Welcome back, skincare lover! Today, I’m so excited to introduce the amazing NK Naturals Winter collection.

This is seasonal specific skincare at its finest! And I’m delighted to say that I’m absolutely over the moon with NK Naturals and their skincare tailored to meet the needs of winter skin.

I was supposed to be taking a blogging break. But my dear little brother gifted me these skincare treats for my birthday – and they’re so good I can’t resist sharing them!

It was love at first sight when I first spotted the brand through Emma @ BeautyFolio. If you love natural skincare, go and take a look at her Instagram shares – she introduces some amazing and caring brands.

NK Naturals is one such brand – they offer 4 collections, one for each season – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Just as the best chefs use seasonal ingredients, each collection follows the lunar calendar optimising the benefits of each new moon.

To tackle the challenges of the season, each skincare collection contains all we need to adapt with the elements. You’ll find a cleansing balm, hydrating botanical mist, facial oil, deep steam salt infusion, and a water-free daily moisturiser to enjoy.

What’s more, the ingredients are seasonal and local; taken from whole plants using traditional extraction methods, and revealing their original colours and aromas.

About NK Naturals

Founder of NK Naturals, Nicola, starting making skincare to treat her own eczema and sensitive skin. Helpfully, the range was born from a desire to develop gentler skincare with only the minimum number of essential ingredients.

Nicola lived in Lanzarote for a time, where her skincare focused on treating sun damaged skin. After moving back to London, it became clear that her skincare needed to help her skin through the season’s changes.

I love Nicola’s take on ingredients. Everything is cold pressed and high-altitude sourced where possible, non-GMO and free from pesticides. Not only that, but it’s truly supportive of small producers such as local beekeepers who contribute their wonderful beeswax.

This is an honest range free from hype that can deliver an experience of luxury and caring natural goodness. For me it is not about wrinkles, aging or any other self doubt we may have about our appearance, it is about having healthy naturally glowing skin no matter what your age.

I tried 2 items from the Winter collection. The Winter Copper Distilled Botanical Mist, and the Winter Deep Steam Salt Infusion.

Now we know so much about this wonderful brand and their products, let’s find out how I got on with them!

NK Naturals Winter Collection

Let me start by saying I was absolutely delighted when I opened my skincare from NK Naturals. Everything is packaged so beautifully.

NK Naturals Winter kit bag

Not only did I receive the products I ordered, but also a natural wash bag, tiny scroll containing product information and instructions, and a wooden spoon to use with my salt infusion. What a perfect birthday gift – I felt so special!

Winter Copper Distilled Botanical Mist

A mist is an essential part of any skincare routine, and it’s no different in winter. I use a mist after cleansing and before serums and moisturisers to boost hydration, speed absorption of other products, and deliver antioxidants and other actives.

NK Naturals Winter Copper Distilled Botanical Mist

NK Naturals describe this as the first seasonal specific mixed hydrosol for the cold, dry air in the winter months. The promise is that it brings instant relief for winter skin: refreshing, soothing, and bringing balance.

A gentle yet powerful mist which has an overall soothing effect for both skin and mind.

What really interests me about this mist is that it’s distilled in a copper vessel. This is a traditional method of distillation which suspends the whole flower and its botanical goodness in a Ph closest to natural skin. Fascinating, isn’t it?

The ingredients really interest me too. They’re so well chosen for care of winter skin and the mind. I have broken veins on my face that always stand out more in winter. I know there’s no non-surgical cure, but this mist really appealed to me as a way to lessen their appearance.

The beautiful winter mist

There’s calming and balancing lemon balm hydrosol which has anti-microbial properties. The wonderful frankincense hydrosol which is anti-inflammatory, boosts cellular health, aids breathing, and evokes feelings of wellbeing. Yarrow is such a lovely natural ingredient, which amongst other things calms and promotes blood flow. Next, find brightening rosemary, and violet leaf absolute to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries. There’s earthy patchouli, added for its cell regeneration qualities. Finally, grapefruit seed, added for its protective covering of minor capillary problems.

