It’s not often I splurge on makeup, but when I do you can be sure it’s on something good! I see you, Hurraw Aura Accent Balms!

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These cute and versatile accent balms add a hint of illumination, colour, and shimmer wherever you please. They’re based on coconut and aren’t at all greasy or sticky. In fact, I love their silky, feather-light feel on my lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Hurraw Aura Accent Balms + swatches

All Hurraw Aura Balms are organic, vegan, and raw – you’ll find no beeswax or cochineal here. All packaging is sustainable and recyclable. Hurraw indeed for guilt-free glass jars with tin lids!

Hurraw Aura Accent Balm Swatches
Crimson closest to the wrist, then Copper

They’re so shimmery and a lot of fun, so let’s dive in to looking at these accent balms. I tried two from the range, but there are 6 shades in total – Crimson, Copper, Pearl, Silver, Gold, and Bronze.

Hurraw Crimson Aura Accent Balm

I could stare at these little pots of wonder all day! Just look at that colour and texture! According to Hurraw, “Crimson Aura is specifically formulated to give your cheeks a pinch of colour and shimmer without staining”.

Hurraw Crimson Aura Accent Balm
Hurraw Crimson Aura Accent Balm

And it’s all 100% plant-based. The hypnotising colour comes from an alkanet root infusion mixed with anthocyanin from purple carrot extract.

Despite its strong colour in the pot, the application is surprisingly sheer. And this Aura Balm is the least shimmery of them all. It suits me just fine. I really don’t suit strong colours and I love a blush of colour that’s subtle but totally buildable.

Swatch of Hurraw Crimson Aura Accent Balm
Hurraw Crimson Aura Accent Balm

As you can see I’ve shown the colour on my lips. The staying power isn’t great, it has to be said. But carrying around the wee pot in your handbag and reapplying is no bother. The stain does last a bit longer on other parts of the face and body.

The balm has a delicious coconut scent that is very pleasant indeed. I apply it using clean fingers, or you could use a lipstick brush (retractable, if on the move).

Hurraw Crimson Aura Accent Balm

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Hurraw Copper Aura Accent Balm

Now let’s look at the Copper Aura Balm, which highlights skin with red and golden notes. This one seems less sheer than the Crimson Balm, and the mica sparkles definitely add some extra glow!

Hurraw Copper Aura Accent Balm
Hurraw Copper Aura Accent Balm

I think this one would look great worn at night, the shimmering mica would catch the light beautifully. Although not much chance of that for me at the moment – small children, coronavirus rules, etc.

Swatch of Hurraw Copper Aura Accent Balm
Hurraw Copper Aura Accent Balm

I love the copper tones in this one – great if you have green or hazel eyes and/or copper tones in your hair, like me. That said, I think these pots work for most colourings.

Hurraw Copper Aura Accent Balm

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Where does the shimmer come from?

The shimmer, aka mica, used in Hurraw balms is not mined from the earth – it’s synthetic and made in a lab.

Why did Hurraw make this choice? It’s all down to traceability and safety. They make the mica themselves, which ensures it’s free from contamination and heavy metals – indeed the mica is tested and externally verified as safe for cosmetic use. Natural mica has gained a poor reputation for violating human rights, especially those of children. Using lab-made mica ensures complete traceability.

Read more about synthetic mica.

Final thoughts on Hurraw Accent Aura Balm

I’m really happy with both my Hurraw Aura Accent Balms and I’m glad I chose the two that appealed to me. Both give a subtle pop of colour and shimmer that’s guilt-free.

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  1. I’m not familiar with this brand but they’re so pretty! And I’m definitely interested in trying natural products!

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