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Hello again, my dear friend! Today I have a very special share for the parents and children amongst us! It’s this beautiful Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House!

I was so pleased to hear from the brand when they invited me to try something from their range of nursery, children’s bedroom, and wooden toy items.

The timelessly clean and beautiful designs along with attention to detail in craftsmanship are simply amazing – so much so, we had a hard time choosing an item for my children – Jonah, 4, and Cara, 2!

However, since we are all sorted for furniture, the children’s wooden toys particularly appealed to us.

And we were all stunned when we saw the Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House. Thanks to its neutral design, it instantly appealed to both Jonah and Cara.

The finished dolls house complete with furniture and dolls

Indeed, a doll’s house has a huge universal appeal, a timeless classic toy for all children. Which child hasn’t desired one in their life, even if they didn’t own one?

Before we look at the doll’s house in more detail, let’s learn a little about the creators behind it.

About Petite Amélie

Petite Amélie is here to help parents create the bedroom of their child’s dreams. A fellow mum founded the brand after finding it hard to find the perfect cot for her baby daughter.

We envision children’s bedrooms with the utmost attention to detail, timeless design, clean lines that grow with your child and neutral colours, giving you free rein to imagine, design, and create a unique space of your own.

Now, Petit Amélie designs and manufacturers complete baby and children’s bedrooms, transitional beds, infants chests of drawers and wardrobes, children’s bed linen, and wooden toys.

Cara playing with the Petite Amélie Dolls House

Petite Amélie focuses on honest, high quality materials – FSC wood, wherever possible, and organic cotton. Overall, they make a better and more natural choice for parents, children, and the environment.

Now we know a little more, shall we open the dolls house and have a look inside? Let’s do that now!

Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House

The Petite Amélie dolls house is the wooden dolls house of our dreams! I am completely in love with it!

Both children enjoy the wooden dolls house

The stylish open-fronted wooden dolls house comes in white, grey, and black tones combined with natural wood. The house is decorated by Petite Amélie to work well with any room. The dolls house is made from solid wood, not veneer.

The dolls house has rooms over 4 floors for kids to enjoy, including a fun balcony. There’s a bedroom, lounge, kitchen, office space, and bathroom – it makes for endless role play situations. Just like a real home!

Petit Amelie family of 4 dolls

It’s recommended for children of 3 years old or above. We cheated a little with Cara as she is still only 2.5 years. She only plays with the dolls house when supervised by us.

Buying and shipping process

Petite Amélie offer secure payments and fast shipping 2-5 days within the UK for a flat fee of £9.99.

And, if for whatever reason you’re not happy with your product, you have 14 days to return it. There’s also a generous 1 year warranty in case something goes wrong.

The buying and shipping process is very straightforward and we were happy with the experience.

Assembling the wooden dolls house

The dolls house comes flat packed in sturdy cardboard and needs assembly. My husband Martin is the handy guy in our house, so he put the dolls house together.

Unpacking the wooden furniture set

It took Martin about an hour to assemble Petite Amélie dolls house. He found it quite easy to assemble, requiring 2 screwdrivers only. He found the pieces easy to screw together, neatly countersinking leaving flush edges.

The dolls house comes with full instructions. The hardest part was fitting the initial two pieces together, as Martin wasn’t sure which way around to fit them. He needed to refer to the website to see the final build, and we think having a diagram in the instructions would’ve been helpful. But, in general he found assembly easy.

What do the kids think?

Both our kids absolutely love the dolls house and have talked about it and played with it endlessly since we put it together!

Playing with the dolls house together

It’s so nice to see them co-operate in their play, and they have rarely fought over the dolls house.

Jonah says that the dolls house “looks lovely” and he loves role playing situations that arise in our everyday life such as eating breakfast, and taking a bath. He also really enjoys the novelty of the balcony and brings in other toys such as fire engines to envisage doll rescues.

Cara likes to put the dolls to bed, bounce the dolls on the bed, and hop them up and down the stairs. She really adores the dolls!

What do mum and dad think?

The dolls house is a real focal point in the kids playroom now! We love how the dolls house blends in well with our existing room decor.

We love the safety of dolls house. The house is EN71 safety tested and the paint is safe too, which is very reassuring. We like how the edges of the dolls house are soft and rounded, hopefully helping to avoid painful bumps.

Details of the Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House

Because the dolls house doesn’t have a front, I imagine it will get quite dusty inside. My husband is going to make a cover for it. It would be nice to be able to buy a proper cover it!

The dolls house feels super high quality and durable, and I know it will be with us for a long time. Hopefully, it will become an heirloom and our children can pass it on to their children.

Value for money

The price of the dolls house is £119.95, this includes a 19-piece wooden dolls house furniture set. We chose a pack of dolls to go with house, they cost £12.95. There are different dolls to choose from, making the dolls house family completely extendable, including grandparents and pets. So much fun!

The dolls house is great value for money because it’s solid wood, and comes with so much furniture.

I also really love the minimal and whimsical design of the dolls house, which is hard to find in other dolls houses. It really is unique!

Final thoughts on Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House

Our whole family love our Petite Amélie dolls house. It makes a timeless toy and a beautiful focal point in a child’s play room. Petite Amélie has put so much thought into the design and construction of the house – it’s a true classic!

Will you try Petite Amélie for your children’s toys or furniture? Let me know in the comments! To hear more from me, please subscribe and follow.

Until next time!



  1. Wow it’s so pretty, I’d have loved it as kid, playing with a doll house was my favourite game

  2. What a sweet little doll house I have to say I did want one as girl, however Barbie was queen of the day so a dream house it was, but the charm of this is so much more authentic and special.

  3. Our twins had these wooden toys that were with them until recently when they donated them during a toy drive. These reminded me of them so much!

  4. Julie @ Running in a Skirt Reply

    What a lovely toy! We have so much plastic stuff in our house from the boys that it’s nice to see a brand that really focuses on quality!

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