“Choosing the right workout bra to achieve your 2024 fitness resolutions” is a collaborative post.

Do you have a health-centred New Year’s Resolution? You may want to lose those last 10 pounds, strengthen your muscles or gain endurance. Whatever your goal, you need clothing that is comfortable and supportive, particularly your undergarments. Therefore, consider the types of bras that would support you best as you strive to achieve your workout goals.

Sports bras

It is unlikely that you will be comfortable and have enough support if you wear your regular bras to the gym. For example, if you wear underwire options regularly, you may find that they poke and prod you during workouts. In addition, if you consistently adjust your bra, you aren’t getting a focused, full workout, and it probably is not fun or even marginally enjoyable.

Your breasts do not have muscle in them, so as you move around during your workout, your breasts need significant support so the ligaments and skin don’t break down and change the shape and firmness of your breasts. These options minimise breast tissue movement and stabilise your breasts.

Find your exact bra size

Your first step should include finding your exact bra size. You can do this by taking a bra size quiz or going into a lingerie store and getting measured. To measure yourself at home, use a flexible tape measure to get the number of inches just under your breasts against your rib cage and around your body just under your armpits. You also need to measure the fullest part of your breasts to find your bust line.

Avoid choosing a bra that is too small or too large because you will lose much of the support you need. Sports bras fit snugly, so try on a few sizes to find the exact right fit.

What neckline do you prefer?

As you search for a high-quality bra, look for options that work well with your workout clothing, provide enough support and don’t feel like they will choke you. Your workout clothing may come in different styles and colours, so grab a few bras that work with each.

Choose neckline options that don’t peek out of your clothing so you feel confident and sexy as you work out. Also, avoid options that have necklines that are too low that they do not provide adequate support.

Best sweat proof material

The last thing you want when you work out is to feel moisture held against your skin. Therefore, although cotton is breathable, you wouldn’t choose a cotton workout bra because it can retain your sweat when it soaks it up. You need a good moisture-wicking material, such as polyester or nylon. Nylon is even water-repellent.

Consider your workout activity

Bras have different support levels. Therefore, you need to analyse the type of physical activity you plan to do. For example, yoga, walking, stretching or Pilates do not cause your breasts to bounce and move as much as aerobics or strength training. Therefore, you can choose a low-impact variety. You may choose a medium-impact bra for strength training, where you still don’t have a lot of aggressive movement or if you have smaller breasts. High-impact bras work well with aerobics, running, boxing, tennis and other activities that can jar your body or breasts.

Final thoughts on choosing the right workout bra

To get a head start on your workout goals for 2024, choose a wireless bra that supports your breasts, is comfortable and looks great with your workout clothing.

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