Welcome back, beauty lover! Today I’m introducing the wonderful InLight Beauty! I’m so excited to share this brand with you. They have truly captured my heart with their sustainable luxury skincare.

Advert: this post contains references to PR gifted products. My views are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links.

In the InLight Beauty collection you will find an entire range of COSMOS certified waterless skincare for the face, hair, and body – all formulated by Dr Mariano Spiezia and handcrafted in Cornwall, UK.

Founded by Knowledge, Guided by Alchemy, Inspired by Nature

What I hold close to my heart are the values of InLight Beauty. They promise 100% sustainable and organic production with formulations that focus on skin biochemistry, the power of nature, and the link between the two. As the founder says: “health is beauty and beauty is health.”

InLight Beauty products including Line Softener Intensive and Hair Elixir

All products are free from synthetic ingredients and capture the pure and vital energy of botanical ingredients “to regenerate the skin and uplift the soul.”

I tried three full sized products from InLight Beauty and also added some extras on to my gifts from the brand. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the full size products I tried: Line Softener Intensive, Hair Elixir, and Flower Feast Facial Steam, plus my thoughts on 3 trial size pots I picked up: Super-Food Mask, Turmeric & Calendula Relief Balm, and Face Oil.

I also tried some sample sachets that I’ll give my brief thoughts on too.

Shall we find out how we all got on? Let’s do that.

My InLight Beauty picks

InLight Beauty Line Softener Intensive

This glorious anti-ageing balm was my first choice of product to try from InLight Beauty. Perfect for mature and dry skin, the claims are impressive – Line Softener Intensive promises to stimulate collagen production and soften facial lines.

InLight Beauty Line Softener Intensive

In fact, in clinical trials the balm has shown to bring about a remarkable reduction of lines in just 28 days of daily use.

The key ingredients here are packed with antioxidants – think chlorophyll-rich spirulina and barley grass, along with cold-pressed argan and bitter cherry oils to protect against damaging free radicals.

Beauty doesn’t have to be a complicated affair, it can be a divine, luxurious ritual that brings beauty to life every day.

At 41, I have my fair share of permanent wrinkles, mostly around the side of my forehead and surrounding my eye area. Although they don’t bother me, I’m interested in softening them, especially as those on my forehead make me look worried!

Using Line Softener Intensive

Using this balm is so pleasurable – a true delight! I take a very small amount of the brightly coloured balm from the dark glass jar with the spatula provided. A little goes a long way – and I gently massage it into my face. You can also use it only on specific areas, should you choose.

I am met with the delightful fragrance of geranium and patchouli.

The balm is so silky and melts beautifully into my skin. It is surprising in that it never leaves my skin greasy, provided I don’t use too much. It sinks in beautifully, probably as fast as a water based moisturiser, to leave my skin feeling smooth, supple, and well cared for with a subtle glow.

As for the results, I am feeling a huge improvement in the softness of my skin. I’m still using my hydrating floral waters and water based serums beforehand, but I do not miss my water based creams at all!

And my lines? I’m seeing a subtle softening. After two weeks of solid use, I think it’s still too early to make a final judgement. Please keep in touch to find out my final verdict.

Overall verdict: a superb luxury balm to soften lines and leave skin smooth and supple. Line Softener Intensive has fantastic anti-ageing capabilities and is sure to future proof your skincare regime.

InLight Beauty Line Softener Intensive

Buy Now – £59 at InLight Beauty

InLight Beauty Hair Elixir

My second choice of InLight product, Hair Elixir is a hair oil like no other. It’s a multi-purpose blend of oils and botanicals to restore and nourish all hair types. Used with water, it brings hydration to dry locks and helps to tame frizz and flyaways.

InLight Beauty Hair Elixir

Star oils in this blend include cold-pressed argan, avocado, jojoba, and rosa rubiginosa oils. Cold-infused rosemary, nettle, horsetail, and burdock botanicals bring health to lack lustre hair.

I chose Hair Elixir because at the time I was between cuts at the hairdresser – like, 9 months between! And my long coloured hair was really suffering with damage, dryness, and split ends.

It contains lavender and lemon, although to me it smells a little more exotic than that! Maybe it’s the ylang ylang and ginger that’s also included.

Using Hair Elixir

There are two ways to use Hair Elixir – the first is as a prewash treatment. In this case, what I love about Hair Elixir is that I don’t need to sit around for ages with the oil on my hair to feel the benefit.

I simply wet my hair with normal water – you could use floral water – then spray a little Hair Elixir from the beautiful dark glass bottle into the palms of my hands. Raking the golden oil from the mid-lengths of my hair to the ends, the exotic and floral fragrance charms my senses.

After a few moments, I wash it off with shampoo – yes – it doesn’t stay on for 15 minutes or overnight! Just while prepping for the shower is enough time to leave it on. This means I can use it before every wash, which I love! And it washes away effortlessly without leaving a trace.

Hair Elixir also makes a great styling treatment – just a few drops on the ends of the hair tames frizziness and dry ends.

As for results, my hair is soft, smooth, and easy to manage. If I decide not to use my hairdryer, my hair doesn’t get as frizzy as it would without Hair Elixir.

I am so impressed with this hair oil and I know it’s going to make a great long term impact on my hair, too!

Overall verdict: a luxurious hair oil to boost hydration, tame frizziness, and improve overall hair health.

