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Astrology apps are the guiding light in the bustling, unpredictable life of a modern human being. These handy solutions turn the technology to your personal spiritual advantage, helping you connect with the stars and numbers presiding over your destiny and keep in tune with all things cosmic. But to navigate your path efficiently, you need a reliable tool.

Here are the eight best astrology apps you can grab from the shelves of Google Play/App Store to get all the astrological guidance and support you need, and more.


  1. Personalised astro charts
  2. Daily horoscopes
  3. Private one-on-one astrologer

Kicking off the list is an all-around efficient and convenient astrology app where you can track a personal astro chart and get tailored horoscopes on a daily (and a monthly) basis. But the standing-out feature of this one, albeit quite a costly one, is the ability to have tete-a-tete conversations with a private astrologer, who may answer more specific questions and dive into your unique star patterns in real time.


  • Seances with a private astrologer
  • Lots of free astrology guides
  • Authentic interface designs


  • Pricing:
    • 10-minute astrologer reading – $49.99;
    • Tarot reading order – $29.99;
    • Regular paid reading order – $19.99;
    • Introductory readings – $4.99.
  • No history of horoscopes

Cosmic Match

Cosmic Match app is available as a web and mobile application.

  • Regular tailored horoscopes
  • Compatibility tests & predictions
  • Natal charts, reports, & biorhythm tracking

The ultimate closer for our list, the Cosmic Match app is the all-in-one personal cosmic organiser and tracker that may as well cover all your astrological and spiritual needs in one place. Its main selling point is hyper-personalisation achieved via a dynamic analysis of personal traits. For your common astrological needs, the app provides unique monthly and daily horoscopes tailored to your cosmic signs and natal numbers. Compatibility tests offer exhaustive reports on your potential connectivity with partners and friends. Lastly, there is a separate biorhythm tracker that helps monitor your mental and physical bio-cycles for the general improvement of the self and quality of life. And all of that comes equipped with easy-to-use dashboards.


  • The ultimate hub of astrological info & spiritual insights
  • Intuitive, to-the-point interface and handy dashboards
  • Automated functionality tailored to your preferences


  • No offline functionality

Horoscope Signs

  1. Detailed sign overviews
  2. Regular horoscopes
  3. Zodiac Signs mother-website

You may have heard about the website called Zodiac Signs – many “astro-buffs” have become regular consumers of daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes and tons of cosmic guidance it provides. The Horoscope Signs app is the site’s offspring that packs the same amount of updated horoscope content along with tons of useful info. Namely, detailed descriptions of individual signs, including their strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, relations to money, love, etc., and other personal traits.


  • Free of charge
  • Lots of useful sign info
  • Connection to Zodiac Signs


  • Errors during account creation reported
  • Mandatorily brings you over to the website

The Pattern

  1. Compatibility check-ups
  2. Personalised readings
  3. Self-analysis

The main focus of The Pattern is interpersonal connectivity checks, analyses, and predictions. You can either find existing users to analyse, invite new users, or create a custom profile for the person you are interested in (specifying their birth date/time). Based on your input, the app provides compatibility summaries on the aspects of love and friendship. As a result, you get efficient life guidance and insights into your life-turning decisions. The app offers more than that on a deeper level, but at a price.


  • Notes and history of horoscopes
  • Well-segmented personal life insights
  • In-depth compatibility checks


  • Pay more to go deeper
  • Not the most user-friendly user interface


  1. Cosmic calendars, including a haircut calendar
  2. Free weekly/yearly horoscopes
  3. Personalised real astrologer readings

A handy app with an inviting interface, Nebula sections and categorises all the astrological events influencing your celestial balance, destiny, and life in general. For this, it highlights key events and astrological milestones, provides a lunar calendar, and even tells you when is the best time to have a haircut with a separate tracker. Of course, it packs regular horoscopes. And you can organise a meet-up with a real astrologer, but it costs.


  • Lots of calendars and trackers
  • Intuitive, easy-to-grasp UI


  • Paywalls literally plague the app

Time Nomad

  1. Big cosmic info repository
  2. Custom astrological analysis

Time Nomad takes a more complex, in-depth turn at astrological guidance. It may not pack all the automated custom guidance of other apps in its basic version, but it gives you tons of information to dwell on and get insights from on your own.

You can add custom input points (like people, events, or places) and check the available astro-data correlations to get insights, make predictions, and draw conclusions. But all in all, this is for advanced astrology enthusiasts who know their way around basic celestial movements and require more.


  • Wealth of data on planetary movements and more
  • Deep, advanced astrological readings
  • Custom input-based readings


  • Exclusive for iOS
  • Oriented for more advanced astrologers


  1. Express horoscope readings
  2. Fast and easy predictions

Being on the simpler side of things, DailyHoroscope is a preferred beginner astrology tracker’s choice. All you need to know to navigate the app is your birth-given zodiac sign. The rest is plain simple – pick your sign, and see your daily horoscope. You can save it to your favourites if you like. More detailed weekly, monthly, or annual horoscope options are also available.


  • Yearly/monthly/weekly/daily horoscopes
  • Personal compatibility readings
  • Druid sign and Chinese sign horoscopes


  • Limited free-version functionality
  • Superficial readings as compared to other natal chart-based apps

Time Passages

  1. Planet position studies
  2. Understanding of astrological workings
  3. Custom chart creation

Time Passages is another entry that works in a more complicated direction of astrological research and advanced understanding of celestial bodies. It collects detailed descriptions of planet alignment phases and their various influences on your life and destiny. A great source of horoscope-shaping knowledge where you can also order a custom chart for 99 cents.


  • Tailored natal chart at a reasonable price
  • Educational materials on planetary positioning
  • Express interpretations of planetary phases


  • On the complex side of things
  • More features require payment

Final thoughts on the best astrology apps 2023

It’s up to you which features and opportunities to prioritise over others. Keeping it simple is always a way to go, and you can grab a concise app for expressing predictions. On the other hand, you can go further in your astrological ventures and gain much more intricate insights with more specialised apps. 

However, don’t forget that both extremes are never guaranteed to deliver the desired results, so opting for a universal and to-the-point solution that doesn’t go overboard with the functionality may be your best bet. The overviews above should make your choice easier. May the stars shine over your fortune!

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