Welcome back, beauty lovers! Today I’m delighted to introduce a warm brand whose genuine desire to help women find a moment for themselves shines through. Hello, Pamoja skincare!

This post is a paid partnership with Pamoja. My views are honest and my own.

Pa-mo-jah ~ Swahili word meaning “together”.

I was so happy when founder and formulator Sarah introduced me to her brand, Pamoja, on Instagram. It’s really great to hear from female brand owners who live close to me in the north east! Especially when I go on to learn they make exquisite skincare that’s natural, vegan, organic, and made right here in the UK.

A busy mum, Sarah founded Pamoja after patch testing revealed several allergies. Her skincare routine became part of her holistic self-care ritual.

I founded Pamoja to help multitasking women to care for their skin. I know your time is precious and you want to live your life, doing what you love.

Sarah went on to train with an accredited school of organic cosmetic science to turn her dream into reality. And now, we can all benefit from her award-winning clean skincare.

The skincare industry offers a baffling array of choices, so it’s refreshing to find a simple and effortless skincare routine amongst all the chaos. One that simply offers what we all desire – healthy glowing skin and a moment of calm and wellbeing.

So let’s learn more about Pamoja skincare products. And don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win the Pamoja “Mini Experience” to try all of Pamoja’s skincare line for yourself!

Pamoja skincare

What does Pamoja have to offer? The collection is centred on a 3-step skincare ritual including cleansing balm, face cream, and facial oil. Sensitive beauties will appreciate the essential oil free versions.

Pamoja "The Mini Experience"

All Pamoja products are eco-friendly, housed in UV-protective glass jars and bottles, and sustainable cardboard packaging.

I was kindly sent “The Mini Experience” which contains these cute and sustainable minis from Pamoja’s 3-step skincare ritual.

The routine aims to cleanse, soothe, hydrate, and protect your skin. Each mini gives around one month’s application.

See a transformation in your skin, feel connected to nature and fall in love with Pamoja.

Read on to learn more about the individual products.

Pamoja “The Mini Experience”

Reset Cleansing Balm

Let’s start with the basics. A cleansing balm that removes makeup is the first step in any simple skincare routine. And I’m head over heels with this gorgeous golden cleansing balm with moringa, murumuru, and chamomile. Just look at its colour! It’s so alive and full of goodness.

Pamoja Reset Cleansing Balm

I use my Pamoja Reset Cleansing Balm with the wonderful double-sided cleansing cloth that comes with the set. The balm is ideal for normal, dry, and sensitive skin (my skin is normal to dry with hormonal breakouts). The balm is pure luxury, melting away a day’s worth of grime and stress.

The fragrance is absolutely lush. It’s rich, aromatic, and transports me away from daily grind. The texture is beautifully soft, and it transforms into an oil while massaging into the skin.

This is without a doubt a new favourite cleansing balm for me. And it makes a nice change from emulsifying balms which I find can thin out too soon if they get even the slightest bit wet. I follow the cleansing balm with another cleanse to remove final traces of the balm.

My skin is so happy after using Reset – glowing and comfortable.

Pamoja Reset Cleansing Balm

Buy Now – £25 at Pamoja

Revive Multi-action Face Cream

A good moisturiser is a must for any skincare routine. And I love those that can be used day or night, like Pamoja Revive Multi-action Face Cream. This hydrating and nourishing cream contains marula, ethically harvested Columbian Kahai™ oil, calendula, upcycled red raspberry seed oil, and two types of hyaluronic acid.

Pamoja Revive Multi-action Face Cream

I love that this moisturiser protects from environmental pollution while keeping my skin happy all day. It’s touted as being perfect for all skin types, but especially tired skin that’s lacking elasticity, feeling dry, or dehydrated.

Revive contains a very exciting ingredient described as “nature’s own stress protection molecules” – extremolytes. The role of these actives is to repair and protect the skin from pigmentation brought about by pollution.

Pamoja explain that the moisturiser is calming and gentle, but it also helps to brighten the skin and leave it energised, smooth, and glowing. I’ve certainly found this to be true. I love that it works so well on my eye area, too.

The texture of this light golden cream is absolutely perfect, airy and dreamy. Its cheerful yet sophisticated fragrance comes from red mandarin, geranium bourbon, and ylang ylang essential oils.

A little goes a long way, and it absorbs quickly to leave a perfectly balanced finish that’s right between matte and glow. My skin is perfectly hydrated and feels soft all day. I love that the ingredients protect from, and could even reverse, the signs of pollution-induced ageing.

I’d love to update you in my empties as to how I get on long term with this gorgeous moisturiser, so do subscribe to stay in touch.

Pamoja Revive Multi-action Face Cream

Buy Now – £45 at Pamoja

Restore Multi-purpose Beauty Oil

A gorgeous multitasking facial oil makes a great final step in your simple natural skincare routine. Pamoja Multi-purpose Beauty Oil is perfect to nourish not only your skin, but your cuticles, nails, and dry ends on your hair, too.

Pamoja Restore Multi-purpose Beauty Oil

It packs a powerful nutritional punch with omega fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins A and E to soothe, hydrate and protect. Like the Revive moisturiser, Restore also contains Columbian Kahai™ oil, but additionally organic sacha inchi oil, olive squalane, and sea buckthorn.

I love to dispense 2 or 3 drops into my palms then take in the gorgeous fragrance of bergamot, red mandarin, palmarosa, vetiver, and Indonesian sandalwood. Just look at the colour. It’s so vibrant!

Dropper showing Restore Multi-purpose Beauty Oil

Restore leaves me with such a gorgeous glow, and I love the beautifying effect it has in the short term along with bringing the feeling of deeply pampering myself every evening.

I also appreciate that it’s insurance for my skin with all its lovely antioxidant-rich oils. What an absolute treasure this oil is!

Restore Multi-purpose Beauty Oil

Buy Now – £36 at Pamoja

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Pamoja "The Mini Experience"

You will receive Pamoja “The Mini Experience”, which contains:

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  • Restore Multi-purpose Beauty Oil 5ml
  • A double-sided organic cotton face cloth

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Final thoughts on Pamoja skincare

I’m so happy to have Pamoja skincare in my life! Each product has such carefully chosen ingredients, packed with antioxidants and precious oils to both beautify in the now, and make a long term investment in my skin.

My skin is really loving it! And of course, it’s so nice to use such luxury skincare day to day.

How do you find a moment of calm? Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to stay in touch.

Until next time!



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  1. Janeane Davis Reply

    I like when I find nd products that are clean and natural. It makes me feel better about using them on my skin.

  2. I love cleansing balms…I do a lot with detailed make up around the holidays, they work like a charm!

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