Hello, my dear friend! Are you a fan of body butter? I love its sumptuous richness for winter skin. And today, I’m sharing my latest discovery – Re:connection Skincare Slow Down Sunday Body Butter!

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Don’t you just love the name, Slow Down Sunday? It really captures the essence of this natural and organic skincare brand with their focus on reconnecting with ourselves through skincare.

Back in November I tried Re:connection Skincare for the first time when I reviewed the Restoring Facial Serum. I remain impressed by this wonderful facial oil, and I knew Slow Down Sunday Body Butter would impress me too.

We hope our products will serve you as means to slow down, explore and listen to your body.

Slow Down Sunday will certainly bring a moment of reconnection.

As we all know, a good body butter cannot be simply lathered on. Applying it with care to damp skin and with a relaxing massage is definitely the way forward! Using body butter is a slow ritual that can serve as a reconnection to oneself.

So let’s take a look at Slow Down Sunday Body Butter now.

Re:connection Skincare Slow Down Sunday Body Butter

This luxurious organic body butter contains nourishing mafura butter and rejuvenating baobab oil.

Re:connection Skincare Slow Down Sunday Body Butter

Perfect for winter, Slow Down Sunday is water free. It’s best applied when skin is damp to lock in moisture from a bath or shower. Water free skincare doesn’t always need to contain preservatives, leading to a gentler skincare product.

This body butter will surely spice up those long, winter evenings, with its scent reminiscent of orange, cinnamon and palmarosa.

The ingredients include mafura butter, rich in nourishing fatty acids. It contains limonoids which have anti-inflammatory qualities. According to Re:connection, mafura butter restores softness of the skin while speeding up the healing process of small cuts and blemishes.

Then there’s baobab oil to rejuvenate the skin and boost collagen production. Pomegranate seed oil works to keep skin looking young and firm with its high antioxidant content.

Essential oils of orange, red mandarin, palmarosa, bergamot, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, and black pepper make for a fragrant and warming experience.

My experience using Slow Down Sunday

Opening the lightweight metal tin, I am met with the beautiful fragrance of the body butter. It has the aroma of oranges and subtle spices. The spicy clove and uplifting palmarosa oils are just sublime!

Texture of Slow Down Sunday body butter

The butter is a light orange colour. Its texture is very tactile and pleasurable to use. It’s actually a lightly whipped body butter so it’s super rich, but light. I use a spatula to keep my butter fresh.

I always apply my body butter to damp skin. Learn more about this recommendation on Reconnection’s website, but this snippet explains.

Water helps to carry the oil deeper through the epidermis. This ensures more effective hydration for your skin and no greasy residue. When the oils are applied onto dry skin, they will form a protective layer but they will not provide the same moisturising effect.

When applied in this way, there’s no greasy after feel and my body butter does its best job! My skin is soft, comfortable, and well hydrated. It also feels very well protected from the dry winter environment. The fragrance lingers on my skin for about an hour afterwards.

This is the perfect once a week treat when you have extra time to pamper yourself. The carefully chosen ingredients bring long term benefits for your skin’s health.

I remain captivated by this body butter!

If you’d like to try Slow Down Sunday for yourself, check out the button below to visit Re:connection Skincare.

Final thoughts on Re:connection Skincare Slow Down Sunday Body Butter

Slow Down Sunday is such a beautiful addition to my skincare collection. It’s a perfect beauty ritual for soft skin and reconnecting to myself after a week of looking after others.

Learn more at Re:connection Skincare or visit @reconnectionskincare for earth-friendly tips and skincare love.

Have you tried Re:connection Skincare? What’s your favourite way to slow down? Let me know in comments. And don’t forget to follow me and subscribe to my blog to hear about my latest content.

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  1. I need to try this for sure. It sounds incredible! My skin has been so dry lately.

  2. Sounds amazing, my skin has been soooo dry lately!!! I have been using so much moisturizer

  3. theweekendfox Reply

    Body butter always sounds scrumptious for my dry skin but “slow down Sunday” sounds even better. I need to try this!

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