Hi lovely people! I’m back, and reviewing the LoveLula June 2020 Beauty Box! When you see the contents of this beauty box, you will understand why I wanted back into this amazing natural beauty subscription service. It’s brilliant!

June’s subscriber box contains 4 full-size natural beauty products. The value of the box is £63, but it costs just £14.95 as a monthly subscriber. Subscribing makes a lot of sense because you get to try lovely natural beauty brands at a great discount.

So many times I’ve been introduced to a brand or product that was completely new to me. And who doesn’t love a surprise package?

There’s a zingy detox natural deodorant from Elsa’s, cheerful citrus bubble bath from Kathleen, new Humble By Nature lemon verbena hand cream, and ever-so-sweet plum oil by Ooh!

Enjoy my review of the LoveLula June 2020 Beauty Box.

LoveLula June 2020 Beauty Box

Advert: this post contains references to PR gifted products. My views are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links.

Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods Detox Natural Deodorant

It’s so hard to choose a favourite from this month’s box. But when it comes to natural deodorant, Elsa’s is the most effective I’ve graced my underarms with.

Elsa's Organic Skinfoods Detox Natural Deodorant

It’s the first natural deodorant I recommend. So I almost fell off my chair when I saw Elsa’s new deodorant! I had to try it. I’m a huge fan of Elsa’s deodorants.

Not only is Elsa’s deodorant free from suspicious ingredients, it is sodium bicarbonate free. Not everybody can tolerate “baking soda” – me included.

The colour of Elsa's Detox Natural Deodorant

What’s different about this Elsa’s deodorant? Elsa’s Detox contains charcoal, along with grapefruit, ginger, neroli, and lemon. I’m in love already! It claims to be super concentrated, and, along with the charcoal in the formula, there’s also bentonite clay to deep clean your underarms.

The deodorant is slightly grey in colour. To apply it, I hold it against my skin for a few moments to warm it, then gently swipe 2 – 3 times. I like to have a look to check there’s no excess on my skin, if so I rub it in.

I describe the scent as zesty, warm, refreshing. It doesn’t last long on the skin, but it’s nice to smell it on application.

The effectiveness of the deodorant is excellent. I’ve been odour free every day. However, the weather has been cooler, so I do need to try the deodorant on a hot day. But so far, so good!

PS if you’re reducing plastic this month then try Elsa’s in a tin.

Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods Detox Natural Deodorant

Buy Now – £14 at Elsa’s

Kathleen Natural Citrus Cheer Bubble Bath & Shower Gel

This is my first time trying the Kathleen brand – I have heard good things about them. And I’m impressed with this bubble bath & shower gel!

Kathleen Natural Citrus Cheer Bubble Bath & Shower Gel

I’ve only used it in the shower, but I imagine it makes a beautifully scented bath. I’m not sure how well it bubbles in the bath, but in the shower it doesn’t lather very much and cleanses gently. The consistency is a light and thin gel, so a little more than usual is needed.

But it smells absolutely gorgeous. I mean, really. It’s so much more than just citrus. There is citrus – but there’s depth with it, presumably from rosewood. Like grown up citrus, and it really is cheerful!

I’ll be adding other natural beauty products from Kathleen to my wish list soon!

Kathleen Natural Citrus Cheer Bubble Bath & Shower Gel

Buy Now – £18 at Kathleen

Humble Natural Beauty Sweet Pea & Verbena Hand Cream

When I saw the new Humble By Nature skincare line by Kate Humble pop up on the LoveLula newsletter, I was curious!

Humble Natural Beauty Sweet Pea & Verbena Hand Cream

Created by TV presenter, environmentalist, and farmer Kate Humble. I love that her skincare line is designed to be kind to the environment, enjoyable to use, and safe for all the family.

This hand cream is a real treat. It’s incredibly fragrant, the lemon verbena really comes through. I think the natural fragrance has had a synthetic “parfum” boost.

I like that the cream contains shea and cocoa butters to nourish and moisturise. Antioxidant rich blackcurrant seed oil is said to help skin’s elasticity. The cream is rich and thick, but not greasy. My hands are left really comfortable.

If anybody needs a hand cream, it’s Kate. She must spend hours outside in all conditions, and she took every care to ensure this hand cream keeps hands in good condition. I’ve already ordered more from the Humble brand, so I’ll let you know how I get on with other products in the range.

Humble Natural Beauty

Browse Now at Gorgeous Shop

Ooh! Oils of Heaven Plum Face Oil

Last but not least, this brand new oil from Ooh! I love these single ingredient oils from Ooh!, they’re super helpful on their own or boosting other products. Face oils are really versatile, use them for dry areas across the body – cuticles, split ends, and more.

Ooh! Oils of Heaven Plum Face Oil

This plum oil is made from the kernel of the plum, and is cold pressed so it retains lots more goodness.

I love how silky this feels on application. The scent is like stepping into a bakery in Bakewell! That frangipane aroma will have you craving more of this wonderful oil.

And it leaves my skin beautifully soft and well conditioned. A great oil for my collection.

Ooh! Oils

Browse Now at Mypure

Final thoughts on LoveLula June 2020 Beauty Box

I love how fragrant everything is in this box. It’s a real tonic! And I hope you’ve enjoyed learning my views on the LoveLula June Beauty Box. Such a great beauty box at a fantastic price.

And remember that beauty box subscribers get 20% off the brands featured with the code given inside the box!

What do you think to this month’s beauty box? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time!



  1. I’ve been looking for a good natural deodorant for so long! I’ll have to check the Elsa’s one

  2. Sounds like some really great product!! I will have to try some of these. The sweet pea hand cream sounds lovely.

  3. Patricia @ Grab a Plate Reply

    Good review of what seems like some good products! I’ve never tried a subscription box like this — only clothing. Maybe time to do so!

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