Let’s talk about a subject very close to my heart – how to nourish your child through cleaner beauty.

As parents, we naturally want the best for our children, and there are so many choices to make. From food, clothing, toys, education, whether or not to vaccinate – the list is endless and often overwhelming, especially for first time parents.

I feel the choices we make about what skincare products to use, and how we use them, are important. We can nourish our children through our skincare choices, and reduce the chemical burden we place on them.

But wait, I hear you say – I don’t want more choices! As a busy parent, there’s no time to make lots of complicated or overwhelming ingredient checks.

I hear you, honestly.

Since I fell pregnant with Jonah in 2015, I’ve spent plenty of time scrutinising ingredients to ensure nothing harmful works its way into my family’s skincare.

For me, it’s as easy as making a single choice – to switch to a brand who is certified natural and organic, who offer conscious baby and toddler products to truly nurture your child and support your whole family’s wellbeing.

And isn’t that what we all want as parents – to nourish our children? Their minds, bodies, and souls.

Such a brand is Weleda, experts in natural beauty since 1921. Beloved by so many parents across the world for their caring and soothing baby and child products.

Disclosure: this post is an entrant to the 2018 Weleda Cleaner Beauty Blogger Competition, and is not sponsored or endorsed by Weleda.

Regular readers of my blog will know how much I love Weleda and their products. They were the first natural beauty products I used, and I’ve been a regular customer ever since. They appear in each and every empties post on my blog!

Let’s look at some of the ways you can nourish your child through cleaner beauty. I’ll be sharing some of my top Weleda baby and toddler picks along the way.

Soothing qualities of bathing

A bath is a wonderful way to nourish your child both physically and emotionally, and has proven health benefits. Soothing water and the right bath product create feelings of warmth, security, and connection between parent and child.

Weleda Calendula bathtime

We use Weleda Calendula Bath, perfect for babies and toddlers alike. This beautiful bath milk contains organic calendula extract to soothe and heal, along with organic thyme to warm and comfort your child. My son sleeps well after using the bath milk, and his nappy rash has often been improved by it.

Also amongst our favourites is Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash, which is such a gentle product to clean your baby without stripping moisture from their delicate skin. It has a mild fragrance that I just adore. And it doesn’t mask your child’s natural smell, which is so important with baby and toddler bath-time products.

I hope you can try Weleda Calendula bath products for your little one. They make a big difference to our precious bathing time, and I know you’ll both love them.

Warming touch of massage

The power of touch is amazing, healing. The benefits are numerous – massage is a bonding experience, and can actually help your child’s development. It has been shown to aid emotional regulation, give restful sleep, and lower stress and anxiety. It can treat specific health problems such as colic.

Toddler massage with Weleda Calendula Oil

Massage stimulates the vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve in the body. This nerve connects to many other parts of the body and has a profound effect on overall physical and emotional health.

Most parents have heard of baby massage, but it’s also beneficial to massage your toddler. Here are some practical baby massage techniques you can learn to get started. This helpful video will help you introduce baby massage to a toddler.

We love Weleda Calendula Oil for massage. This beautiful golden oil contains just 2 ingredients, sesame seed oil and calendula extract, and is unscented.

Why not try massage with your baby or toddler soon? It’s such an enjoyable way to connect, and a pure and simple massage oil offers the most natural of care.

Nappy change time

It happens several times a day and although it may not seem like it, nappy change time is a wonderful chance to “check in” with your child both physically and emotionally.

Jonah plays with Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream

This one-on-one time with your little one is an opportunity to make eye contact, smile, talk to each other, and observe and name parts of the body.

Applying a little Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream to your baby or toddler is a lovely way to nourish and soothe this delicate area and protect it from nappy rash.

It’s such a feel-good product – each time I use it on Jonah I feel reassured that I’m protecting his delicate nappy area and preventing the dreaded red bottom.

Do try Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream – I can’t tell you how many times I see it recommended by experts and parents. It really is the most effective and gentle natural nappy cream you can use.

Growing and learning together

We can help our children learn about nature through the skincare we choose if it contains plant-based ingredients. Learning about nature together is a wonderful way to bond. Ask any adult where their best childhood memories lie, and most will say outside with family or friends in nature, exploring and learning.

Mummy and Jonah looking at lavender together

Jonah and I don’t have a garden (we have a “yarden”), however we visit my Mum who has a beautiful garden – Jonah loves it. Here we are taking in the beautiful lavender. We can learn so much about nature from flowers.

  • Colour
  • Scent
  • Number and shape of petals
  • Healing properties
  • Lifecycle and seasons
  • How to harvest and dry
  • Seeds

I love to explain to Jonah how lavender or calendula helps keep his skin healthy and soft. Isn’t that such a wonderful gift to pass along to the next generation?

Why not find out more about learning with nature?

Final thoughts on how to nourish your child through cleaner beauty

I hope I have inspired you to nourish your child through cleaner beauty.

Choosing an trustworthy certified natural and organic brand is a great first step. If you’d like to take cleaner beauty a step further, please read my post cleaning up your beauty routine.

You can also visit Weleda’s cleaner beauty mini site. Here you will find inspiration and suggestions for healthier choices, and links to products to help you make the change.

For reviews of natural products for both mama and baby, visit the inspirational Ana Goes Green. Or try a handy app like Think Dirty, which allows you to quickly scan your beauty products to see how healthy they are.

I’d love to help you find cleaner alternatives in your family’s skincare and beauty, so feel free to get in touch through my social channels.

What cleaner beauty choices have you made for you and your children? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!


Learn about the 4 ways you can nourish your child through cleaner beauty. Bathing, massage, nappy change time, and learning about nature together are all included. Find out how!


  1. I think it’s super important because sometimes kids have allergies. My mom said I broke out into a rash all over with the Johnson and Johnson baby soap. Which at the time was THE soap to have. So you have to find what works for you.

  2. I learned about the calendula flower in 2013 and switched my kids products to all natural then. Calendula cream did wonders for my kids eczema. I love it so much I planted my own and harvest its flowers and seeds!

  3. Love that you are addressing this very important topic! It is great to get our children on a healthier path from a young age 🙂

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