I was super curious when an email landed in my inbox looking for trying-to-conceive bloggers to sample Proceive Max Fertility Supplement. We’ve been trying to conceive for several months now.

I gratefully received the supplements as a gift, and I’d love to tell you all about them and how they can help on your TTC journey, so please read on for my review.

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Why bother taking a fertility supplement?

Disclosure: We were gifted Proceive Max to review, but my opinions are honest and my own.

It’s common knowledge that healthy living is really important while trying for a baby. However, talking about it and living it are very different things.

I often fall off the wagon with healthy living – I eat too many processed foods, drink too much coffee, and go to bed late after working hard in the evening.

To motivate myself, I wrote a blog post about the healthy ways I’m trying for a second pregnancy. Along with a healthy diet, adequate water, and gentle exercise, fertility supplements are a huge part of my TTC journey.

But why bother taking a fertility supplement at all?

For me, it fills the gaps in my (usually) healthy diet. And a healthy diet contributes to healthy eggs and sperm, good cervical mucus, and a hospitable uterine lining.

I want the best possible chance at getting pregnant, and I believe supplements keep my body in the best possible condition to conceive. This is especially important to me, since I’m 38 and aware that my egg quality and quantity is diminishing over time.

For best results, I started taking fertility supplements 3 months in advance of trying to conceive, since this is how long it takes for egg and sperm to complete their maturation cycles.

How is Proceive different to other fertility supplements?

I have to say that Proceive Max takes fertility supplements to the next level when you compare it to other fertility supplements.

Available for both women and men, the advanced formula contains 33 nutrients key for conception.

Before discovering Proceive Max, I was taking 4 tablets a day – Pregnacare Conception, Ubiquinol, Omega 3, and extra vitamin B6 because I have a short luteal phase due to breastfeeding.

But because Proceive is so comprehensive, I can just take one drink in the morning, and that’s it.

It’s also great for those who hate swallowing pills, like my poor husband!

What I also love about Proceive is that it contains 100mg of Omega 3 DHA, yet is 100% vegetarian since it’s sourced from algae. It’s also gluten free.

Why choose Proceive Max?

Proceive Max offers the highest level of nutritional support in the Proceive range and is aimed at couples who are aged over 35, or who have been trying more than a year for a baby.

My husband and I are both over 35, so we feel the Max supplement will work better for us.

There is a regular Proceive Fertility Supplement for those under 35 or who have been trying less than a year.

How to take Proceive Max

Proceive Max comes in a box containing 30 sachets (one sachet per day). Each sachet dissolves into 300ml of water or juice. I find the orange flavour to be quite palatable. My husband is less impressed as he’s not a fan of sour tasting juices.

One of the downsides of the supplements is that they contain an artificial sweetener, Sucralose. This does make the drink taste better though.

Proceive Max in a glass

Let’s have a look at what they offer.

Proceive Max Women

Here are just a handful of the key nutrients for women.

  • Folic acid – important to get an adequate amount daily before conception to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
  • Zinc – a fertility essential.
  • B6 – can help correct menstrual cycle irregularities.
  • B12 – helps with cell division.
  • D – supports the immune system.
  • Omega 3 DHA – helps with normal brain function.

As well as the nutrients that have a government RDA, there are also several other nutrients including these little beauties that help with fertility.

  • L-Arginine – thought to increase blood flow to reproductive organs.
  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL – can help with age related infertility.
  • Beta Carotene – promotes better cervical fluid, assists follicle maturation.
  • Coenzyme Q-10 – an antioxidant that is thought to improve egg quality.

Proceive Max Men

In common with Proceive Max Women, Proceive Max Men contains zinc and vitamins D and B12, along with Omega 3 DHA. It also has selenium, taurine, and glycine to support sperm production and motility.

Final thoughts on Proceive Max Fertility Supplement

This comprehensive supplement goes a long way to ensuring the nutritional needs of a TTC couple are met. The carefully selected nutrients will help your body be in the best possible position to conceive naturally through improving egg and semen quality.

Of course, there’s no real way to tell if a supplement has been effective. Even if you were to fall pregnant the month of taking the supplements, it could’ve been down to chance. All you can do is live your healthiest life, cover your bases, and wish for baby dust, knowing you’ve done the very best you can.

For more great information on using nutrition and supplements to improve your chances of conceiving, check out Natural Fertility Info.

Proceive Max Fertility Supplement

For Women – £35.14 at Amazon For Men – £35.63 at Amazon

What do you think to Proceive Max Fertility Supplements? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

Find out how Proceive Max Advanced Fertility Supplement can help couples who are trying to conceive. Read my full review and verdict!



  1. I’ve never heard of this product. I love that it is gluten free and vegan. The components look great. I’m sure this is something that could be very beneficial to the health of couples trying to conceive.

    • I loved that too, it must be really hard to find supplements as a veggie! I think Proceive can really help couples.

  2. Can the Americans buy Proceive Men and Women supplements at the store or online?

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