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Welcome back, skincare friend! Today it’s time to revisit a favourite brand of mine, and once again shine the spotlight on the superlative InLight Beauty!

InLight Beauty won my heart back in May last year when I first tried their gorgeous skin and hair care – including their Line Softener Intensive and their Hair Elixir – read my reviews and brand introduction at that article.

Nature’s alchemy, quantum vision and green chemistry are at the heart of every InLight formulation, empowering each step of our artisanal production, bringing beauty to life.

Expect a transformational experience alongside kind and sustainable luxury. InLight bring us an impressive 100% organic certified skin care and hair care, formulated by Dr M. Spiezia, and handcrafted in beautiful Cornwall.

This is waterless and totally synthetic free skincare. It needs no preservation, and respects the nature of the skin. In fact, the skin care comprises oils, botanicals, beeswax, and nothing else.

InLight products and a vase

Interestingly, the cold pressed oils are exposed to sunlight and moonlight, which is said to harness their unique subtle strength. What also stands out is the attention on vibrational energy and vitality of each ingredient. It’s well worth a read over on the InLight Beauty website, and in a world where skincare formulations can be quite similar, I think it sets the brand apart from others.

Thinking about skincare for mother and baby, I trust InLight Beauty to care for both mine and my baby’s skin. The waterless system makes it particularly suited to baby skincare, as it’s especially gentle.

Do you want to learn more about the InLight Mother & Baby duo we’re trying that are so perfect together?

The Under Eye Revive brings vitality to your tired under eyes, while the Baby Bath Oil soothes and calms your baby before bed, or when cranky from teething. My baby and I love these products, and I hope you will love them too.

Let’s learn more about them now!

InLight Beauty Mother & Baby

Under Eye Revive

I fell in love with this waterless balm from first use. There’s something so special about it.

InLight Beauty Under Eye Revive

I’ve been feeling a bit down about my under eye area for a while now. It’s just so prominent, plus the skin looks a little lack lustre and is a funny shade of purple due to lack of sleep (my children wake in the night).

The product description touts the balm as a “decongesting, concentrated eye balm that targets the delicate under-eye area to minimise puffiness and brighten the look of dark circles.”

Its primary ingredients include radiance boosting camu camu, purifying gotu kola, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory green tea, and anti-ageing brightening green coffee.

Under Eye Revive’s deeply moisturising formula has been scientifically developed as a treatment to support the delicate under eye area and to maintain results over time.

This product comes in a dark glass jar in a cardboard carton. As with all InLight products, the packaging is absolutely beautiful.

The balm is a bright yellow colour. It’s a soft, non-waxy balm that melts and gives nicely with touch. The fragrance is barely detectable, but InLight describe it as having subtle notes of rose and petitgrain. Only a tiny amount is needed to gently work it into the under eye area.

This balm is so soft and doesn’t drag at all. Its moisturising qualities leave my under eye area looking so much better. Luminous, in fact. And if you’re put off by using a balm around the eyes, don’t be – it’s absolutely light as a feather!

I really love this product, and I’m so impressed to see an immediate cosmetic effect. To date, I’ve never seen better results from an eye care product. I’m honestly amazed. My under eye area is brighter, less puffy, and my fine lines are softened.

I’m hoping the balm helps to maintain the area under my eyes over time, too. To me, it’s worth every penny.

InLight Beauty Under Eye Revive

Buy Now – £59 at InLight Beauty

Baby Bath Oil

A bath is so soothing to all of us, and baby is no exception. I always find it nice to use a bit of oil in the bath to avoid the water drying out my baby’s skin – especially as she suffers with mild eczema on her face.

InLight Baby Bath Oil

Recommended from 6 weeks of age, this baby bath oil is perfect. A combination of gently moisturising oils such as avocado, rosehip and evening primrose, blended with lavender and chamomile to soothe and calm baby.

InLight Beauty promises that this combination will help maintain skin hydration and nourish the skin.

Lydia enjoying her bath

Just look at Lydia enjoying this bath! I love the elegant dark glass bottle, and how the dropper makes it easy to add just the right amount. The bath is so delicately fragranced. It is not at all overwhelming – perfect for a little one!

Her skin is so soft when she comes out – and I can follow it with baby massage with oil to keep her relaxed ready for bed and her skin so wonderfully soft.

InLight Baby Bath Oil would make a perfect gift for a new mum or treat for your baby!

InLight Beauty Baby Bath Oil

Buy Now – £28 at InLight Beauty

Final thoughts on InLight Beauty Mother & Baby

I’ve come to expect nothing but the highest quality from InLight. It’s a brand I turn to for extra special care and a touch of plant alchemy.

Find out more at or @inlight_beauty.

Have you tried InLight Beauty before? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great products! I’d love to try that eye cream and I’m sure my sister would love to try this baby bath oil for her 6 month old baby!

  2. It’s so great that you can find products for both baby and mom in one place with this brand.

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