love that the soap is completely plastic free and does an amazing job of cleansing the entire body. As for my emotional wellbeing, I’ve found it perfect for helping with the “spin out” created by overwhelming feelings during the coronavirus lockdown. Every time I use it, it reminds me to focus on now, the earth, nature, and my family.

How did I find using a shampoo bar for the first time? I love it! I’m not about to turn my back on traditional shampoo, but I’m really impressed by Solid Roots. For my hair, it lathered well enough and was easy to rinse away. I did feel it was more drying than my normal shampoo, but I counteracted this with conditioner. As for my face and body, I had no problem at all using this as a single step daily cleanser for clean and comfortable skin, and it really does shine as a traditional soap bar for cleaning the body.

Flow “Solid Roots” Aromatherapy Soap

Buy Now – £15 at Ecco Verde

Flow Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist

My final Koti Lifestyle choice is this elegant Flow Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know how much I love all kinds of floral hydrosol. I mist a hydrating layer between stages of my skincare routine and throughout the day.

Flow Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist

This organic chamomile floral water with probiotics for irritated and dry skin is not just a flower water, it packs some very impressive benefits thanks to probiotics. Probiotics help “good bacteria” fight harmful microbes on the surface of the skin. The floral water contains a “probiotic lysate”, which moisturises the skin while acting as a natural preservative and antimicrobial ingredient. It’s made with radishes fermented with the lactic acid bacteria leuconostoc kimchii. Yes, similar to kimchi!

Promising to moisturise and calm with great anti-ageing properties, the mist soothes irritated, dry, and inflamed skin and has antimicrobial qualities. This makes it perfect for soothing rashes and redness.

Using Flow Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist

I warmly welcomed this product into my clutch of mists. I use it on my face as a toner, mix it with dry face masks, use it to hydrate my eczema prone hands before using a balm, and as a refreshing scalp spray. Even Cara‘s bottom enjoys the occasional mist to calm irritation!

Flow Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist comes in a beautiful dark glass bottle. Chamomile water can be pungent at times, and this one is no exception. It has the full on nose-in-a-daisy aroma, and then some! Basically think fermented chamomile.

It’s great if you suffer dry skin on your face and has lessened the dry patch on my forehead. My skin’s general general health has improved since starting to use it. I have high hopes for this mist in the long term! Probiotic skincare is very exciting, and a few weeks of use should help me see extra benefits.

It’s so great to have a bottle of soothing probiotic chamomile goodness on hand for skincare emergencies and everyday skin care!

Flow Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist

Buy Now – £31.50 at Ecco Verde

Final thoughts on Nordic natural skincare

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the Nordic natural skincare I tried. Nordic skincare items are flying onto my wish-list every week!

Have you tried Nordic skincare? Tell me about it in the comments!

Until next time!



  1. I have not tried Nordic skincare, I also haven’t heard of the Koti Lifestyle. After reading about it and the suggested products, I enjoyed learning about it, thank you!

  2. Kelsie Rudnick Reply

    That solid roots soap looks and sounds amazing! I can just imagine how good it smells by your description.

  3. I love reading about new products! I’m skincare obsessed and always looking for new stuff 🙂

  4. I don’t know how you do it, but you always find the most unique and awesome looking skincare products to try. I always want to try everything you suggest.

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