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Welcome back, dear friend! Today I’m so excited to share my children’s latest love. It’s the Petite Amélie Kids Teepee & Baby Play Mat!

Back in June last year, we tried out the Petite Amélie Dolls House. It’s still one of my kids’ favourite toys – and mine, too. So naturally, I was delighted to hear from the brand again.

There are so many beautifully crafted furniture, toy, and bedroom items to choose from in the Petite Amélie store. I knew right away that my middle daughter Cara would love their childrens teepee more than anything else.

The Petite Amélie Kids Teepee

At 3 years old, she loves to hide and to take herself away for quiet moments in her new bedroom. The teepee makes the most perfect getaway!

Baby Lydia, too, enjoys the soft baby play mat inside and outside of the teepee. The baby play mat makes the perfect companion to the teepee and works beautifully on its own, too.

A soft mat is total joy to a baby and makes any place an instant play space – handy for parents juggling several kids.

From mother to mother, our products allow you to create your own beautiful nursery room.

I love how Petite Amélie focuses on honest, high quality materials including organic cotton and FSC wood. The brand’s a great choice for eco-conscious parents wanting a more sustainable option. And better for our kids too. After all, Petite Amélie was founded by a mum only wanting the best for her little one!

So shall we learn more about these exciting goodies for my children? Let’s do it!

Petite Amélie Kids Teepee

What a beautiful and fun kids teepee this is – Cara absolutely loves it and wants to play in it every day! Whether it’s hiding from her siblings, relaxing with a book, or dreaming with her torch.

Cara in the Petite Amélie Kids Teepee

It goes without saying that the teepee is delightfully beautiful and makes a real focal point in Cara’s room.

It’s practical too – made from cotton canvas with a cute window with a net, to prevent my little one falling through. The height is approximately 1.60m, so there is plenty of room for play.

It washes in the machine at 30 degrees which is super handy.

Assembling the teepee

My husband found it easy to put the tent together with its 5 wooden support posts and laces to fasten them together. The teepee comes with assembly instructions, but he wasn’t really sure how to fasten the laces to the post – he just laced them up and they worked.

We love how the teepee folds neatly away in the corner so it doesn’t take up too much space when it’s not in use.

I recommend ironing the kids teepee before setting it up.

Cara at the teepee window

We do find that my older son, 6, knocks the teepee down a lot, so it’s probably best to keep older kids out of it. It falls gracefully and slowly though, so I’m not worried about bumped heads.

The kids also wished that the door would totally close – probably to keep us adults from peeking at them! But it’s nice to let the door curtains drop down and be able to tie them back if needed.

We all love the teepee and it’s a toy that stands the test of time, and is good for a range of ages. Although it’s recommended for 3+, my baby loves it too for supervised play.

Well done Petite Amélie for creating such a timeless and fun kids teepee tent!

The kids teepee is on sale at the moment, so grab yours fast before they sell out! It comes with fast, free shipping in the UK.

Petite Amélie Kids Teepee

Buy Now – £79.90 at Petite Amélie

Petite Amélie Baby Play Mat

This wonderfully soft and plump play mat works in a playpen, in the teepee, or as as a play mat on the floor. It’s perfect from newborn plus, as the 100% organic muslin cotton cover is reassuringly breathable.

Lydia on the baby play mat

It’s made with a polyester filling and measures 110 x 85cm. We love the size, as it’s big enough for two bottoms or for baby Lydia to stretch out or play with her toys.

Petite Amélie Baby Play Mat

It is so handy in our house because our lounge has wooden flooring which isn’t always comfortable or safe when our baby is still learning to sit independently.

Close up of the play mat

The baby play mat is also ideal for tummy time. I absolutely love that it’s machine washable at 40 degrees.

This is such a gorgeous mat and I love that it’s made sustainably. I only wish we’d got one sooner, as Lydia loves it so much!

Petite Amélie Baby Play Mat

Buy Now – £59.90 at Petite Amélie

Final thoughts on Petite Amélie Kids Teepee & Baby Play Mat

We are so delighted with our Petite Amélie products! The quality, design, and the happiness on my kids faces! They have it all.

Find out more at or visit @petiteamelie.

Will you try Petite Amélie? Let me know in the comments!

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Happy playing!



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    This is the cutest! I know my kids would have loved this when they were tiny.

  2. This tent looks like so much fun! We have a different one where we lay and read books in, such a cozy place to hang out.

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