“Important Information To Keep In Mind About LASER Hair Removal” is a post contributed by Austin K.

LASER body hair removal is one of the best ways to get rid of body hair. For some people, getting rid of excess body hair is purely for cosmetic reasons but for most, it is a decision that is taken in order to increase their hygiene quotient. In this context, if you are also planning to head on over to your preferred hair removal clinic then be sure to keep the following information in your mind:

You would need multiple sessions

LASER hair removal sessions lead to immediate results but bear in mind that you won’t be able to rest assured as the overall hair growth rate won’t be arrested in just a single session.

LASER body hair removal cannot permanently remove body hair from your skin but it can reduce the density of active hair follicles and at the same time, reduce the thickness of the body hair strands.

This state is only achieved when you have completed all the sessions prescribed by your dermatologist that in turn, depends on your skin type, tone and the density of your body hair.

You would need to keep away from fake tanning products

Some people prioritise having a tan.

In case you are one of them who cannot even bear to have the thought of leaving their home before using tanning beds or applying some self-tanning cosmetic product on their skin then you would need to stop yourself from booking an appointment at the body hair removal clinic. Why?

Well, tanned skin does not react too well when it comes in contact with the LASER beam emanating from the body hair removal equipment. The reason is simple – tanned skin tends to absorb more energy from the LASER beam than necessary.

This could lead to burns and even blistering.

Hence, to be on the safe side of things, avoid getting inside a tanning bed or applying self-tanning cosmetic products for at least a month before your LASER body hair removal appointment arrives.

Make sure to shave the target areas before you head out for your appointment

Indeed, you cannot shave your body hair with your favourite razor, electric or otherwise when you are planning to get LASER body hair removal treatment but before you head out for your body hair removal session, you need to shave the excess hair from all the target areas of your skin. The reason is simple:

It is the only way the LASER beam from the equipment will be able to penetrate your skin effectively and reach the hair follicles. On top of this, the presence of hair strands in the target area(s) will lead to burning of the same when the LASER beam hits the same.

Burnt hair strands emit an awful smell and if you want to steer clear of that then you should shave all the hair strands from the target areas of your skin before heading out.

Always ensure that the LASER body hair removal clinic you have chosen has been in business for a while and has renowned dermatologists under its payroll. In this way, you will be able to get the best results for every pound you spend.

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