InLight Beauty Hair Elixir

Buy Now – £42 at InLight Beauty

InLight Beauty Flower Feast Facial Steam

Now moving on to the star in my photographs, this beautiful floral steam herbal infusion mix. Flower Feast Facial Steam contains organic chamomile, lavender, rose, and cornflower chosen to boost radiance, calm, soothe, and hydrate the skin.

InLight Beauty Flower Feast Facial Steam

A facial steam is a traditional way to soften the skin to prepare it for further treatments such as masks, oils, and balms. I like to use mine before using InLight Super-Food Mask (reviewed below).

Just add hot water and a towel to form a tent over a bowl, and breathe in the relaxing fragrance of lavender and chamomile. It is truly blissful, like a nap in a meadow, and adds another dimension to my routine – like a little spa at home!

Overall verdict: create a mini ritual with this gloriously scented floral steam infusion to soften and hydrate skin before further treatments.

InLight Beauty Flower Feast Facial Steam

Buy Now – £16 at InLight Beauty

InLight Beauty Super-Food Mask trial

Although I only tried a small trial pot, so I will only give my brief thoughts – I am totally in love with this organic face mask! Super-Food Mask promises to uplift, rejuvenate, detoxify, and repair the skin. It’s rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids which makes it the perfect weekly detox and anti-ageing treatment.

InLight Beauty Super-Food Mask trial

To me Super-Food Mask feels very much like an exfoliating mask with a manual action. It consists of green powder from spirulina and fine exfoliating grains set in a moisturising and nourishing oil base. It has a relaxing and refreshing mild green and almost soapy aroma. My skin is left soft, smooth, bright, and moisturised. It seems to be very much the mask that does it all – exfoliating, detoxing, and nourishing all at the same time.

My next task is to purchase a full size jar of this amazing green beauty! I might’ve missed my chance to redeem my £5 voucher from the purchase of a trial, but this is a fabulous offer for those quick to act!

InLight Beauty Super-Food Mask trial

Buy Now – £7.50 at InLight Beauty

InLight Beauty Turmeric & Calendula Relief Balm trial

I chose Turmeric & Calendula Relief Balm to treat the contact dermatitis and eczema on my hands, and I am swept away by this gloriously coloured balm! It is spicy, yet comforting. Specially formulated for dry and itchy skin, only a little is needed to bring immediate relief and comfort.

InLight Beauty Turmeric & Calendula Relief Balm trial

I chose a small sample pot, but I’ve ended up using Turmeric & Calendula Relief Balm on my whole family for dry skin relief. I love to use it before bed on my hands to keep them moisturised through the night. The comforting lavender fragrance really helps soothe me to sleep.

The star ingredients include turmeric, mallow, calendula, chickweed, black cumin oil, and liquorice. What a fantastic combination to help heal the skin, while treating dryness and irritation!

I also love that InLight Beauty offer £3 off against the full size product with a coupon code sent with the sample, to use within 30 days. This is definitely a product I want in my stash!

InLight Beauty Turmeric & Calendula Relief Balm trial

Buy Now – £6.50 at InLight Beauty

InLight Beauty Face Oil trial

I will keep my thoughts on this face oil brief, as I’ve been so caught up using Line Softener Intensive that I haven’t used InLight Beauty Face Oil as much as I would’ve liked! InLight describe their face oil as a light, protective elixir for daily moisturising.

InLight Beauty Face Oil trial

The main beneficial ingredients include blue mallow, rosehip oil, and jojoba oil. I love how light this oil is – I can use it day or night. And I really enjoy its delicious comforting fragrance of vanilla and rose. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin velvety and soft. It also makes a great makeup base.

InLight Beauty Face Oil trial

Buy Now – £7.50 at InLight Beauty

InLight Beauty samples

I also tried single use sachets from the main skincare collection. I’ve given my brief initial thoughts on these products after trying them a couple of times.

  • Face Cleanser – a light but rich non-emulsifying balm cleanser. The fragrance is astounding! Floral, spicy, smoky, and deeply relaxing. Massaging the balm in, it feels silky yet firm under my touch. My skin is left feeling comfortable, smooth, and clean.
  • Face Balm – a light and easily absorbed balm for day or night with a light nutty fragrance. It feels silky and non-greasy, and my skin feels well moisturised. I am left glowing, not greasy.
  • Night Balm – this rich and silky lavender scented night balm feels buttery on the skin and deeply moisturising. It moisturises my skin through the night and I wake up to soft and smooth skin.

I can highly recommend trying these by purchasing the InLight Beauty Discovery Set to get a feel for the waterless skincare system.

Final thoughts on InLight Beauty

I remain genuinely impressed by InLight Beauty, and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about them with me. They are all I could ask for in a clean beauty brand. I can’t wait to try more from the range and see where these gorgeous and luxurious waterless skincare products take me.

Will you try InLight Beauty? Let me know in the comments. And if you’d like to receive regular updates from me then please follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my blog.

Until next time!



  1. What a great product line, I love that they offer a floral steam that is an uncommon beauty treatment on the market and such a luxury item! Love it!

  2. Jasmine Martin Reply

    Oooo I would love to try the InLight Beauty Flower Feast facial steam. I’ve never heard of a facial steam before and I feel like it’d do wonders for my skin.

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