Welcome back, skincare lover! Today’s post is all about my latest shop of Terre Verdi goodies, including the Terre Verdi Orange Coffee Face Mask, Good Oils Cleansing Oil, Acqua di Rosa Balancing Mist, and Yoga & Sports Body Oil.

Advert: this post contains references to PR gifted products. My views are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links.

Back in December, I met founder Alessandra for the first time and reviewed my first Terre Verdi products. Since then, I’ve been tempted by more of her luxurious organic skincare. And I can’t wait to share my latest Terre Verdi picks with you!

I hope you enjoy my latest Terre Verdi haul.

What did I pick up in my Terre Verdi shop?

Orange Coffee Face Mask

A face mask is a must in any skincare routine, and powder masks are a great sustainable option. Terre Verdi Orange Coffee Face Mask is a really gorgeous powder face mask that you can customise yourself by mixing with floral water, water, or even face oil.

Terrre Verdi Orange Coffee Face Mask

It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities from organic coffee and cocoa. It’s so much fun to use and leaves skin soft and refreshed.

Two types of clay, Moroccan lava (ghassoul) and kaolin help to detox the skin. Cocoa fruit powder provides an antioxidant boost. Orange essential oil finishes the thoughtful formulation of this mask and promises to help fade any pigmentation and boost circulation.

The mask comes in a gorgeous dark glass jar with screw lid. I take about a tablespoon of the mask and add it to my mask bowl. Adding a small amount of liquid to the bowl, it doesn’t take long to reach the consistency of a dense paste. I like to use Acqua di Rosa (reviewed below) to reconstitute Orange Coffee Face Mask. I find rose water very soothing both emotionally and physically.

Texture of Terre Verdi Orange Coffee Face Mask

Smoothing the mask on, I love the texture of the superfine clays along with the particles of ground coffee arabica seed. The fragrance is not immediately orange, coffee, or chocolate! In fact, it has a slightly earthy medicinal scent, like the natural aroma of clay. The face mask sits comfortably for 10 minutes. Then it’s time to rinse!

Washing the mask off with water, I catch the aroma of coffee, which is really nice. My skin feels refreshed, smooth, and comfortable. I finish with NeroliPom Moisturiser which complements the mask perfectly!

Overall verdict: Terre Verdi Orange Coffee Face Mask is a light, refreshing clay mask that isn’t too cloying and has great anti-ageing properties thanks to its antioxidant rich formula.

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Terre Verdi Orange Coffee Face Mask

Buy Now – £26 at Terre Verdi

Good Oils Cleansing Oil

I love a good cleansing oil – pick the right one and they’re both convenient and effective. Terre Verdi Good Oils Cleansing Oil is a luxurious and deeply cleansing non-emulsifying cleansing oil with soothing chamomile.

Terre Verdi Good Oils Cleansing Oil

I love that Good Oils Cleansing Oil shifts all traces of makeup effortlessly while nourishing the skin with anti-ageing white tea, rejuvenating jojoba, and moisturising argan oils. It’s also COSMOS certified organic.

It’s great that this cleansing oil is predominantly packaged in glass. Using the pump action bottle, I can dispense just the right amount of oil into my palms. Good Oils Cleansing Oil is thick and pale coloured. It has the delicate aroma of grassy chamomile that’s so comforting to use in the evening.

Smoothing the oil over my face and massaging gently, I watch my makeup melt away. A warm cotton cloth removes the oil without too much effort. Since this is a non-emulsifying cleansing oil, I spend a little more time making sure I’ve removed everything. Good Oils is thicker in consistency than other cleansing oils I’ve used, and it feels like a real powerhouse of an oil cleanser. Still, I always follow with a second cleanse for a really thorough cleanse.

Good Oils Cleansing Oil is fast becoming one of my favourite cleansing oils. I’ve seen a reduction in redness and irritation on my cheeks since starting to use it. It’s so effective while also feeling nurturing. And the glass bottle makes it a sustainable option!

Overall verdict: a calming and soothing cleansing oil that whisks away makeup and grime effortlessly.

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Terre Verdi Good Oils Cleansing Oil

Buy Now – £29 at Terre Verdi

Acqua di Rosa Balancing Mist

Multi-purpose rose water is a skincare staple – and Terre Verdi Acqua di Rosa Balancing Mist is a beautiful rose water that’s as delicate and pure as can be! It complements other products in the Terre Verdi collection perfectly.

Terre Verdi Acqua di Rosa Balancing Mist

I like to use it as a toner and of course to mix it with other products. Like the cleansing oil, it’s COSMOS certified organic.

There is just one ingredient in this bottle – pure 100% organic rosa damascena flower water. And it comes with the promise of skin calming, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities.

I could simply get lost in this fragrance, it is a truly delightful rose water and I use it whenever I get chance! It’s so hydrating and brings a real sense of comforting and uplifting.

Overall verdict: a skincare classic that’s pure, uplifting, and has so many uses! A definite beauty shelf staple.

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Terre Verdi Acqua di Rosa Balancing Mist

Buy Now – £19 at Terre Verdi

Yoga & Sports Body Oil

Warming Terre Verdi Yoga & Sports Body Oil is perfect for active bodies and to relieve arthritic, muscular, and joint pain. It contains ginger and black pepper essential oils to increase circulation and relieve discomfort, while the stimulating aroma uplifts the body and mind. This oil is COSMOS certified organic.

Terre Verdi Yoga & Sports Body Oil

My husband suffers with sore ankles, so I’ve been massaging them with this beautifully spicy oil. Just a few drops is enough to bring warmth and comfort to his achy ankles. We both enjoy the fragrance of ginger and eucalyptus. Massage is a lovely way to treat any kind of discomfort and Yoga & Sports Body Oil is the perfect complement.

Overall verdict: a warming and stimulating oil to relieve discomfort in case of sore and achy parts.

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Terre Verdi Yoga & Sports Body Oil

Buy Now – £36 at Terre Verdi

Final thoughts on my Terre Verdi shop

Terre Verdi is such a luxurious brand with well formulated products – I’m in love with everything I’ve tried from them and I can’t wait to add more Terre Verdi skincare products to my collection as I need them.

Visit terreverdi.com to view the entire range or follow Terre Verdi on Instagram for luxury skincare inspiration.

Have you tried Terre Verdi yet? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This was very interesting. I am always looking for new masks and knew coffee was great for the skin and exfoilating!

  2. Brittany Limberakis Reply

    Oh my goodness the packaging on these products is amazing! I really do let the look of something influence me and these are gorgeous lol

  3. Very interesting especially since I’m looking for a new line of facial products. I need to mask more often and I’m quite intrigued. I’ll definitively check out Terri Verdi. Thanks for sharing.

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