Welcome back, my sleepy friend! Today’s share focuses on the amazing Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Polish – a skin smoothing sugar exfoliator to boost your mood and soften your skin before bed.

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I’m also reviewing the DREAM After Dark Sleep Balm – a sleep inducing pulse point balm with lavender.

My love for Kiss The Moon runs deep, with its natural nighttime aromatherapy products dedicated to helping us get a beautiful night’s sleep.

I love the brand’s focus on emotional wellbeing to improve sleep and make us feel whole again. Founder Jo is a woman on a mission to help us get our sleep back on track!

Since falling head over heels with their LOVE Night Cream for Hands, and later the GLOW After Dark Face Oil and gorgeous rosewood Kiss The Moon Candle, I’ve been slowly adding to my Kiss the Moon collection.

I hope you enjoy learning my thoughts on my latest Kiss The Moon products!

My latest Kiss The Moon discoveries

Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Polish

A nighttime scrub sounds like a relaxing way to wind down before bed. And what I love about GLOW After Dark Face Polish is that it naturally includes both manual and chemical exfoliation in the same product. The brand promises it will encourage cell renewal and brighten your mood before bedtime.

Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Polish

It contains rich brown sugar that manually polishes the surface of the skin. At the same time, the sugar contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that swiftly dissolve the dead skin cells that cause dull skin.

The sugar is skilfully blended with a nourishing base of mango butter alongside apricot, white tea seed and wheat germ oils. Kiss The Moon’s cheerful GLOW essential oil blend of geranium, myrrh, may chang, and petitgrain completes a wonderful aromatherapy experience.

The scrub is rich, thick, and smells like brown sugar, citrus, and geranium. It really is a rich and mysterious fragrance. It’s absolutely heavenly!

Texture of GLOW After Dark Face Polish

I take a small amount from the jar and massage into my damp skin. You can also use it on dry skin, but the exfoliating effect is stronger. The sugar begins to dissolve and the creaminess of the mango butter is left behind. It’s easy to wash the residue away with warm water.

I finish with a good moisturiser and a face oil. I like to use GLOW After Dark Face Oil, which complements it perfectly.

GLOW After Dark Face Polish is actually a really potent exfoliator. I was left a little pink after my first use as I didn’t realise its power! But my skin is so silky smooth and soft afterwards, and it’s a definite mood lifter. It does a fantastic job as a polish and makes a great weekly power exfoliator.

Strangely, each time I’ve used the polish I’ve found it a little stimulating before bed. But an hour after using it, I feel pretty relaxed and sleep soundly – especially when using other products in the Kiss The Moon range.

Overall verdict: a potent multi-action sugar AHA scrub for a mood boost and smooth skin.

Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Polish

Buy Now – £30 at Kiss The Moon

Kiss The Moon DREAM After Dark Sleep Balm

This pulse point sleep balm – especially for light sleepers, is blended with lavender and bergamot to help us fall into a deeper and more restful sleep. It promises to “soothe the soul to sleep”.

Kiss The Moon DREAM After Dark Sleep Balm

Kiss The Moon DREAM After Dark Sleep Balm contains the brand’s DREAM blend of essential oils – French lavender oil, soothing chamomile, cheerful bergamot, and calming cedarwood together with shea butter and white tea seed oil.

Kiss The Moon recommend applying the After Dark Sleep Balm to the wrists and temples at bedtime and if waking in the night.

With two small children, I’m a really light sleeper. Every little noise wakes me up, so anything that helps me to sleep a little more deeply is very welcome indeed.

I’m also waking too many times in the night – maybe once or twice, and I wish I could stay asleep for longer! I wanted to see how this balm would help.

Texture of DREAM After Dark Sleep Balm

I was surprised how mild this balm is – the lavender and bergamot are only just detectable. But I think this works well – at night time I really don’t want overpowering and overstimulating essential oils. I think even lavender, a known sedative, can be stimulating at a strong concentration.

The balm feels a little stiff and grainy, but I think that’s down to the temperature in the UK at the moment! The pot is quite small so it melts beautifully when using clean fingers to press the balm out of the pot. I smooth the balm over my pulse points and enjoy the delicate soothing fragrance.

I find Kiss The Moon DREAM After Dark Sleep Balm so soothing just before bed and to use when I wake in the night. It’s almost like a comfort item for me! I strongly associate lavender with sleep, so this balm helps to remind me it’s time to sleep and time to go back to sleep when I wake.

Overall verdict: a gorgeous lavender scented night time sleep balm to bring comfort and rest at bedtime and if night waking.

Kiss The Moon DREAM After Dark Sleep Balm

Buy Now – £18 at Kiss The Moon

Final thoughts on Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Polish

I hope you enjoyed learning about the latest additions to my Kiss The Moon collection. I can’t get enough of these soothing products that help to bring about a better night’s sleep.

Learn more and view the full range at Kiss The Moon.

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Happy sleeping!



  1. After Dark Face Polish is exactly what I am looking for! I need something with some power to it that will get the job done!

  2. That sleep balm is definitely something I need. I have the hardest time falling asleep

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