Ready to learn about my January 2019 natural beauty empties! It’s been a year since I started to document my natural beauty empties. I still get a real buzz from finishing a product and including it here. My empties posts are such a nice way to round up the everyday things we use as a family and highlight the stars of my routine.

Since the birth of my daughter in November, I’ve had less time for using natural beauty products. But in January things have been a little easier, so I’ve been able to regularly use some of my favourite products again. Hooray for looking after myself!

Expect to find luxury face oil, creamy shower wash, sweet smelling baby bath oil, natural hairspray, and a well-loved pink clay konjac sponge.

I hope you find it helpful.

Natural beauty empties

Advert: this post contains references to PR gifted products and products I’ve chosen with my credits as a LoveLula Accredited Blogger. My views are honest and my own.

Bodhi & Birch Super25 Botanical Serum

If you’re looking for an oil to bring a glow to your skin, then this is it – it’s brilliant. With its sweet spicy fragrance, it’s a perfect winter face oil. It’s one of the finest face oils I’ve tried and the star product of this month’s empties. I’m sorry it’s empty so soon!

Bodhi & Birch Super25 Botanical Serum

As the name suggests, it contains 25 super seed, fruit, nut, and berry oils, claimed to give gorgeously healthy, radiant skin and target the principal signs of skin ageing. This was my first Bodhi & Birch product, and of course I’d love to try more. It arrived in a natural beauty box from That Natural Hygge.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

I do love Weleda’s range of creamy body washes, they clean well while hydrating the skin. Each variety has something different to offer, whether it’s pomegranate, citrus, wild rose, or lavender.

This one has the refreshing zingy fragrance of orange, grapefruit, and mandarin, and contains antioxidant-rich biodynamic sea buckthorn oil.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

Buy Now – £6.18 at Amazon

Mia & Dom Baby Bath Oil

This lovely Mia & Dom Baby Bath Oil has lasted such a long time! It’s a delicately scented lavender bath oil to keep your baby or toddler’s skin soft and nourished.

Mia & Dom Baby Bath Oil

We use this at my toddler’s bath time – just a few drops in the bath. I love the frosted glass turquoise bottles of this range – they look so nice!

Lavera Hairspray

I discovered this Lavera Hairspray had gone a little funky. The use by date was 2015, so it’s no wonder!

Lavera Hairspray

This was a really nice natural hairspray which has since been discontinued by Lavera. Now my search for a nice natural hairspray to replace it begins.

Konjac Sponge Co Pink Clay Face Sponge

I love these little face sponges. The structure of the sponge massages the skin, stimulating circulation and regeneration. I’ve had this one about 3 years, and it’s looking a little ragged – time for a new one!

Konjac Sponge Co Pink Clay Face Sponge

There are a few interesting sponges from Konjac Sponge Co to try, such as charcoal and green tea. Mine is the pink clay version – it contains a mixture of red and white clays aiming to plump out tired and dehydrated skin.

Konjac Sponge Co Pink Clay Face Sponge

Buy Now – £8.12 at The Konjac Sponge Company

Final thoughts on January 2019 natural beauty empties

I hope it’s been helpful to learn my January 2019 natural beauty empties. In February, I’ll be looking at some of the best natural face masks available at a range of prices. I’m reviewing the beautiful Kokoso Baby skincare range, and the February LoveLula Beauty Box. If there’s time, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at natural hairsprays.

I’d love to hear about the natural beauty you used in January. Let me know in the comments! And stay in touch by subscribing to my blog.

Until next time!



  1. I love the Weleda Sea Buckthorn and I have been so curious about the Konjac sponges. I will definitely try them now! Thank you for another inspiring empties!! x Kari

    • Thanks so much Kari! I’d like to try more of the sponges but I also have a lovely white one for Cara that I’ll be posting about soon. Xx

  2. Thanks so much! I’ve been on the search for some great new products- thanks for making it easy for a busy mama!

  3. I adore the Bodhi & Birch serum – need to save my pennies for the full size! I’ve got a bottle of the Weleda wash but haven’t actually tried it yet. loved reading about your empties 🙂

    The ecoLogical

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