Welcome back my friend. Cara is 3, and I hope you enjoy my letter to her on her third birthday.

Dear Cara

My sweet Little Miss Cara, how has it been only 3 years since you came into our lives? It’s gone by in a flash!

You are strong, feisty, determined – you love strongly and give your absolute all to everything that you try.

In the last year, we’ve seen your personality grow and your likes and dislikes become very clear. Of our 3 children, you’re definitely the strongest and most vocal!

Each year I write to you with a recap of your year – the big things, and the little things too. I hope you’ll look back on my letters and smile. Maybe you’ll remember some of the things I write about now you are almost 3?

Cara the brave

As an introvert mum, sometimes your behaviour challenges me. Your personality is completely different to Jonah’s in that if you’re not kept busy our day quickly descends into chaos!

Cheeky Cara

It’s no secret that you seem to delight in doing things we’ve asked you not to do!

Henty boddy sing with mama! Hendy botty! Henty botta!

You need stronger guidance than Jonah, and want to be by my side more often. But you are so funny and clever, we usually end up in stitches over your antics.

Speaking of Jonah

Your brother is without a doubt your best friend.

Jonah kissing Cara

You have totally lightened his life, and you love learning things from him, and copying all that he does.

Jonah and Cara looking through windows

Cara, can you remember the boo-boos you used to love? I had so many mixed feelings when you weaned from breastfeeding this year while I was expecting Lydia. And now your dad can easily tuck you into bed.

You love going to your dad for a “faster spin” to Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round. You have so much fun together.

Uncle Nick is a real source of fun too, you love a “party car”.

This was the year you potty trained. As usual, you took the lead yourself.


You have a lovely relationship with your “Grandma Heather”, enjoying colouring and drawing unicorns.

“Grandma Little” is a loving and calming influence in your life.

Since your little sister Lydia arrived, you’ve been really helpful, helping out at nappy change time. You’re also really curious and can’t stop poking the baby!

Now that Jonah is at full time school, you spend most of your day with me and your baby sister.

You’ve been going to Norton playgroup for a couple of months – your first step into the outside world without your family.

After your birthday, you start at school nursery and we’re so excited for you.

Cara loves

We’ve never tried to sway your girly tendencies, but you are a proper little girl right now, favouring unicorns and pink and rainbows everything!

Cara playing in water

Of course, you’ll have a unicorn birthday cake. You also love your unicorn pencil and water bottle.

Just wait until you see what we’ve got you for your birthday. Sssshhh it’s a secret!

Despite being a girly girl, like many little ones, you love soft play, water play, football, playdoh, kicking leaves.

On the monkey bars

And splashing in puddles. Did I mention puddles?

In a puddle

You like painting and drawing, although drawing on the walls and floor is just as exciting as drawing on paper!

Your favourite foods are sausages, hotdogs, and sausage rolls. Like many kids, you don’t like veg, and the only veg you’ll eat are peas and sweetcorn.

Cara eating cake

As for TV, you love Peppa Pig and YouTube videos from BabyBus, Blippi, and Wolfoo. And this clip from Tangled.

Or a woman running like a horse.


Yep, definitely a horse theme here! Belly laughs abound.

Little Miss, your personality shone through when you tried to roll away from me as a tiny baby while looking at me cheekily.

You bring a whole new dimension to our role as parents, we’ve learned new things about ourselves – and you bring joy and fun to our lives every day!

At the duck pond

Cara, you’re an amazing little girl, and we’ve loved these 3 years with you. We can’t wait to see you grow in your fourth year!

Wishing you all the love and happiness.

Mummy and Daddy xx


  1. Happy birthday Cara and to be fair at 26 that clip from Tangled is one of my faves too ahhaha

  2. Happy Birthday Cara!!!! Hope it was an absolutely wonderful day for you!

  3. Heather janet Kitching Reply

    Happy Unicorn Birthday Cara we will have so much more fun making more xx

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