Hello, my beauty friend! Today I’m sharing a gorgeous skincare brand and their wonderful facial oil for dry skin. Meet Re:connection Skincare! I’ve been trying their Restoring Facial Serum for dry skin for the last week, and my skin is loving it!

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Who are Re:connection Skincare? Re:connection aim to bring afresh the deep connection humans once had with nature. Inspired by Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, Re:connection Skincare products bring us the benefits of natural remedies through quality skincare.

We want to help you find that connection within yourself, by providing quality skincare that will nourish your skin and stimulate your senses. We hope our products will serve you as means to slow down, explore and listen to your body.

I love the concept of taking a moment though skincare to regroup and recharge. Re:connection fits so well with how I feel about skincare and wellbeing.

So let’s take a look at the beautiful oil I’m currently loving.

Re:connection Restoring Facial Serum

This oil promises to help a dry and tired-looking complexion, offering deep nourishment and radiance. I love that it contains tamanu oil. Many of my favourite oils contain this great ingredient. It’s greatly reparative, an effective moisturiser, and helps skin to keep its elasticity.

Re:connection Restoring Facial Serum

For those with tricky skin, tamanu oil soothes and repairs while reducing redness and itchiness. It has anti-ageing capabilities because it helps boost skin’s natural collagen production.

It also contains baobab oil, rich in fatty acids. This oil helps rejuvenate the skin and also helps boost collagen production. Because both tamanu and baobab oils absorb quickly, they’re great for both day and nighttime use.

Other ingredients include apricot and borage oils, along with squalane, vitamin E, palmarosa and clary sage essential oils.

My experience using Re:connection Restoring Facial Serum

This oil comes in a dark glass bottle with a dropper. I really love the Re:connection branding, with its bold logo type and contrasting airy watercolour label design. It’s a true beauty to show off in your bathroom (away from sunlight, of course).

Re:connection Restoring Facial Serum

It’s something of a mid-weight oil, lying between thin and thick in texture. The colour is golden green.

Applying the oil to my hands for application, I notice the green, spicy, and floral scent. I use 2-3 drops in the morning and evening. Applied over damp skin, it sinks in beautifully to leave a glowing finish.

The oil certainly lives up to its claims to help dry skin. My skin feels comfortable and not greasy, and the oil keeps my skin happy throughout the day and comfortable at night. In the day, it plays well under mineral sunscreen so long as I don’t use too much.

Did it boost radiance? Since I’ve only been using it for over a week, it’s hard to say. I already use some very similar oils in my routine, so it’s likely I’m already reaping the benefits from these oils and Re:connection is simply maintaining them.

The greatest benefit I’ve seen is that Restoring Serum seems to help my skin’s healing after using retinol products. My skin seems softer and smoother, so I’m really happy with the results and can’t wait to see how we get on long-term.

Final thoughts on Re:connection Restoring Facial Serum

Re:connection Skincare is a beautiful brand with great skincare credentials and clean beauty ethos.

With other gorgeous products in their range, I can’t wait to try more – especially their wonderful looking deodorants. See the full collection at reconnectionskincare.co.uk.

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  1. This sounds like a lovely serum. I need to use something like this more regularly, especially during the harsh winter months. I generally just use a moisturizer.

  2. Patricia @ Grab a Plate Reply

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but it sounds lovely! I will check this out!

  3. It looks perfect for very dry skin. I’m using mosqueta rose oil these day, it’s fantastic on every skin type x

  4. Ok, I need this in my life! My skin has been so dry lately, and I love a good serum!

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