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Welcome back, natural beauty lovers! Today, I have a very special share for you.

At first glance, Maison Sybarite could be any fine fragrance range. Glossy editorial style photography on a beautiful website, striking and elegant bottles, inviting and sumptuous fragrance names like Bed of Roses and Opulent Wood. Yet, delve a little deeper and you’ll find a fragrance company with very different ideals at its heart.

The first water-based fine fragrances

Maison Sybarite is the first water-based fine fragrance brand. Developed by Master Perfumer Antoine Lie with conscious natural beauties in mind. We can enjoy fine fragrances that reduce the use of harmful ingredients, are mindful of their environmental footprint, and are vegan and cruelty free.

This fragrance speaks to the very soul of goodness. Once the perfume has become your ally, it will always lift you up.

Not only are the fragrances conscious, but they never compromise on the olfactory experience. Because we want complex fragrances to entice and arouse the senses, and that last more than an hour on the skin.

The first water-based fragrances
The first water-based fine fragrances

So many natural fragrances are lovely – but simple, and lack that complex layering that fine fragrances from mainstream beauty possess. Also, they don’t last – burning away after only a couple of hours. Maison Sybarite has beautifully addressed this situation. These fragrances contain a high concentration of aromatic compounds which ensures their intensity on the skin. I’m so bowled over with their strength and longevity!

So what’s the benefit of being water based? Maison Sybarite use a micro-emulsion of oil in water to avoid the most commonly used solvent in fragrance – ethanol. In fact, the fragrances are free of all artificial solvents, texturing agents, and ethyl alcohol. Saponins replace ethanol as a natural organic solvent.

Sustainable fragrance

For so many of us, it is no longer an option to ignore the effect our fragrance choices have on the environment. Not only are Maison Sybarite fragrances better for us, they are better for the environment, too.

Bed of Roses on white

Maison Sybarite cares deeply about product quality, safety, and sustainability, using only earth-conscious production methods. Their moral and ethical policy is subject to constant improvement. The beautiful cardboard packaging is minimal, recyclable and printed on paper from sustainable forests.

Now let’s take a look at the background behind this fascinating brand.

What’s a Sybarite?

A Sybarite was a native of Sybaris, an ancient Greek city in southern Italy, now known as Calabria. Sybarites were prosperous and advanced for their time. The Sybarites associated pleasure with all aspects of life. But they also developed a harmonious coexistence with nature and well-being.

If you know someone who’s totally devoted to sensuality and all of life’s pleasures, call her a Sybarite.

Sybarites were famous among the Greeks for their love of pleasure, to the extent that “sybarite” has become a byword for opulence, luxury and pleasure-seeking (source).

Now let’s deep dive into Bed of Roses!

Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses

The fragrance is described as “a feminine blend with a sensual and sparkling combination of elegant fresh bergamot with an added hint of saffron. Powdery orris joins versatile rose to achieve an intensely romantic accord. Tolu completes the sophisticated harmony, giving dimension, glory and nobility.”

Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses
A beauty on my dressing table

I’ve adapted this description from the Maison Sybarite facebook page, since I think it describes it perfectly. “Bed of Roses is a warm, sensual and creamy scent, perfect for those who want to smell clean and fresh — not perfumy. It’s the kind of scent you’ll want to spray on the skin after your clean beauty routine. Spicy and powdery, this is the fragrance to wear if you’re tired of classic rose and you’re looking for something deeper (orris, saffron, tolu, patchouli). It’s fresh and sporty and so easy-to-wear, thanks to the essential oil blend of bergamot and mandarin.”

My experience with Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses

I tried all 4 Maison Sybarite fragrances before choosing just one. I knew right away that Bed of Roses was for me! It was an “ooooh that’s lovely” moment. All things rose are just my thing, from rose water to rose-based fragrances.

I’m quite picky with fragrance. I can’t just wear anything, and I find it hard to find something that truly “represents” me. Mainstream fragrances usually irritate my senses, or induce a nauseous feeling. But let me tell you, Bed of Roses is a million miles away from this. It really “gets me”. It’s not your average rose fragrance – it has real depth and spice, yet it’s gently feminine; deliciously creamy and powdery. There’s also a refreshing citrus overtone.

The fragrance comes in a beautiful burgundy and gold glass bottle with metal cap. It looks absolutely gorgeous on my dressing table.

The bottle is reassuringly heavy and produces a fine mist. The mist itself is maybe not what you would expect but it’s an extremely pleasing experience – almost like a milky lotion which isn’t at all greasy or sticky. There’s no burning alcohol sensation like traditional fragrances.

The milky texture of Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses
Milky texture

The first hit of fragrance is beautifully intense. The dry down is pure, in that after 2 hours wearing, even though the fragrance has mellowed it remains quite unchanged. I can still detect the fragrance at the end of the evening, but it’s very soft and mellow by this time. Were I out for the evening (not likely during lockdown with 2 small children!) then I’d probably reapply to maintain the intensity. I can’t remember who said fragrance should be discovered and not announced, but this fragrance fits so well with this adage!

The husband reaction

My husband nuzzled the back of my neck while I was wearing the fragrance. He said, “is this your £160 perfume? It really suits you!” – I love how this fragrance just seems to become one with my skin, almost blending with my own natural fragrance to create something unique. I don’t experience this with alcohol-based fragrances, which just sit on top of my skin emitting a strong aroma that I find overwhelming.

Price and purchase

At £160 per 75ml bottle, this is definitely the most expensive fragrance I’ve tried. However I do feel it’s worth the investment, I absolutely love this fragrance and I feel so good wearing it. The bottle is a great size so it’s going to last a while.

Naturally, you would want to try before you buy and grab yourself a 1ml sample for £5 at Bloom Fragrance. There are 3 other fragrances in the collection – Spicy Calabria, Opulent Wood, and 720 – well worth a look.

Final thoughts on Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses

Maison Sybarite is a trailblazing brand leading the way in sustainable fragrances. Creators of water-based fine fragrances that are kind to skin, healthy, and respect the environment – that smell so elegant and fit perfectly with my clean beauty routine.

I’m so in love with Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses!

Learn about Bed of Roses and Maison Sybarite fragrances at

Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses

Buy Now – £160 at Bloom Perfume

What do you think to water-based fine fragrance? Will you try Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses? Let me know in the comments!

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