Welcome back, skincare lover! Today I’m so excited to share with you my thoughts on the Norfolk based skincare brand Nudge Boutique!

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I’ve been a long time admirer of this hand-crafted vegan skincare since first encountering the brand over on Instagram.

Founded by mother and grandmother Jo, Nudge Boutique brings us beautiful formulations that use plant-power to “nudge back” the gloss and glow, and nudge us into making great choices for the environment.

Jo’s skincare formulating journey shows a true love for plant ingredients and a passion for promoting women’s skin health and well being.

I [also] felt an increased sense of well being from using nature’s ingredients, and at that time, I never knew how important a role this would play in my life.

Recognising that skin and haircare needs change as we move into our forties and beyond, Nudge products help us transition our routine into one of balance and hydration.

One of the standouts of Nudge Boutique is the focus on locally sourced Norfolk ingredients such as the wonderful golden saffron that features in their oils.

It truly is delightful and highlights the brand’s commitment to sustainable skincare.

You’ll be pleased to know that Nudge are wonderfully committed to help us make the switch to reduced plastic, with their hassle free solid shampoo bars, handcrafted soap, and refill service.

I tried 3 Nudge Boutique products – the newly released Saffron Glow Dry Body Oil, which is without a doubt one of my new favourite body oils, the refreshing May Chang Whipped Body Butter, and the plumping Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum.

Let’s learn more about them now!

Skincare from Nudge Boutique

Saffron Glow Dry Body Oil

Saffron Glow Dry Body Oil is Nudge Boutique’s newest skincare product and it has to be my favourite Nudge product. It really is a standout body oil!

Nudge Boutique Saffron Glow Dry Body Oil

Dry and light, but totally nourishing, it’s infused with Norfolk saffron and organic carrot extract. There’s also nutritious prickly pear seed and jojoba oils.

It promises to bring radiance and glow back to dry and sun damaged skin, and in this respect I’ve found it so helpful! It’s a really great oil to use towards the end of summer when skin is feeling a bit parched from over-exposure to the sun.

Smoothing the oil over my skin, I can feel how dry and light the oil is. The colour is glorious orange and the fragrance – totally natural – is refreshing, yet comforting vanilla, neroli, and sweet orange oils. The finish is non-greasy.

I’ve found my shoulders are looking less crinkly and freckly since using the oil. This oil is so comforting during the last few weeks of pregnancy! My skin feels silky all day long and I love that the fragrance lingers on the skin and doesn’t drift off immediately.

Overall verdict: a delightfully fragrant golden body oil with vanilla, neroli, and Norfolk saffron to moisturise and treat sun damaged skin.

May Chang Whipped Body Butter

Who could resist the charms of this whipped body butter? I love it so much that I used it all up in the same month that Jo so kindly gifted it! My itchy pregnant skin drunk it all up thirstily. But what’s different about this body butter? Well, it tries to behave like a body lotion to absorb faster than a traditional body butter without leaving any greasiness behind.

Nudge Boutique May Chang Whipped Body Butter

It contains locally sourced, cold pressed, GMO free rapeseed oil from West Norfolk – a natural source of vitamin E and omega oils. Also find four other butters including kokum, murumuru, shea, and cocoa. Tapioca starch keeps this formula feeling good without being overly oily.

The may chang and pink grapefruit fragrance is one of the most uplifting I’ve used, I absolutely love it. And it also comes in fragrance free and geranium and lavender varieties. The body butter absorbs quickly and keeps my skin comfortable all day long.

Overall verdict: An uplifting and eye catching body butter with may chang and pink grapefruit to soften skin. Gives all the benefits of a heavy body butter, without the heavy feeling!

Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum

Finally, let’s look at the gorgeous Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum. This facial oil, like the Saffron Glow Body Oil, is perfect for maturing skins at this time of year thanks to its ability to treat sun damaged skin.

Nudge Boutique Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum

The oil boasts some really impressive benefits – locking in moisture while brightening and balancing the skin tone. I’m using it day and night because it works so well under my makeup and, with its thick comforting texture used sparingly, doesn’t leave an overly oily finish.

My skin feels so plump, soft, and smooth for using Saffron Glow Facial Oil!

Like the body oil, the facial oil is formulated with Norfolk saffron and carrot extract to help reduce hyperpigmentation. Virgin prickly pear oil works to hydrate, smooth, and prevent skin damage. You’ll also find rosehip oil and olive squalane in the blend.

And just like the Saffron Glow Body Oil, it looks and smells divine!

Texture of Nudge Boutique Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum

My skin is really thanking me for this facial oil twice a day. It’s so fragrant and makes a real treat in my routine. My skin feels soft, smooth, plump and well cared for. I can’t wait to see the long term results on my skin!

Overall verdict: a plumping, smoothing facial oil with saffron, carrot, and prickly pear to instantly moisturise and plump the skin while ensuring its long term health.

Final thoughts on Nudge Boutique

I’m truly in love with my Nudge Boutique skincare products! Founder Jo is doing amazing things in natural beauty, encouraging and helping women to adopt healthy and eco-conscious skin and haircare choices. Her products are absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy to follow on Nudge Boutique’s journey.

Visit nudgeboutique.co.uk to learn more and view all of Nudge Boutique’s products, or see @nudge_boutique for inspiration and discussion.

And if you fancy treating yourself, remember you can buy small sizes for around £10 without making a large investment.

Have you tried Nudge Boutique? Let me know in the comments! And remember to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my blog to keep up to date with all my posts.

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