To my dear Jonah,

Happy birthday to you, my eldest son.

Many people would say that you are quiet and sensitive – and that’s certainly true. But you also have a silly and funny side that cracks me up. You’re quite unique, a little bit alternative. I love that! You definitely stand out amongst your friends.

Thoughtful Jonah.

At 6 years old, you are so inquisitive. You want the answers to everything and you ask lots of questions about the world around us. It’s so humbling and rekindles my interest in the world, too. I definitely learn something new!

Blowing a dandelion.

Every year, around the time of your birthday, I write a letter to you. I talk all about you at 6 years old – your loves, likes, and what you spend your time doing. Of course, I share the proud mummy milestones too.

Jonah and is 6 balloon.

The day you were born was one of the most life changing days of my life – my little solstice baby. I’ve never been prouder. Nothing compares to becoming a mum, so thank you.

So here is my letter to you. I truly hope you enjoy reading this birthday letter one day!

Became a big brother again

Little Lydia came into our lives in October and made you a big brother all over again.

Looking at Lydia.

This time you were a lot more aware of what was going on. You make the sweetest big brother.

Jonah and Lydia.

The bond is palpable and you shared similar characteristics as a baby.

Your love of Cara

You two are so sweet together, playing fun games and laughing over silly videos.

Larking around!

You play “honey dance” and “cameo”. I have no idea what these words mean, but you have a lot of fun!

Moved house

We finally got a house with a garden for you and your sisters to enjoy. It’s the best thing we’ve done for you all.

Our new home.

Seeing you play and be happy outside makes my heart sing.

Lost first tooth

Your first tooth fell out in February, closely followed by your second tooth. I never realised that kids “teethe” at your age!

New teeth! What fresh horror is this?

We watched as your teeth got a bit crooked, wobbly, then new teeth broke through behind – totally not where I expected. You went through fevers, sickness, and unexplained rashes. It really was bizarre!

Got obsessed with computer games

The obsession started over a year ago, but this year you really got into computer games – including Minecraft, Poppy Playtime, and more.

Minecraft t-shirt.

You seem to know exactly what to do, and you love creating interesting worlds. You go into a place of pure imagination, and it’s brilliant!

Started big school

In July, it was your last day at nursery. In September it was your first day in reception class. We kept you back a year in nursery, and I’m so glad we did. You were little just a while longer!

First day of school in reception.

At your parents evening, we were happy to hear that you’re meeting all of your targets. You were also discharged from the speech and language service. Go Jonah!

More importantly, you’ve made loads of friends. It’s a pleasure to see you interact together. You had your first birthday party with all your school friends, too. It was a blast!

Learned to read and write

I couldn’t believe how fast you picked this up! It’s truly delightful to see and hear you read and recognise words all around us. You’re still the biggest bookworm in the house. Your favourites are Bear Hunt and Stickman.

Went in the duck pond

Still can’t get over this. I hope you remember it.

Jonah and Cara in Norton Duck Pond.

I blame Cara!

A few of your favourite things

I asked you about your favourite things, Jonah.

Favourite toys: Lego, Huggy Wuggy plush, Nintendo Switch.

Colour: orange.

Food: pizza, parmo, pancakes, chicken wraps, oranges.

Final thoughts on being 6

Enjoy your birthday Jonah! You are a true joy in our lives. I’m so looking forward to our next exciting year together.

My little darlings.

Lots of love, and good night, good neet, good nit, good knitting needle!

Mummy xx


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