Ah, New Year’s Eve. It’s that time of year where people around the world take stock of the year that has been, and look towards the coming year with fresh hopes and dreams. It’s the same for me – I’ve been blogging almost a year now, and I’d love to share with you the best of Natural Beauty with Baby 2017.

This post has been a lot of fun to write! It’s almost like an awards ceremony.

So, let’s take a look at my best of!

Blogger game-changer post

LoveLula December 2017 Beauty Box review

This post marked a huge turning point for my blog. It was a super-proud moment for me being accepted onto the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme.

LoveLula December 2017 Beauty Box review

I really enjoyed my first LoveLula Natural Beauty Box. It’s also been a real blast talking with the LoveLulies in the LoveLula Natural Beauty Facebook group. In this group, we share natural beauty recommendations and advice. The members are so helpful and knowledgeable about natural beauty – why not join in?

Reader favourite post

How to make a breast milk bath

This is my most popular post of all time with readers. It consistently has the most readers each and every day. I’m so glad it strikes a chord with so many mamas!

How to make a breast milk bath

The post talks about the benefits of breast milk bathing, and helps mamas learn how to make one with step-by-step instructions. Breast milk truly is a wonder substance!

Best researched post

How to choose truly natural baby care products

This blog post sums up everything I know about searching for natural products. This is how I find truly natural skincare and beauty, and avoid greenwashing.

How to choose truly natural baby care products

I’ve found myself sharing this article time and time again on social media, as the advice applies to adults, as well as children.

Best baby product

Weleda nappy creams

My favourite products for Jonah. We use Weleda nappy creams daily, and have yet to find a better all-round nappy cream.

Weleda nappy creams

I have a huge soft spot for Weleda as they’ve cared for my skin a long time, and Jonah’s skin since his birth. Trust is so important.

Best mama product

Weleda Nipple Balm

This balm is a lifesaver. It’s helped me get through several bouts of teething and colds. We’ve been feeding 18 months now, and still going strong!

Weleda Nipple Balm

The balm makes a great alternative to traditional lanolin-based nipple balms. I’m so glad we found it!

Most sentimental post

My toddler’s first haircut

I was so emotional about Jonah’s first haircut, so this post is totally sentimental! I hope this post is helpful for any mama worried about getting her toddler’s first haircut.

My toddler's first haircut

We turned Jonah’s first curl into a beautiful memento necklace that I will treasure forever.

First PR post

BeeMom Breast Pump review

My first PR post was the BeeMom Breast Pump. I really love this product and the mama boss behind it.

BeeMom Silicone Breast Pump

It’s amazing when a product performs as well as the market leader, yet is half the cost. I really need this in my life since my maternity pay ended a long time ago!

Most cathartic post

Jonah’s birth story

It was so cathartic to write and share my birth story. It’s really important to share positive birth stories, as we tend to hear plenty of negative talk. Following HypnoBirthing throughout my pregnancy really helped, and I won’t hesitate to use it again for our second pregnancy.

Together after Jonah's birth

Writing my birth story spurred me on to guest post my positive birth story for Mini Mummi Blogger.

Favourite guest post

Extended breastfeeding guest post for Columns by Kari

I was so honoured to be featured on Kari’s blog with my extended breastfeeding guest post.

Breastfeeding Jonah

Extended breastfeeding is really close to my heart. Sharing my story and tips for other mamas who hope to breastfeed beyond a year felt really good!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the best of Natural Beauty with Baby 2017. It’s been a fantastic year for me. I’ve met some amazing bloggers, and learned so much about natural skincare and blogging.

In January, my blog will be 1 year old. I’ll be celebrating with a blog post talking about my first year – reflecting on how it has gone, and where I hope it will go in 2018.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments, I’d really love to hear from you!


  1. An amazing first year of blogging. At the same time you’ve made breakthrough making your blog productive. Hope in this new year you are making more for it..

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