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Do you love all-natural candles? I do! And today, the spotlight is on the beautiful and sleep inducing Kiss The Moon Peace Candle with Vanilla and Rosewood! This candle is designed to comfort the soul and leave a sense of contentment before bed.

By now I am sure you understand my love for Kiss The Moon. This brand helps us sleep beautifully with its range of peaceful, soothing, and relaxing bedtime aromatherapy products.

Their latest products are candles designed to bring about a restful night’s sleep.

Kiss The Moon Peace Candle in its beautiful box
I mean, look at the box – it’s so beautiful.

There are 3 candles in the range, corresponding to the brand’s aromatherapy blends. There’s LOVE with rose & frankincense, GLOW with orange & geranium, DREAM with lavender & bergamot, plus PEACE, a limited edition vanilla & rosewood candle that’s now retired – I think I bought the last one!

I’m assured by Kiss The Moon that the LOVE candle is very similar, with its deep and comforting aroma.

Products to help bring restful sleep

My sleep has been so disturbed recently. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I wake far too early and find it hard to get back to sleep.

The problem is I’m nodding off at 9pm every night, then missing out on time with my husband. Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with my children in the afternoon as a result of being exhausted! Not good, mama!

Lighting Kiss The Moon Peace Candle

Of course, there are practical steps to take to ensure a restful night’s sleep. A consistent bedtime and waking up time can help, along with no screens an hour before bed. It’s important to get enough daylight and physical exercise. But sometimes these things are hard – especially during a winter lockdown.

So recently I invested in some Kiss The Moon sleep products that I hope will help me stay asleep by building a healthy sleep routine before bed, and this candle is one of them. I couldn’t resist it!

Do you want to learn more about it? Let’s do that!

Kiss The Moon Peace Candle Vanilla & Rosewood

Kiss The Moon describe their candle as a 100% natural vanilla and rosewood essential oil soy candle with a hint of bitter orange. The brand promises that the blend of essential oils together create a comforting fragrance that leaves us with a sense of contentment.

Kiss The Moon Peace Candle

What I love about Kiss The Moon Candles is that they’re scented only with top quality, deeply relaxing essential oils and no added synthetic fragrance. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches in the UK into these beautiful etched glasses.

The candles are made using natural pure soy wax and the highest grade braided cotton wicks. The high quality wick helps to maximise the burn time and minimises sooting.

The candle is 240ml which gives 50+ hours of burn time.

Opening the beautiful sturdy gift box, I am met with the fragrance of creamy vanilla and refreshing orange. Lighting the candle, the wick jumps to life and a warm ambience is thrown around my bedroom.

After a few minutes of burning, the bedroom fills with the delicate and peaceful fragrance. I can feel my cares drift away as part of my evening wind-down routine – no screens and a good book with a warm drink!

Dreamy shot of the candle
It’s just so dreamy!

This isn’t the most powerfully fragranced of candles I’ve tried, but this is exactly what I want at bedtime. The subtle fragrance reminds me to be calm and relaxed. It’s not at all over stimulating.

Getting the most out of your Kiss The Moon Candle

I’ve found that to give the best results, trim the wick before relighting. This will help stop the flame from growing too large and throwing soot.

My Kiss The Moon candle doesn’t appear prone to tunnelling and burns very nicely indeed. Tunnelling can sometimes happen with sox wax candles where the pot is too big for the wick.

To stop your candle “tunnelling”, ensure the wax pool has reached the edges of the candle before extinguishing it. You can also try this trick to melt a tunnel in a candle.

Has the candle helped my sleep?

Has it helped my sleep? Indirectly, for sure it has!

I love lighting it before bed whether in my bedroom or reading in the living room spending time with my husband before bed. It’s absolutely beautiful to experience while taking a bath with Kiss The Moon Bath Salts.

Candles are so beautiful to watch and are a wonderful way to quieten the busy mind before bed. And my Kiss The Moon Candle is one of the most beautiful and high-quality candles I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

Kiss The Moon Candles

Buy Now – £38 at Kiss The Moon

Final thoughts on Kiss The Moon Peace Candle

I absolutely love every product I’ve tried from Kiss The Moon. They help build a healthy sleep routine by promoting relaxation, bringing peace, and allowing a moment of luxury me-time.

Visit kissthemoon.com for more information and to see the full range of sleep-time products.

Have you tried Kiss The Moon? Let me know in the comments section below. And remember to follow me and subscribe to my blog to hear about my latest shares.

Happy sleeping!



  1. This would definitely be the perfect gift… For myself ahahha, the scent sounds heavenly!

  2. Patricia Chamberlain Reply

    I love candles! I’ll have to check this one out!

  3. I am always looking for natural candles because I’m so allergic to perfumes that most candles bother me! I’ll definitely have to give this a try.

  4. Amber S Battishill Reply

    These candles sound great! The blends sound like they would smell wonderful!

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