Welcome back, my clean beauty friend! Today I’m introducing a young and funky indie skincare brand I know you’ll love – it’s Black Palm Natural Cosmetics!

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I was so pleased to be introduced to the vegan brand by its founder, Clare. She founded the brand with the belief that our daily self care routine shouldn’t only be about looking after your skin, but also your mind.

Inhale scents of Frankincense and Neroli and imagine a psychedelic journey to the moon, letting your worries drift away into oblivion.  

With her small batch, sustainable beauty products, she wants to help us take the time to turn a daily cleansing routine into a peaceful ritual.

This sounds so beautiful to me! What do you think? Shall we learn more about the products I tried? Let’s do it!

Black Palm Natural Cosmetics

Clare launched her Black Palm skincare collection with her signature “Moonage Daydream” cleanse range, inspired by Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

Some Black Palm skincare including Palm Balm, Facial Toner, Facial Moisturiser, and Deodorant Clay.

The range focuses on the wellbeing properties of neroli – known to boost the mood and beautify the skin, and one of my favourite skincare ingredients. I’ve shone the spotlight on neroli before on my blog since I love it so much!

Black Palm care for the environment too – all their packaging is as sustainable as possible using recyclable glass and metal containers.

So let’s start with the Facial Cleanse Oil, Facial Toner, and Facial Moisturiser.

Moonage Daydream Facial Cleanse Oil

This is a light and refreshing non-emulsifying cleansing oil with jojoba, neroli, and frankincense that promises to not only cleanse the skin but prepare us for a blissful night’s sleep and beautiful awakening come morning.

Moonage Daydream Facial Cleanse Oil

This cleansing oil comes in an easy to use dark glass pump bottle with metal lid. To use, I simply massage into my dry skin, taking in the beautiful neroli fragrance, then remove everything with a warm facecloth. I finish with a second cleanse, usually a gentle gel or foam.

I find this cleansing oil is one of the lightest I’ve tried, yet it’s still very capable of shifting makeup, SPF, and daily grime. In fact, the lightness of the oil makes it far easier to apply than many cleansing oils. Applying it and removing it takes no time at all! And it’s ever so gentle around the eyes which I really appreciate. No stinging or watering, perhaps because it doesn’t contain emulsifiers.

I absolutely love the neroli fragrance of Moonage Daydream Facial Cleanse Oil! It’s so beautiful and really does help soothe me in the evening.

My skin is left plump, soft, smooth, and comfortable. I know my skin is well nourished by the healthy oils comprising the cleanser.

Overall verdict: a light, fragrant cleansing oil that’s a dream to use and ideal for the perfect send off before bed.

Black Palm Natural Cosmetics Moonage Daydream Facial Cleanse Oil

Buy Now – £22 at Black Palm

Moonage Daydream Facial Toner

The next step in Moonage Daydream cleansing ritual is this gorgeous sandalwood based toner. The toner promises to tighten pores and bring about a sense of grounding with its woody notes of sandalwood.

Moonage Daydream Facial Toner

Black Palm promise that their toner will soothe delicate skin, relieve, hydrate, lessen redness, and reduce hyperpigmentation.

I’ve tried a few hydrosol products, but this was my first time using sandalwood hydrosol – and I absolutely love it. It has such an interesting and earthy fragrance.

Use it by spraying lightly over the face from the dark glass bottle, or apply with a cotton round. I just spray it on! It’s so refreshing and soothing and I certainly feel a sense of grounding. I think it works so well with the Moonage Daydream Facial Cleanse Oil and Facial Moisturiser!

Overall verdict: an earthy grounding hydrosol toner to refresh the skin between cleansing and moisturising.

Black Palm Natural Cosmetics Moonage Daydream Facial Toner

Buy Now – £18 at Black Palm

Moonage Daydream Facial Moisturiser

Moonage Daydream Facial Moisturiser is a gentle moisturiser for all skin types. It’s a wonderful moisture booster with frankincense and neroli to relax the mind before bed.

