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Welcome back my friend! In today’s post, I’m sharing the delightful Nom Nom Baby Mini Set!

This cute set was kindly gifted to me by Jayne Russell, massage and nutritional therapist, and founder of Nom Nom skincare. It contains everything you need to care for baby’s skin – from one month old. All presented in a gorgeous recycled gift bag.

I set out to help new and expectant parents find the assurance they seek, through simple, natural and trustworthy skincare.

There’s a multipurpose Baby Butter with Calendula and Evening Primrose, soothing Baby Oil with Starflower, and cleansing Baby Bath with Aloe Vera and Orange Blossom.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying the products with my one month old, Lydia.

The set is the perfect way to try the brand’s certified organic and unfragranced baby skincare range before committing to full size. It’d make a fabulous gift to a new or expectant mum!

Shall we take a look inside?

Organic baby skincare

These three natural baby skincare products are so lovely! I really appreciate the fact that they’re COSMOS Certified Organic. They’re ideal as your baby’s first skincare products because they’re unfragranced and ever so gentle.

Nom Nom Baby Mini Gift Set

Along with nourishing oils, they contain some soothing and healing botanicals such as calendula, evening primrose, starflower, aloe vera, and orange blossom.

The Baby Butter is a real treasure – a soft and silky butter to soothe patches of irritated skin, for instance nappy or dribble rash. It forms a barrier to protect from damp, and has a delicate coconut scent.

Nom Nom Baby Balm

This butter is low in oleic fatty acids, which may not be the best thing for delicate baby skin.

My baby loves it on her bottom after every change! It’s so soft and soothing.

Nom Nom Baby Oil is gorgeous too – perfect for moisturising delicate skin and for massage, and you can get some pointers on the Nom Nom website.

Using Nom Nom Baby Mini Gift Set

I like to use it on my baby’s cradle cap and peeling bits. It’s also great on my toddler’s dry arms – her skin laps it up and is left soft and happy.

Nom Nom Baby Bath is gentle while offering a thorough cleanse. Only a tiny amount is needed for my baby’s hair, and it works well on my toddler too – it’s strong enough to cut through the detritus that ends up in her hair at the end of the day.


Here you can see baby Lydia looking totally chilled after a massage with Nom Nom skincare!

Nom Nom Baby Mini Gift Set

Buy Now – £18 at Nom Nom Skincare

Final thoughts on Baby Mini Set

We’re totally in love with Nom Nom baby skincare! It’s so reassuring to find organic and carefully formulated skincare to care for baby’s delicate skin.

To learn more and view the full range visit or @nomnomskincare.

Will you try Nom Nom skincare on your baby? Let me know in the comments. And remember to follow and subscribe to hear about my latest discoveries.

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  1. Sounds like great stuff! I will have to share this with my friends with babys! so neat

  2. theweekendfox Reply

    My nephew was just born this month and I’ve been trying to figure out some great gift ideas for Christmas so this is wonderful! Love that it’s organic. 🙂

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