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Taking a break from everyday life can be a great chance to destress. But when you’re a parent, is there really such a thing as a holiday? There’s no doubt that travelling with your kids is going to be a very different experience. If you’ve never done it before, you may be wondering if it’s even actually possible!

Travelling with your kids can really bring so many different benefits. There’s the introduction of new cultures. Opening their eyes to different scenery. Seeing that the world is an endlessly interesting place to explore. Plus, the thrill of them experiencing so many new things at once. However, there’s no denying that it can be super stressful. Tantrums and whingeing can be tough to deal with at home. So, it’s natural to be concerned that they’ll be even worse in an unfamiliar country.

Navigating your first family trip abroad can be anxiety-inducing. But for it to be successful you need to be prepared. Preparation is absolutely vital to ensure you all get the most from your adventure. Here’s how to get prepared and make holidays with a toddler less stressful:

Plan travel times carefully

The time that you travel can make a bigger difference when you’ve got kids in tows. Babies and toddlers especially can be impacted by travel times. Choosing a flight that involves you waking your child in the early hours and getting them ready to travel can signal the start of a day spent with an overtired small child. So, it’s helpful to think about travelling at a time that allows them to sleep through the journey.

We all know that leaving the house with small kids can be a trial. Add to that the need to load the car with luggage and secure the house for while you’re away, and it gets even tougher. So, be sure to add plenty of time so that you can get to the airport without a stressful dash against the clock.

Get equipped

Getting to the airport without getting into a panic is essential. However, remembering to bring everything you’re going to need is just as vital.

A travel buggy is an essential for use at the airport and while you’re away. Expecting toddlers to walk the entire time on your break is only going to lead to them becoming overtired and cranky. Similarly, at the airport, it’s much easier to focus on check-in and keeping the family together when your little one is safely strapped in. Many pushchairs are now designed as cabin-sized, so you can take them on the plane as hand luggage. This is really helpful and means you can keep your little one in it right up until you board.

For a peaceful, comfortable flight for your tot, bringing a toddler airplane bed really helps. Making them comfortable and relaxed is key. Just be sure to bring snacks for them to eat if they’re awake while you travel.

If your toddler has a favourite programme, make sure they can access it where you’re staying. Remember, not all streaming services allow access to shows in every country. So, it’s helpful to know how to change netflix location. This will allow your little one to be entertained watching their favourite shows for a little while when they need a bit of downtime. 

Understand their perspective

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to see things from your toddler’s perspective. This doesn’t mean that you let them run wild. Instead, simply try to understand why they’re behaving a certain way. Don’t forget that toddlers thrive on routine. So finding themselves away from home and completely outside of the familiarity of their usual surroundings and routine can be tough.

Realising that this change can cause toddlers to react can help you to provide reassurance or explain what’s happening before they react. Remaining calm and positive yourself can help with this. When one person gets frustrated and unhappy, the rest of the family can quickly follow. So, try to keep things upbeat and keep boundaries in place while you’re away from home.

Final thoughts on how to make holidays with a toddler less stressful

Understanding that holidays are unlikely to be about total relaxation can help. This doesn’t mean you need to lower your expectations. Instead, it means adjusting them so that you enjoy your time away as a family. This is a whole new adventure, and travelling with kids continually changes as they grow older. So, it helps to relax into this and enjoy this time spent together… even if it isn’t very relaxing!

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