Moonage Daydream Facial Moisturiser

For this cream, Black Palm carefully blended butters including shea and cocoa, oils including jojoba and avocado, and essential oils to balance the skin and maintain its natural acid mantle.

The cream comes in a metal tin or glass jar depending on the size you buy.

Texture of Moonage Daydream Facial Moisturiser

I love how soft and pillowy this cream is – it’s a real treat and perfect for night or day time. It smoothes on like a dream and sinks in quickly leaving my skin well hydrated, nourished, and not at all greasy. It works well under makeup and SPF, too.

Overall verdict: A beautifully formulated moisturising cream that smells dreamy and works hard to give plump and hydrated skin all night or day.

Black Palm Natural Cosmetics Facial Moisturiser

Buy Now – £22 at Black Palm

Palm Balm

This sumptuous balm for all skin types is fast becoming one of my favourite balms! Touted as the “ultimate skin TLC”, it comprises a rich blend of organic oils to soothe and moisturise. As a multi purpose balm, it’s fantastic for tricky dry skin, scarring, and even as a pulse point balm to bring about calm to a frazzled mind.

Palm Balm

Like other products in the Black Palm collection, this delightful golden balm boasts their signature frankincense and neroli essential oil blend. It comes in a glass jar with metal lid.

The texture of the balm is absolutely standout – it’s creamy, sumptuous, and buttery – a lot softer than some balms – almost like a butter – perhaps because it uses jojoba wax rather than beeswax.

Texture of Palm Balm

I love that the biggest ingredient on the list is hemp oil, famous for its skin healing properties.

I’m currently using this on the eczema on my hands, dry skin on my shins, and it works wonders on my cracked heels and feet before bed! My skin is well moisturised and comfortable after use.

Overall verdict: a wonderfully fragrant multipurpose balm for any skin niggles and treating rough parts. Used throughout the day it brings a sense of calm.

Black Palm Natural Cosmetics Palm Balm

Buy Now – £18 at Black Palm

Deodorant Clay in Lavender

I’m something of a purveyor of natural deodorants as I’ve used so many in my time as a blogger, but settled on making my own because it works so well. Naturally, I’m always curious to try other natural deodorants!

Deodorant Clay in Lavender

I really don’t get on with bicarbonate of soda in deodorants, so I was pleased to find that Black Palm Deodorant Clay doesn’t contain it. What it does contain is beautiful and refreshing lavender, moisture absorbent arrowroot, and odour absorbing bentonite clay.

Like most natural deodorants, it quite rightly doesn’t stop the body from sweating, but instead keeps the underarms smelling fresh throughout the day.

The texture of Deodorant Clay is quite firm, but it’s easy enough to remove a pea sized amount from the dark glass jar with the provided spatula. It’s recommended to roll in between the fingers to warm it before applying to the underarm area. It smoothes on well and sinks in after a few seconds.

The colour is quite dark but after a week of use I’ve not seen any staining of my clothes, although I know this is common with natural deodorants. This deodorant is keeping me fresh right up until my next shower – it’s good for 24 hours.

I’m really impressed with it and I love the natural lavender fragrance. You can also get other fragrances – sweet orange and patchouli is next on my list!

Overall verdict: an effective and dependable natural deodorant with lavender to keep underarms sweet all day!

Black Palm Natural Cosmetics Deodorant Clay

Buy Now – £13 at Black Palm

Final thoughts on Black Palm Cosmetics

I’m so in love with Black Palm Natural Cosmetics! The formulations are spot on and I love the focus on wellbeing and quality sleep through aromatherapy – especially as a busy toddler mum often in need of tranquility!

Find out more about Black Palm and view the entire product range at blackpalm.co.uk and visit Clare’s Instagram @black_palm_official.

Will you try Black Palm Natural Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments! And if you like this post and want more, remember to subscribe and follow.

Until next time!



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    Everything sounds awesome. I will have to try some of these out for sure. I like the natural cosmetics.

  3. I adore anything that makes my face feel more refreshed and plump. Thanks for sharing these skincare products! xo

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