“Pain-free fitness in four simple steps” is a collaborative post.

Whether you’ve recently started a new fitness plan or need to adapt your fitness plan, the fun factor must not be ignored. And while the old cliche may state “no pain, no gain” it does not mean you should push through injuries or settle for discomfort.

For starters, minor injuries can quickly turn into significant problems if they are left untreated. Meanwhile, you will find it far harder to sustain motivation and consistency if exercise is unenjoyable. Implement the four simple steps below to stay on the right track.

1. Choose the right clothing

Wearing the right clothes for workouts makes you feel the part and can have a positive impact on motivation levels. More importantly, though, it will keep you far more comfortable and allow you to focus on the workout itself.

As a woman, choosing the right fitness bra should be one of the top items on your agenda. Meanwhile, choosing the right cycling shorts or leggings will help prevent chafing. Athletic attire is also designed to provide support in the desired areas, which is crucial.

If you run or compete in a field or court sport, you must invest in the right trainers too. Or if you lift weights, the right gloves and belt will help prevent back injuries and hand irritation.

2. Manage inflammation

If you plan to work out to high-intensity levels, inflammation of the muscles is inevitable. In reality, it is a good thing as this is key for developing stronger muscle fibres. However, you don’t want aches to force you out of training or cause discomfort in daily life.

Anti-inflammatory properties are just one of the reasons why CBD oil appeals to so many people. It is an ideal addition to the post-workout routine, thus allowing you to get back in the gym tomorrow without pushing through muscle pain.

Another popular choice is to use cold water therapy to support your muscles. While the 2-3 minutes may be a little unenjoyable, you will feel fantastic afterward.

3. Focus on nutrition

Anybody on a fitness plan can understand the importance of nutrition in hitting their goals. After all, you cannot outrun a bad diet. However, many people overlook the significance that it brings to their actual workouts.

The body needs the right field for workouts. For example, slow-release sugars are great if doing a long routine at a moderate pace. Hydration is another vital factor, but using electrolyte powders will ensure that you replace salts too. This will aid performance.

Giving your body the platform to perform physically and mentally during workouts will make a difference. For this reason, hitting your protein goals is crucial too.

4. Let injuries heal

The harsh reality is that injuries are a part of the fitness journey. It is immensely frustrating when they pose an added obstacle on the road to success. However, you will only cause more damage in the long run by ignoring them.

If you do have an injury like plantar fasciitis from exercise, you must rest it. Of course, there are things you can do to aid the recovery. This includes wearing night splints or incorporating exercise such as running your foot over a golf ball.

Depending on the type of injury, you’ll still have opportunities to exercise. This can be a great option to mix things up and work other body parts, which can be fun too.

Final thoughts on pain-free fitness

We hope this article has motivated you to listen to your body and treat discomfort and pain in the correct way. With the right clothing, nutrition, and inflammation treatment – coupled with awareness of your body, pain-free fitness is well within your reach!

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