My experience using Winter Copper Distilled Botanical Mist

The mist comes in the usual glass spray bottle. It’s a pale yellow colour and I can see small fragments of botanicals in the mist.

While I can’t describe it as a beautiful fragrance, it’s delicately herbal and earthy. There’s definitely frankincense, rosemary, and patchouli. However, I can’t really detect the lemon or violet.

This mist sprays finely and evenly and my skin feels instantly soothed, refreshed, and hydrated. I love using it when I know I’ll be outside for a while, this is when it really shines. I feel like it protects my skin from the elements when used together with a good moisturiser and facial oil. And I also use it after my salt infusion – see below!

As for my thread veins, they do appear lessened. Their colour isn’t so purple and I hoping the mist stops them getting any worse. I’m really happy with the results. Can’t get enough of this wonderful mist – it makes such a great addition to any winter skincare routine.

NK Naturals Winter Copper Distilled Botanical Mist

Buy Now – £15 at NK Naturals

Winter Deep Steam Salt Infusion

I don’t think I’ve been as excited about a natural beauty product in a long time! Have you heard of halotherapy before? Halotherapy involves breathing salty air to improve health and wellbeing, including that of our skin.

NK Naturals Winter Deep Steam Salt Infusion

According to healthline.com, there are some claims that it can treat respiratory conditions, depression, anxiety, and skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Salt is also said to produce negative ions. This theoretically causes your body to release more serotonin, one of the chemicals behind feelings of happiness.


Halotherapy certainly makes a relaxing and soothing part of a skincare routine. I’ve been trying it several times a week with these beautiful Winter Deep Steam Inhalation Salts. As you can see, they’re incredibly photogenic. But NK Naturals advise this kind of mindful breathing can also be used as a meditation.

The ionic air circulates through your senses, warming and softening the skin removing impurities and bacteria from the surface in a gentle air bath.

I really love the mixture of sea salts, home air dried butterfly pea flower, pine and yarrow. I strongly suggest searching the web for butterfly pea flower, it is a truly amazing plant with so many benefits for skin and general health.

Not only is it antioxidant-rich, butterfly pea flower can soothe minor irritations, improve moisture retention, support collagen structure and improve the skin barrier (source). All together, a great winter choice for skin.

Texture of NK Naturals Winter Deep Steam Salt Infusion

But the true beauty of this product reveals itself once swirled into water. The bright blue colour from the butterfly pea flower is delightful. It is a sight to behold watching the water change colour as the inky blue natural pigment comes from the dried butterfly pea flower.

The blue colour of the salt infusion once mixed with water
That colour! It’s so dreamy!

My experience using Winter Deep Steam Salt Infusion

I use a nice warm towel and turn off for 5 minutes while I inhale the salty steam. Its fragrance is pine-like and herbal, but mild and soothing. It does not sting or irritate. I find taking salt therapy clears my airways and my senses, and brings so much comfort and warmth in winter. There’s also a feeling of rejuvenation and renewal. And I love the skincare benefits of the ingredients. It’s like having a spa at home, and I highly recommend it.

NK Naturals Winter Deep Steam Salt Infusion

Buy Now – £15 at NK Naturals

Final thoughts on NK Naturals Winter collection

I’m totally in love with NK Naturals. It’s the whole package – wonderful seasonal specific skincare, well considered ingredients, and huge attention to detail in the packaging and accessories. I’m definitely going to try the spring collection in a few weeks!

Visit nknaturals.co.uk or @nknaturals to learn more about the brand and view their full range of seasonal specific skincare.

Will you try NK Naturals? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my blog to hear about new content!

Until next time!



  1. I think I have an addiction to scrubs, LOL! There’s just something about the way they make your skin feels so soft and polished that I love

  2. soulofasouthernhome Reply

    I love that these products are natural because I’m definitely trying to be more conscious of chemicals in products!

  3. mahnoorkhurram123 Reply

    This collection seems like it could do wonders to sensitive skin! Love the packaging too.

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