Welcome back, beauty lovers! Today I’m sharing something a little bit different. Let’s talk about herbal tinctures from a wonderful brand who really care about improving your wellbeing. Hello, Blooming Blends!

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Created by Fleur Sladen, a former cook with a passion for botanicals, after she struggled to find readily available natural boosters.

Hand-blended in small batches using traditional methods, we have channelled nature’s magic with a sprinkling of plant power, to create everyday formulas blended for busy modern life.

Blooming Blends

When I first saw my friends sharing Blooming Blends tinctures on Instagram, I was curious! The blends look enticing, and the specific concerns they address are things I could use help with.

Many of us can relate to issues surrounding sleep, libido, fatigue, stress, digestion, and happiness. So when I was contacted on behalf of the brand I was super excited to try one of the blends.

I went for the Be Sexy blend. I chose it because since the start of the coronavirus, my libido and energy levels have been completely sapped. A female hormone test back in March told me that my oestrogen levels are low, which can’t be helping.

But can it really be as easy as taking a herbal tincture everyday?

Of course, we must address health, diet, and lifestyle issues first. Lack of libido and energy can be signs of a health problem, so it’s worth getting a checkup.

Supplementing with herbs is a great idea once the basics are in order. So let’s see how I got on with my Be Sexy blooming blend!

Blooming Blends Be Sexy Herbal Tincture

Here’s what Blooming Blends say about Be Sexy.

Created to make you want to skip and strut, the Be Sexy blend will light your inner fire for all the world to see. A bunch of sparky ingredients will wake you up and invigorate you for any sexy occasion. Feel that sparkle.

Be Sexy herbal tincture by Blooming Blends

The herbs are blended with ethanol and glycerine. And the potent strength is a plus too – they’re created using a ratio of between 1:3 to 1:1 herb to liquid.

Let’s learn more about the herbs contained:


Has an excellent vitamin and mineral profile plus a long history as a medicinal herb. Alfalfa contains bioactive plant compounds including phytoestrogens. Read why phytoestrogens can help you get your libido back.


Used as an aphrodisiac by indigenous cultures for centuries, “it works by increasing circulation and sensitivity to female organs. Its pro-sexual effects are due to flavonoid compounds present in the leaves.” [source]

Rose Petal

“While not an aphrodisiac, rose is a beloved medicine for the heart. Roses are used to heal and open the energetic heart chakra, yielding a soft but strong heart that is open yet protected. Rose is such a loving plant…” [source]

Siberian Ginseng

Considered an adaptogen and has warm, stimulating properties. As an aphrodisiac, it’s thought to improve energy levels rather than directly stimulating libido. [source]


“Shatavari is known as the ‘Queen of the Herbs’ for female health and libido. It has been used for thousands of years as a female tonic and hormone regulator. Ayurvedic texts claim that it can strengthen a woman to support 1,000 husbands!” [source]


Another adaptogen, “ashwagandha can be taken to help improve libido whilst also helping us adapt to physical stress and relax without feeling exhausted, which could explain why it helps women achieve an orgasm.” [source]

Taking the tincture

The tincture comes in a brown UV protective glass bottle with a dropper. The tincture is watery and brown, it’s a bit like brandy. It has a malty, slightly rosy flavour that is quite pleasant.

From the dropper - Blooming Blends Be Sexy

To use the blend, take 20 drops under the tongue or with 100ml liquid, up to three times a day. You get about 45 servings per bottle. If you want to take the tincture daily, the bottle would last you about 2 weeks at the suggested dose. Or you could save it for occasions when it’s needed!

Blooming Blends are not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

I started by taking the drops just once a day for a week to see how I got on. Then I stepped up to twice a day.

How long before I see results?

Blooming Blends say you could see results right away! This rung true for me personally.

Well? Are you feeling sexy?

I’m really happy with the results I’m experiencing after 2 weeks use.

I feel like I’m dealing with stress better and have more physical energy throughout the day. My PMS symptoms were lessened, too. I’m not seeing much improvement in my libido yet, but it’s early days.

I’m curious to use Be Sexy for another few weeks to learn the long term outcome – I’ll update you in my latest empties post.

Blooming Blends Be Sexy

Buy Now – £22 at Blooming Blends

Final thoughts on Blooming Blends Be Sexy

I really love my Be Sexy herbal tincture. It’s perfect for a pep up – for libido, or not – since these herbs are brilliant for all over stress relief and energy.

Be Sexy would be a great herbal product to take if stress or contraceptive hormones are taking their toll on your libido, or you’re approaching menopause.

It will take a lot to return my libido to pre-child level. Two weeks holiday, a babysitter on hand, a spa day, and a distant memory of coronavirus – but since none of this is possible right now, any little help along the way is so welcome!

Other blends include: Sleep, Be Sexy, Fatigue, De-Stress, Digestion, and Be Happy. Blooming Blends also create facial mists and boosting powders, so be sure to see the full range at bloomingblends.co.uk. And remember to see Blooming Blends’ Instagram for inspiration and eye candy!

Have you tried a herbal tincture before? Let me know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to subscribe to stay in touch!

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  1. I definitely need to try this. Hormones definitely can do a number on you.

  2. This blend definitely seems worth trying. Having kids is stressful and if this helps it is definitely worth a try.

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